States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another day of fishing


Another day of fun fishing! I guess you can imagine we’ve been eating lots and lots of fish! Although i have to admit i can eat fish everyday and not get tired of it. Well trout anyway. I love fish and freshwater trout is one of my favorites.


As you can see these are nice size trout and they make a tasty meal. Were having a great time just relaxing.

Several people on the ranch are having slide out problems. Hubby is finally beginning to understand why i keep saying i do not want a slide out. Once they start leaking most times it’s too late the damage is done and they are a real pain and very expensive to get repaired. One poor couple just bought their camper less then a month ago and the husband just recently had foot surgery and now their having camper problems.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Wood Flooring!

023 030

Skip took us in his truck to Lowe’s to get the flooring on Wednesday i believe and it flooring had to sit inside our camper in the middle of floor for at least 48 hours before being put down per the recommendations per the instructions and for the warranty.

024 025

The dogs have been great and have stayed in the front of the cab part of the RV while the men have been working hard. Although Lexi kept her eye on Skip the entire time he was inside and when he first came in she was okay, but the minute he turned his back to walk in the back part of the camper she went for him. Luckily i was there to catch her and scold her. Although it was hard to scold her for protecting her domain.

026 027

I’m so excited to be getting my new flooring, it’s going to look really nice once it’s done. The guys have worked all day cutting and between an afternoon shower. Tonight after finishing up for the night, they have the flooring installed to kitchen sink … Yeppie i love it!!

028 029

PS … Ignore the messy camper in these pictures, but the guys are working and gotta have their stuff everywhere. I’m not complaining and esp since Skip is such a good sport and cleans up after he is done. Lenny take notes!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tearing out the old

I’m finally getting the wood floor i have wanted for over 2 yrs now! The carpet in our camper was most likely as old as the camper as it appears to be the original carpet and even though it wasn’t completely stained up it was getting harder and harder to clean and this year i made the statement the one thing i wanted done this summer was the old carpet pulled up and some type of wood or linoleum flooring put in. Well my constant complaining has paid off and today is the day!

Hubby and I worked on tearing out the old carpet and what a job that has been. Man oh man they didn’t go sparely on the nails they used! After the carpet was removed and man am i ever so glad we did it by ourselves. I am embarrassed to say the dirt and sand under that carpet was so embarrassing even for me to see. After sweeping and then scrubbing the wood under the carpet.

A tip to anyone who uses the sprinkle carpet cleaner. When you vacuum and you think your getting it all up … think again you will be shocked how much stays hidden in under your carpet!

Sorry guys, no pictures and i glad i didn’t it was just to embarrassing to see the dirt under there. It’s been a long day and were both exhausted and calling it a night.

After a long shower were going to go sit outside and visit with friends.