States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!


It’s ghost, goblins and anything else night … watch out and don’t let anyone get up tonight .. hehe


Tyson and the kids came to visit. Tyson helped work on replacing the vent hose to the fuel tank on Ms. Southwind. Hopefully that will fix the leak we noticed on our trip here. As you can see Papa and Daddy had much needed help with Toby finding the tools they were using and Hailey thought Papa glasses were neater then hers.


I made brats and mac & cheese for lunch and unfortunately after lunch they had to leave. Although it’s been a beautiful sunny day with the temp around 60!

After dinner went in to see Arnette and she seems to be doing better and her color is coming back. I had to drive around to miss the parade. I just didn’t feel like sitting out in the cold watching it with my aching back. Chasing grand children is fun but very hard on a disabled grandma with an unwilling back.


After visiting I was exhausted, my back was hurting badly so i came home took my pain medicine, showered and put on my pj’s and took a book and went to bed. of course i didn’t last long on the reading and was off to dream world.

Friday, October 30, 2009

hair cut & Rain Rain, go away!

Wednesday Oct 28, 2009

I got up and went and said good bye to Jackson & Anna. Then i was off to see Arnette. After visiting i went to Wanda’s house and we worked on finishing up the bench bottom cushions.

002-bAfter lunch i went and got my hair cut .. Yep, i cut all my long hair off and donated it to locks of love.

I got home and then it was time for dinner, after dinner i spent the night lazing around as it’s raining. It seems that is all it does here is rain, rain and more rains.

Thursday, Oct 29, 2009

I got up and needed to run and do some errands, of course it’s raining and no plans to stop anytime soon! I got home around noon and spent my afternoon resting as my back is aching.

Gabe came to visit and took us grocery shopping, wasn’t much else to do since it’s still raining.

Friday, Oct 30, 2009

Well of course it’s raining actually pouring is more like it. It barely stops and starts back in. Everything is flooding and flood watches are out for the entire area. I am not feeling the best and my back is not liking this damp, cool weather. Although from what i’ve seen on the news it’s raining and cool most places these days.

Early evening i went in to see Arnette, she looks much better today and my evening was spent visiting with the kids. Gabe came to get the car dolly to borrow for the weekend. After he left i spent the rest of my evening curled up on the couch and i think the rain has finally stopped. It’s going to be a early to bed night for me with this aching back.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Patty!

Today is my sister Patty b’day, Happy b’day sis, love ya and your getting closer each year to that big 50! Hehe

I got up and went to see Arnette and when i arrived her room was empty and learned she was at the ER. I went to the hospital and found out she had fallen out of bed. Her husband George was there with her. Wanda and I arrived and found that she hasn’t broken any bones nor did she do any damage to her recent injury and surgery on her ankle. They transfer her by ambulance to the surgeon and we followed behind. She is now back at the rehab center and doing okay.

It’s been a long day and tonight i went and played games as this is the last night that Anna and Jackson will be here. They are heading to Texas in the morning for warmer climate.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ms. Southwind getting a new face lift

I got up early and got a couple loads of laundry going then i ran by the rehab center to check on Arnette, then over to my friend house. We tore apart one of my dinette cushions as I'm re-covering the dinette and couch in Ms. Southwind.

I got home around 5 pm and then it was dinner time and then off to play cards again. Anna & Jackson decided to wait until the rain stops to head out for the winter.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another day of good bye

I got up and got dressed for church and then headed up to say good bye to Dixie. Everyone is leaving me and once again i will be all alone here. There is 2 other couples left of the RVer’s other then Arnett & George and us. One is leaving tomorrow and the other the next day and Arnett and I are waiting to see how she is doing with her broken ankle.

After church i went to a bean soup lunch, i spent the afternoon around a campfire and visiting with friends. After a late afternoon of visiting i played cards later and spent the evening having too much fun.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maintenance day for Ms. Southwind

I got up and went to say good bye to Jerry, Virginia, Jim & Wilma, both couples are pulling out today. More sad good bye’s. After saying good bye i needed to run to Wal-mart and Aldies for a few things. Caulk and weather stripping was on the list of needs.

This past week after being washed and with the rain Ms. Southwind developed a leak in the windshield! I was so glad i hadn’t gotten the windshield curtains back up after being washed!

After eating lunch, it was time to get to work on caulking the windshield and all the marker lights and the seam on the roof. Then the back exit window needed new sealer as the old had rotted and come loose. Then Ms. Southwind got her oil changed. Wow, Ms. Southwind has been getting lots of attention lately.

I’m sorry but i forgot to take pictures. Maybe next time … hehe

After dinner it was game night again, we played hand and foot and i was a guy tonight and guess what … Yep the guys won!

It was a beautiful day today with the sun shining. If the weather could stay like this a bit longer i wouldn’t have the urge to head out sooner. Although we all know Illinois weather is not going to stay like this too long. Winter is surely on it’s way. I’ve not set a definite date of departure. I’m waiting to see what is going to happen with my friend Arnett. Since the plan is to head to Texas for the winter. I’m waiting around to see if she is going to get to head back home or not. So write now all plans are written in Jell-o

Friday, October 23, 2009

Visiting a sick friend

I got up and went up and helped pan for the big crowd this weekend. After that i came home straightened up the camper and then it was lunch time. After lunch i went to the nursing home to visit a friend who fell and broke her ankle and is there for rehabilitation. I spent the afternoon with her so her husband could get away for awhile. Arnett (my friend) had a ruff morning. Wanda spent the morning with her. The therapist did come visit Arnett and she got her up and out of bed and she did a pretty good job for her age. Arnett was able to put weight and pivot and hop on her good leg to help with the bad leg.

After visiting it was time to go home for dinner and then after dinner it was game time. I’ve been playing lots of games lately and I’ve really enjoyed the fellowship.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Day of Cleaning!

I got up early and started picking up and since it’s going to be the warmest day we’ve had since being here i decided to get the outside of Ms. Southwind washed! It was a horrible job and needed to be done big time. There was horrible black stuff all over Ms. Southwind. It took me most of the day and afternoon to get her washed and all spiffy looking. I also took down all the curtains and washed them!

I had hubby get on top of the roof and was it and then he helped me give the car a fast outside wash job as well. The trees we were parked under all summer were ruff on everything. After dinner we went and played cards with Larry, Barbara & Dixie, we played hand & foot until 10 pm! Tonight was the last time we’d be playing with Larry and Barbara as they are pulling out in the morning to head back to California. Everyone is leaving us … it’s a sad time .. we hate good byes.


005 006

I still have lots of stuff to pack up in the car, but that will have to be another day. I had some errands to run this morning. First i had to stop by the post office to see if my mail had arrived, it hasn’t. Then i went by the local thrift store but didn’t find anything, then i went by and visited a sick friend.


I also took a picture of my decorations I've put out for the fall of the year.


Here is a picture of my flowers. My poor rose bush is wanting to bud and bloom but this weather has it so messed up. I sure hope it survives the cold, i may have to more it inside.


012 013

As you can see fall is a beautiful time of the year here with the leaves all turning so many beautiful colors. I love the fall season with all the beautiful colors.

014 015


The park is getting fewer and fewer, other then Ms. Southwind and another RV couple all that is left is the summer campers who leave their campers here for the winter. I took a picture of the bath/laundry house we parked across the road from. It will be closing around the 1st of Nov.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ladies Day Out!

I got up and got my dishes done and then i got dressed and ready to go. Today the ladies are all going shopping in Springfield. First we started out going to the Christian book store, then to Target.

001 002 003

004Then we went Chilies' for lunch and it was very good. We all had the soup & salad with nacho’s & salsa. After lunch we went to Joann fabric, where i purchased some fabric to re-upholstery the inside of Ms. Southwind. Then it was off to Kohl’s , Gordon’s , Michaels and then on to Hobby Lobby and then to the Mall. I went to Hancock fabric store and purchased some more fabric for my upholstery job I'm going to tackle.


On our way home we went by a pumpkin patch and we ladies just had to stop and get some pictures. I thought this spider was so cute and then look what happened

007 008 009

Yep some poor soul was trying to get to the pumpkin patch and turned over and ended up in the hay bale! I thought these decorations were so cute. Way to go Ryan’s pumpkin patch!

010 011 013 014 015

Across the road was a corn field that hadn’t been harvested. The farmers are all out trying to get what they can done before the rain heads this way.

We left at 9 am and returned home around 6 pm. There were 6 of us ladies and we had a wonderful time shopping! The sun has been shining and it was a perfect day for shopping. The weather is warming up and i’m praying it stays awhile longer before i head to warmer weather.

I ate supper and then we played Mexican train and then it was back to Ms. Southwind. I’m tired, exhausted and ready to go to bed.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Day of running around

I got up and did 2 loads of laundry, did the dishes & swept and scrubbed the floor. After that i got dressed and Wanda came and picked me up and we went to visit a sick friend who is having surgery Wed. Then it was time for lunch and after lunch we ran to Litchfield to do some errands.

I got home and warmed up some left over p.steak and had a sandwich for dinner and then i went and played cards. I played chicken foot, that was another new game I've learned this summer.

It was a great day and it is finally starting to warm up a bit .. yuppie

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Covered Bridge Day!

Got up and went to church and after church we had lunch and then a group of us decided to go see the covered bridge. I had been a few years ago with Jackson and Anna but forgot my camera. I remembered it this time!

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 012 013 015 016 017 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 029 030 031 032 033 035

There is a park here and it would be a great place for a picnic. The last time i was here they were having a wedding here and this time they were taking a couples engagement pictures. There were 17 of us that went and we had a great time. The creek had more water then the last time i was here a few years ago. It was almost dry.


Several of us decided that we wanted a DQ snack so we stopped at the DQ in Auburn, IL and several of us had to try the pumpkin blizzard and they were delicious! As you can see we filled several table. After we got home we decided to meet later that night for game night. We had another great day of having too much fun. I’ve really been enjoying getting together with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Unfortunately, several of the couples are heading out this week and by next weekend most of them will be gone. It’s always hard saying good bye to all the new friends you make along your journey.