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States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Gulfport, MS

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

I hosted a pot luck for all the displaced people such as myself that isn't able to be with family.

I got up early and put the turkey on and after slowly getting myself together it was time to go to work making all the trimmings to go with it. I made the following for today's pot luck ... over night salad, mashed potatoes, noodles, gravy, bread rolls. Dessert was pumpkin pie and cherry cheese cake. Of course there was tons of food and we had a blast. My kitchen was a mess at the end of the day.

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting and having a blast, sorry no photos to post as no one wanted their picture shared online. The evening was spent relaxing and trying to recuperate. Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Ms. Southwind preparing for her second Thanksgiving meal. It's hard to beleive that this is the second year Ms. Southwind has celebrated a Thanksgiving dinner. Wow, it's amazing how time goes by so fast.

Working in Ms. Southwind very tiny kitchen is a challenge when preparing for big meals such as a Thanksgiving feast. Although i have come to enjoy cooking meals in Ms. Southwind kitchen.

Wednesday was spent preparing all day for Thanksgiving. I spent the entire

day getting things ready for Turkey day. I was still slow moving and it took me a couple hours to get myself motivated to start my task for the day. I did the dishes from the night before, dried them and put them away to clear the kitchen. The next task was to mix up the ingredients for home made noodles and roll them out, cut and let them dry.

As you can see from the pictures i took, working inside of Ms. Southwind kitchen it doesn't long for the entire kitchen to be cluttered. In defense of Ms. Southwind, her tiny kitchen is handing when reaching for items needed.

After the noodles were finished and moved to dry the next task was mixing up the pie crust and rolling them out for pumpkins pies. mmmmm

Here is a picture of the finished pie crust that are being stored inside of Ms. Southwind oven until their filled with their filling to be baked later today.

The last task was preparing home made bread rolls, first we mixed up the ingredients, set aside to rise, then punched down and rolled out into balls, put on a sheet pan and set in the frig to rise over night.

After a long day of work and of course resting in between task, later that night the pumpkin pie was mixed up and baked. Once the noodles dried, they were placed in a zip lock bag and put in the freezer until tomorrow.

Finally after a long day and evening, a shower was taken and the rest of the evening was spent relaxing on the couch!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Where have I been

Reader Paula asked where i was and missed me. Wow what a great feeling to know that my readers enjoy my blog and miss me when I'm gone. Thank you so much Paula! You made my day when i read this.

Okay, so where have I been and what have i been up? I am finally over my sinus cold, about time! So what did i do all last week? Let's see, i spent the first part of my week working on my scrap booking as it was chilly and too cold to venture outside, going out to dinner with a few neighbors to celebrate one neighbor b'day.

Later in the week I spent it running around with a trip to Mexico! A friend invited me to tag along to Mexico. Her husband has family who lives in Matamoros, Mexico. We crossed the border at Brownsville, TX and arrived at Emilio family home. It was amazing and i could of kicked myself for not remembering my camera. Emilio family welcomed me and kindly put me up. It was different to see house that were open. The homes there have walls, but no doors, the home did have shutters that were closed at night and the home had a gated fences that was very high around it and was locked after dark. From what i could understand it was for protection to keep the not so honest Mexicans out. I have to say it was one time i wished heat was available. It was very chilly there from the cool front that had moved in.

I got to enjoy a birthday celebration and sorry but my understanding of the Mexican language is not good, i forgot what they called it. It was beautiful with lots of flowers, cake and wonderful food. Emilio mother celebrated her birthday for the first time in her 73 years as until a few months ago when her baptism papers were found she never really knew the date she was born. There was lots of wonderful music and i forgot what they called the band. They had the black outfits with the big brim hats and all.

On our last day there we went shopping and i purchased several things, the picture above i purchased a water vase with a drinking cup, a coffee cup and a couple small trinkets. I thought it was just beautiful. I also purchased a new purse, although I'm thinking of not using it, but hanging it up as a decoration.

It was a wonderful experience. I didn't need a passport, thank goodness. All that was needed was a photo ID & my birth certificate which i had both.

Today is a day of relaxation and trying to recoup from the weekend of having too much fun. Hope your weekend was a great one ... until next time .....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A spectacular moon

One of my neighbors gave me a red piece of outdoor carpet to put over the wooden platform. I thought my rope lights would great around the platform and give it a bit of a Christmas look ... what you think?

Tonight the moon was so relaxing to watch, my pictures didn't turn out as spectacular as it was.
My hands are not near as steady as they used to be so my picture taken suffers.

The first picture is of the moon behind the clouds
and the next 2 of the moon moving from behind the clouds. It was a spectacular to watch and made for such a relaxing evening.

Until next time ...............

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lexi & the turtle show

It was a beautiful day and it seems the turtles were enjoying it as well. Although I'm not sure the turtle was exactly glad it chose me to visit after all.

The turtle was hiding from Lexi and Lexi was a bit scared of the turtle but Lexi was still curious enough to bark & smell the turtle. Lexi knew something was inside of the shell as she had seen the turtle poking it's head out and quickly went back inside when she got close to it. She would try to pick up the shell to move it. Of course i stopped her as i didn't want any harm to come to my visitor. I think i had more fun watching Lexi as you can see by the pictures that she just wasn't sure it wasn't something that was gonna get her.

Lexi would sit by the turtle and be really still and the turtle would open up it's shell and peak out and boom it was all on again. Lexi would get so mad that the turtle could get back inside the shell so fast before she could lunge at the turtle. I think the turtle was playing as much of a game with Lexi as Lexi was with the turtle.

Finally i decided to give the both Lexi & turtle a break although i truly believe Lexi could of stayed there all day waiting for the turtle to come out. Once i put Lexi inside i watched the turtle for about 10 mins. It was fun to watch the turtle slowly peak out of it's shell and each time it would venture out a bit farther when it didn't hear anything barking, scratching or lunging at it. Although they say turtles are slow ... well let me tell you turtles can really move when they want to. Once the turtle felt it was safe it finally emerged and on the run it went. The turtle moved so fast this crippled up ole lady had a time catching up to it. It was moving toward the road and i didn't want it to get harmed so i carried the turtle back over to the woods.

It's amazing how you can sit for hours and watch nature. It was a wonderful afternoon to sit outside, get some sunshine, fresh air and just simply enjoy mother nature. Hope you all had a great day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today is a day of remembrance of those who have lost their lives and to those who have served. America can never repay the debt we owe you for all that you gave to us. I found these clip arts and thought they expressed how i feel about our vets.

I have sat this morning and thought about the economy, how America has lost so many rights, how our current administration has destroyed what America stood for. Even though i am discouraged with the government, that millions of Americans have been tossed into the streets, how the government is bailing out Wall Street while Main street is struggling. I still have hope and dreams deep inside of me that America will turn around and once again become the great nation it has stood for. With all the men & women who have fought in the past and are still fighting for our future. I think America still has her pride and desire to become a great nation again. Even with all the grief Americans are struggling with I'm still

When i see the American flag, i still salute her, i still feel the pride and i remember all those who have lost their lives, body parts and so much to give me the freedom that American flag stand for. No administration, no one can take that from me.

On anther note ... I'm still learning my new laptop and it is getting a bit better (more that i am getting used to it) I on the other hand I am still fighting this sinus cold. My nose is sore, my ears are still clogged and i still feel blahhhhhh I haven't really done much the past few days but to lazy around and try to get to feeling better. We have been having some chilly nights, but the days have been just beautiful. Unfortunately i haven't felt well enough to enjoy them as I'm still having cold chills.

Hope your all having a great day and until next time .....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My old laptop died .... Sinus Infection

It's been a fun past few days. I got up yesterday morning and my laptop was off. I tried to turn it on and nothing. Then i picked it up and checked the vents to make sure no dust was in them as it seems to build up there. But, nope not the problem. Then i smelt something that smelled like it was burnt. Yep, i fried the motherboard. Since i didn't have alot of time and had to be at a doctor appt at 9.30 am, i quickly dressed, picked up my laptop and desktop, loaded them up and headed out the door.

I have a sinus infection, but other then my allergy med's not really anything i can take for it, even though i feel like crap! I think i got it last week while i was in there. After my doctor appt, I stopped by Best Buy and took both the desktop and laptop into have the geeks look at them. First i had them try my desktop to make sure that it worked after installing the power supply. While in Florida my monitor went out and i bought one at good will, but when i plugged it in it fried. I never messed with it, since i had purchased a new laptop for my b'day. Although i do not like the new laptop. Yep, it worked all i need is a new monitor. So the next one was my laptop (which is 4 yrs old), yep it was confirmed, the mother board is fried. Of course i just had to ask how much to get it fixed, $400 bucks, nottttttttttt

The good thing is Best Buy had some of their monitors on sale and so i got one pretty cheaply. So i came home and took my hard drive out of my old laptop and hooked up my new monitor. Yep, it still works.

I know eventually i have to get used to Vista but i hate it. None of my old programs want to work on it, even when i do the compatibility thingy. So for now i will do my online stuff on the new laptop but all my scrap booking will be done on my desktop. Needless to say, i have been transferring data and programs that will work on Vista all day long. Grrrr .... new computers.

Well i hope your all having a great day ... I'm still sick and I'm sick of messing with computers! Have a great one .....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hockey Game

Went to a hockey game tonight, it was so much fun! I have watched hockey on the tube many times. It's much more fun in person and esp when you have front row seats! Several times the players had someone pushed up against the glass in front of us. What was even more fun was these tickets were free! YES, free hockey tickets. It was at the coliseum and wow, is that place ever huge! Sorry i forgot to take my camera. Yes, i know i am terrible at remembering to take it. Hey what can i say, i do well at times to remember to take me ... hehe

We have a new elected President

Well it looks like America has a newly elected president! I am not sure weather this is a good thing as those around the world seem to be celebrating. I have been around the block a time or two for elections and i have yet to find one who actually does keep their word and do what they promise to do. I am not convinced that this time around will be any different.

It is all great to promise to do this and do that, yet it's amazing how quickly they seem to forget all those promises they made while campaigning. Actions speak much louder then words and unfortunately America is so corrupt that those running take campaign bribes and are at the mercy of those who donated to their cause. So when it comes to doing what they actually promised the American people their hands are tied because of the donations they accepted from those who are corrupt. I fear the same thing has once again occurred.

We have seen how the current administration has used the $700 billion dollar plus bailout. Wall Street is being feed big time, yet main street is still suffering and paying for it. Makes one wonder if the next administration will be any different? I have serious doubts that there will be much change.

I know that in my current situation, i decided what they heck, why not contact my US Senator for help in fighting the corruption of the legal and political system. So i personally contacted Senator Obama office and signed the needed paper work for them to investigate my case. They promised to look into my situation and get back to me by the first of the next week. Yet a week went by and i called & emailed, yet i heard nothing from them. Only that they would get back to me. So i showed up at his office and demanded to know why i hadn't heard anything. Once again i was assured i would hear something from them soon. Well behold, yesterday afternoon i got an email back from Senator Obama office informing me they were sorry but they were unable to help me with my problem, it was a legal matter.

Duhhhhh ... i know it's a legal matter and i thought that Senator Obama & his wife was an attorney? Instead his office recommended me to contact a free legal aid company that i had already contacted and doesn't offer services for my type of legal matter. What is so disgusting is that this isn't the first time since Senator Obama became my senator that i have contacted his office for services. The first time i went and meet him at a town hall meeting in person, shook his hand and asked why his office hadn't bothered to contact me on the matter. Senator Obama was clueless about it, and turned to his aid and asked why, the aid said he didn't know but assured me they would contact me soon. Well behold it's been over 2 years and i have yet to still hear from his office on that matter. Why did i think that this time was any different? Yet, i am suppose to have confidence that as my President and leader of America he will change and he claims he wants change for all Americans i still can not get any assistance from his office. How will it be any different for all Americans around the country if as a Senator i couldn't get assistance, how will you the American people get any assistance from him as President?

Unfortunately I'm afraid that once again America has a president who will only support and have time for those who have filled his pockets and gotten him where he is today. I do not have any hope that America is in fact in for some great Change ahead of us. I think instead America is head for more devastating and hardship times ahead of her. I will add that i did not believe that John McCain was the man for this job I pray that America has made the right decision.

I hope that i am wrong and change is in our future for America ...only time will tell .....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Electrical Problems

I was awaken around 5 am to the sound of the power going out. Grrrrrrr I got up put my house coat on and went out to the breaker box. I flipped the breaker to on and when i did, flames shot out! I hurried and shut the breaker off. So i went inside and went back to bed. Wasn't anything i could do until day light.
Around 9 am i dug out a xtra cord i had and wired it to my electric cord and plugged in so i could have power. Then later i got dressed and went to home depot but they didn't have the plug i needed. They sent me to a electric store and they had the plug i needed. $20 poorer i came back to Ms. Southwind and now the new cord is installed and all is well.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fresh Shrimp ... mmmmm

I got up early this morning and it was a good thing. My neighbor was knocking on my door around 7.00 am. She was going to the dock to get some fresh shrimp and i had mentioned that I'd like to go sometime so she came to wake me up. I was already awake, just not dressed. I hurried and got dressed and we headed to the dock for some fresh Shrimp.
We got there around 7.50 am and the first 8 boats or so were already sold out! WOW She was looking for the small shrimp to use as fishing bait and i was looking for shrimp to eat. We finally found a boat that had the small shrimp she was looking for and she bought the rest they had, around 22 lbs. Then we found another boat who had some larger size shrimp. She paid $2.50 a lb for her small shrimp and we both paid $2.50 a lb for the larger shrimp. I got 5 lbs and she got 10 lbs. I spent $15 in shrimp, but she spent over $70! Heading back to our campers we both had to clean our eating shrimp. I had never cleaned shrimp before and after learning how i got pretty good at it by the time i got to the end of my shrimp. I put some on ice in the frig and the rest was bagged up in baggies and stored in the freezer. I love shrimp fried, boiled and steamed. Heck i love shrimp anyway it's cooked!!!
After getting the shrimp all cleaned i was tired and sluggish, I'm still not feeling the best not sure if I'm coming down with something or what? Later on that evening another of my neighbors had a campfire going and invited me over so of course i accepted. She had BBQ some ribs on the grill and offered me to try some. Of course i couldn't resist and then she asked me to try her rice salad, it was so good ... she uses rice and makes like a potato salad with it, it doesn't sound good, but it is. I had a great dinner ... mmmm Finally around 8.30 pm after the fire died down we both returned to our campers and i showered and was in bed by a little after 9 pm.