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States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Down in the back

Okay, Okay, what i have been doing that i haven't posted lately. Actually nothing much! It's still hot and humid here. The temps have been in the low 90's with the heat index 98 or above! So I've been staying indoors! I have been reading romance books, in fact i just finished 3 great ones that Judy gave me (thanks Judy) during the extreme hot times of the day and other times I'm out walking & visiting my neighbors. It's amazing how some come and go either as first timers here or those who've been coming to this park for years, or those who have been living here for a year or even years!

There has been some drama in the park lately. In the back corner of the park (which is nicked name the geto) It's not actually, it's just where they like to park the vintage campers that don't look so nicely. Apparently they've had a gentle man that has been living back there for several years. He hadn't been a problem until the past year when a women whom he had an attraction for moved in and wouldn't give him the time of day. Well, he didn't take kindly to her not accepting his advances and started messing with her. The old owners of the park just disregarded her complaints when the manager would inform them of the new complaints and refused to let her move her camper anywhere else because it is a vintage. Well sometime last month new owners took over and when the police had to be called ever night for his actions because it was getting close to violence. He says he accidentally ran his car way back in a camp spot where she had a plastic pool for her dog (choc lab) and ran over her grill, then picked it up and slammed into the back of her truck and beating on other's campers and screaming foul language & backed his car into a friend visiting her truck and blamed her company. The new owners decided that was it. When his rent came up around the 1st of the month they gave him a 30 day notice to leave. Well he decided not to pay his rent and fight the evictions. They finally had to get a court order and he finally pulled out of the park yesterday. The manager was so relieved that he was finally gone. He has been staying up most nights just to keep an eye on the man. Apparently he liked to do his working during the early morning hours when there was no day light. He knew where the camera's where and where they reached. So it's back to being peaceful in the park again. I think all of us campers were a bit concerned and i believe most voiced their opinion when the manager came around and talked to all of us about it.

Let me add that it has been a wonderful place to stay since we've been here and this is the first time there has been any problems in the park and the manager has been great in handling the matter. I would recommend this park to anyone. Reasonable rates for the area and wonderful managers and residents.

Okay now what's been happening with me the past few days .... Ughhhhh ...... I've been under the weather since Saturday night. I had noticed before that when i sat for very long when i was out visiting the neighbor's or just relaxing that i was having shooting pains in my butt and legs. Since i hadn't been down in my back big time much since being in Florida i guess i kinda ignored the warning signs. Well behold Saturday night it was full blown and the horrible pain brought my memory back to reality!

I am having severe back & leg pains, spasm and shooting, stinging, & stabbing pain. I can barely walk to the bathroom and back which as most of you are aware isn't far in a 30' RV! I have basically been bedridden! All I have done is laid on my back or side with my legs as far in the air as i can get them while feeding on pain killers. Yesterday I did manage to get from the bedroom to the couch so i could try to get online a bit, but it didn't last very long. I had to return to bed.

This evening has been better for me, I'm at least able sit up long enough to post to you all. Of course with the added use of pillows to keep me comfortable as I'm not in unbearable pain. I am thinking because i have been walking much more then i have done since my injury/disability that i have over done it? It has been wonderful to actually be able to get out of bed and enjoy my life again. Yes, i suffer with daily pain, but being in the warmer climate has made it to where that pain is much more tolerable and not completely disabling me to where i was basically non functional. I guess because I've had such better days in regards to my pain i had forgotten how bad it can be. I guess my disability had to remind me what happens when i over do and forget why i am staying in warmer climates now.

Well now you have it ... life as a full-timer enjoying what everyday holds and looking forward to what may lie ahead of me for tomorrow. Weather it be trials, sorrows or good times. The wheels roll on .... Have a good one and ya all come back now .......

Happy Belated Father's Day!

I know it's been awhile since i've posted. First let me just say Happy belated Father's Day to all you dad's out there! I hope you all had a great day! I sent my daddy a card.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A comment on being frugal

I haven't posted for awhile because not really much going on. Just basic day to day living. It's been really hot & humid here. We've been having high 80's - low 90's temp with 70% or more humidity. Yesterday the heat index was 100, today it was 102! I've mostly been staying indoors since it's so hot. Playing yahtzee on my computer, watching the tube or reading other Rver's blogs & a good book. I also been spending some time lazying around the pool.

This morning I went to the beach before it got to warm. There was double red flags but that didn't stop people from being in the water. I sat in my lawn chair where when the waves came in I could feel them on my legs. It felt great and watched these little white fish swim around my feet. Didn't stay long enough to get burnt, then spent the rest of the day lazying around.

A comment one of my readers made has got my thinking cap on ... Hmmmm .. being frugal. I thought my purchase at Wal-mart i posted awhile back was. But, maybe to some it wasn't???

I always try to find the cheapest stores to shop at and usually i try to remember prices and where to buy things for the best prices. With the rising gas prices and it's domino effect. I've decided to see how hard it is to live on a limited budget. So for the past 3 weeks I've set a budget and have been staying within that budget.

I set a budget of $130.00 a week daily living expenses. This includes fuel for the tow car, food H.Hold items, laundry & what ever else is needed. I did not include repairs, insurance, cellphones, campground fees or anything like that. For now I'm working on the daily living expenses to see how cheaply I can live.

In this budget i have not limited junk food that we like. It's not like I'm a high spendersand buy a lot of toys or things not needed. Instead what i have tried to do is limit the evening meal to $5.00 a night. Then with the extra money in the budget i buy junk food and lunch items.

I've been making up a menu the past 2 weeks and i try to stick to it. Sometimes i changes what days having what. Here is what I had this past week.

Sunday .....
fried chicken tenders ( i bought boneless chicken breast)
mac & cheese (made from scratch)

Monday ........
Ham & beans
Corn bread (made from scratch)

Tuesday .....
bbq pork
Potatoes & carrots

Wednesday ......
grilled chicken legs
mac & cheese (made from left over ingredients)

Thursday .....
P. Steak
Pot Salad (made from left over pot above)
Baked Beans

Friday ......
Pizza night - (Little Caesars hot and ready)
this is our spoil night

Saturday .....
bread stix (made from scratch)

I filled the car up at $45.00
cig's .... $10.00
laundry $12.50
groceries $ 62.00
Last week's groceries included all the above ingredient's needed plus ice cream, pop sickle's, soda, kool aid, sugar, tea, lunch meat, cheese, chips, milk, cereal, laundry soap, snack cakes, head lettuce, bottled water, & dog food.

Total expenses for the week $129.50 ... I stayed within my budget and still ate what I wanted. At the end of the week if there is any money left over, it goes to savings.