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States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Always remember

We bow our heads in silent grace; Proud to stand upon this place. To honor those who we love and lost; Whose lives were taken at such a cost. Through the pain and sorrow, for all the brave and true; To always be remembered by me and by you. To heal the minds and hearts, of those who still live; Always remembering what they had to give. Live your lives with pride in hearing what I say; May God bless and keep you on this and every day.

I haven't been posting on a daily basis lately. I guess it's because nothing really going on ... I have been lazy about trying to post to it daily. I think it's because I'm basically in a station living mode and not moving right now.

It's been warm and humid here, yet in the shade it isn't bad. I have gotten into a daily routine here. I get up, get the dishes done, pick up, maybe run the vaccum. Then i take the dogs on a walk and sit outside and enjoy the nice breeze that comes in from the Ocean. Then fix lunch and either sit outside or enjoy the pool. Then it's time to fix dinner and i spend the rest of my evening outside. I've been trying to take several small walks a day.

I'm really behind these days on my email. I think about how i used to live on the computer. When I lived in Illinois in a stick home i spent most of my time inside the house and on the computer. During the winter, my pain was so bad that i did well to function and get out of bed. During the summer i spent my time laying around trying to recover from the lack of sleep and depression of living through another winter. I was so depressed and hated life so much. My dreams of being a full-timer is what kept me going.

It's amazing how one set of neighbors move out and another moves in. One of my new friends Karen and her family packed up and left on Wednesday, May 14th. They are going back to Tallahasse Florida. Her husband's work ended and so they have to go back home so he can work. Gabe hates to see them go as well. Her son, Sean and him have become buds and spent their time together when their not working. The next day Coach and Dot moved in beside us and they are from Arkansas. Coach is a retired Biology teach and high school football coach. They have 2 dogs, Tutty is friendly and Chance is protective. They also have a cat but i forget it's name. They are here for the summer and have been coming to this campground for over 20 years!

Theirs been about 6 campers pull in by saturday. I wasn't sure how many were just staying and for the Memorial Day weekend. 2 campers pulled out today. It seems the rest are staying a bit longer. I know that 2 of them are staying at least a month and one of them a year! When i take my walks, i usually find someone to visit with a bit. One thing with the full-time lifestyle, i get to enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.

I was a bit depressed this memorial day weekend. I was missing my grand children. I have a 7 week old grandson that i've only seen once and a 4 year old grand daughter. I guess getting the grandma blues is something i need help dealing with.

I was going to go to the beach but when I got there, there was no place to park and it was crazy. People everywhere. Decided it was silly to go to the beach on a holiday weekend when I can go anytime I want.

I seen on the news that 45 people had to be pulled from the water this weekend. Several drowned and 1 man is still missing.

Hope your all having a safe weekend ..... Until next time .....

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ughhh it's Monday!

I slept in this morning! Once i got up i had tons of work ahead of me. I had 5 loads of laundry! Ughhhh i hate laundry. I did the dishes and vacuumed the RV! I'm exhausted! I madelunch and decided to make some bologna salad. Been craving it, so I bought the stuff this weekend to make it. After getting it done i went outside to sit.

It's a beautiful day outside. The temps are in the mid 70's there is a wonderful breeze. Karen and Jo came to visit and they were making fun of me when i told them i made some bologna salad. They had never heard of it ... can you believe that? I let them both taste it and i had the last laugh as they both loved it!

The gals left and I laid down to rest. When i got up I decided to take a walk. I'm slowly walking a little bit at a time. Judy went with me and we had a nice walk. I came in and watched Dancing with the Stars and Jo & Susie came to visit. While we were sitting out, Judy joined us and we had a nice evening visit.

They left and i showered and took a book and went to bed, of course i never even read one page and i was out like a light! It was an exhausting day!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's out there. I hope you had a great day. Mine started out terrible! I got woke up at 5.05 A.M. by the phone ringing. It was the guy who works with Gabe. He was drunk and slurred so bad, i could barely understand him. He was calling to tell Gabe he'd see him tomorrow. I said you mean your not coming into work today and he said he was calling to tell him he'd see him tomorrow. I said so you are coming into work and he said yes. I couldn't get back to sleep after being woke up. Gabe got up and went off to work and i decided to try to lay back down.
I got back to sleep around 7.45 A.M. and was then woke up around 8.30 A.M. My neighbor said i could sleep through anything, there was a bad wreck right in front of the entrance to our side of the park. An explorer had rolled and threw the guy driving it out. He was lying in the road. The truck that hit him, left at first and then returned. There was a fire truck, several police cars and an ambulance. We walked outside and talked to the neighbors. After all the excitement was over, i came in and watched some tube. Around 11 A.M. I decided to lay back down. (sorry i didn't take any pictures as i didn't think it was respectful to do so). We heard that the guy was conscious when they took him in the ambulance, so hopefully he will be alright.
Once again i got woke up. Ughhhhhh So i decided to get dressed and go to Save - A-Lot and the Grocery Outlet store i am grouchy today! It's surely couldn't be because I kept getting woke up and i'm not getting my needed sleep!!!!!

Of course i hate grocery shopping. Stopped at Dollar General first and I spent $3.85 there .....then to Save - A-Lot where i spent $89.58!! Then to Grocery Outlet where i spent $47.16!! Ughhhh ... I hate grocery shopping too and I'm sure everyone complaines about how much they spend?

Gabe is a bottomless pit! WOW .. I spent $ 186.13 on groceries this week. Got home and put the groceries away.

Around 4 P.M. the boys came back and said the waves are awesome to see, that there was a double red flag out, so I headed to the beach to look. Of course i forgot my camera (sorry) The ocean was awesome!! It was nothing but wave after wave. I stood amazed for several minutes just looking and listening to the sound. There wasn't many at the beach, but there were a couple guys out surfing. I sure wouldn't want to of been in the water.

I found this poem and thought it was very fitting for today. It's amazing when a child enters into your life. From the first time you hold them, to their first heart break, through their marriage and then you find it's all worth it when you hold that first grandchild that they give you. My children were so precious to me, but it's not the same feeling when you hold that first grandchild, or the second. Sure makes me miss them so much today!

Grandma loves and you misses you both Hailey & Toby.

Here is some flowers for all the mother's out there.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Papa John's!

Once again I got woke me up early this morning. Around 6.30 A.M Ughhhhh ..... I got up and did the dishes from last night.

Wow, the temps sure have changed here in the past few days and esp today! We have went from temps being comfortable with a nice breeze to the temp being sultry and hot! It got in the high 80's with 87% humidity. Ughhhh

Gabe and I ran to Lowe's and Wal-mart. Gabe needed to check some sprinkler prices for work and i needed some things from Wal-mart. $46.00 less in our pocket we left Wally World. It's amazing how little you get for so much money.
Here is what i purchased for $46 bucks!!
4 SC bottled soda ..............$.67 = $2.68
GV Shd Cheese ...........................$7.36
Welding Gloves ............................$3.86
GV Cheese Slices ........................$2.44
Dry Dog Food ...............................$7.97
GV Dandruth Shampoo ..................$1.97
6 GV straw yogurt ...............$.44 = $2.64
GV hand lotion ..............................$2.97
Rolaids .........................................$1.32
Vo5 Shampoo ................................$ .96
Vo5 Conditioner ..............................$ .96
GV White Bread .............................$1.16
Sub Total ....................................$43.67
Taxes ............................................$1.87
Total ............................................$45.54

When we got back from our shopping i put on my swimsuit and jumped in the pool. Karen was already in and her hubby joined us. Jo and Susie (Jo's daughter) sat by the pool and we all visited. Later Judy stopped by and stuck her feet in and we had a nice visit. After getting out of the pool i was hungry and in no mood to cook. I don't like to cook on the weekends. So i decided we were in the mood for Pizza! I found an ad for Papa John's and we love their pizza. I called to see what kind of specials they had and then i called Domino's to see what they had. Of course we choose Papa John's and they did have the best special. They have their "The Works, lg pizza for $12.99 or 2 for $21.99, we took the 2 since Gabe is a big pizza eater. The total with tax was $23.53! Plus, he had left overs for his lunch the next day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Betty Crocker!

It's been a slow week, i haven't had much happening to blog about. Sorry my blog is getting boring. I got woke up at 6.30 A.M!! The neighbor was banging around and it woke me up ... not good!! With the price of gas rising, I haven't even been out sight seeing. I have basically been doing my normal day routine of picking up and then lazying around. I did get into the pool a couple of afternoons and it was cool first getting in, but once your in it felt pretty good.

I spent Thursday morning doing laundry again! I stripped the beds and washed all of our bed clothing. 3 more loads of laundry ... ughhhh I also vacuumed the RV and did some dusting. Wow it was a busy day.

I decided to make breakfast for dinner. We had a great meal. Sausage & gravy, hash browns and biscuits. I love breakfast meals, it hit the spot and was great meal.

Gabe has been working and going to the beach. He has meet a couple of other boys and hangs with them when he isn't working.

I decided to try to be Betty Crocker today. I put a roast in the crock pot and made carrots, tators and gravy and i also made a cherry cheese cake from scratch and some jell-o. Although i try to cook decent meals most days. I usually fix nice dinners during the week and on weekends we eat left overs or go out to eat.

Tonight Jo and I took a drive to the state park and looked around. The campground was almost full. While we were at the beach we could feel the humidity starting to close in. The news is predicting some high humidity and temps this weekend, with a chance of some severe storms.

The hitch itch is really nipping at me but Gabe isn't ready to leave the beach. So we will be here through July at least. The park is really starting to get kind of empty. 8 campers cleared out last week and only 1 has moved in it's place.

I took some pictures of a few of the empty spots.

Jo, Karen and I have been sitting outside during the evenings and enjoying the wonderful breeze.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Zaxby's Chicken .. mmmmm

We went to the local chicken place called Zaxby's and had a really good meal. I got their Club sandwich and it was so good. It was on Texas toast, chicken and bacon, with the full works and seasoned fries. Gabe ordered their spicy hot buffalo wings with seasoned fries. I couldn't finish my sandwich it was so huge, I ended up taking half home for later.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I got Injured today!

Seems like all i do is laundry. I had 5 loads of laundry today! Ughhhh I had 2 loads of nothing but towels! My son doesn't know how to reuse towels. Instead of hanging them up when he showers he throws them down and then they stink and can't be reused. Plus he changes clothes 4 times a day! Oh how i forgot what it was like to clean up after him.

Needless to say that i spent my entire morning doing laundry and while i was talking to Jo by her camper while my laundry was in the dryer, i got hit with a rock by the grounds keeper mowing. I told Jo her camper is not safe to be around. She laughed and agreed. The rock even cut my skin.

Since i was injured i made a simple dinner. We had sloppy joe, chips and green beans.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Clean Camper!

I got up and picked up the RV, it's always a mess from the weekend. I don't clean on weekends. It's my time off. I was going to do laundry today but talked myself out of it.

Doesn't it look better when it's clean? I know it makes me feel better.

I saw Jo this morning and she is having a ruff time, her camper was hit Friday night and then today her daughter hit one of the windows playing around and broke the glass.


The dogs and I have sat outside most of the day and just played lazy. The temps have been wonderful here for sitting outside. After lunch Jo and I went to the pool.

Gabe came home from work and he cooked out some steaks & veggies out on the grill for me. They were really good. I made up a big salad to go with it.
Hope you all had a great day!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gabe Dreaming

Here is Gabe dreaming ... LOL One of the bikers in the campground has this bike for sale ... The guy let Gabe sit and see what it would feel like to own one of these. Of course mom was there to snap his picture. I always reminded Gabe until he knew what he was doing with his life ... he didn't need one of these! It's still fresh in my mind that my oldest son lost one of his best friends not even a year ago from a bike wreck.

I just spent the morning sitting and watching the biker campers pack up and did a bit of visiting. Our neighbor to our right has an awsome bike. I asked him if i could take pictures of it. He didn't mind. I love this bike. To me these airbrushed bikes are the most awsome! Falcon has the best looking bike i've seen this weekend. I saw a red bike that had the devil painted on it, but this bike is my favorite yet.

I love Indian and nature paintings. I just fell in love with this bike. He said it's a 97. A friend of his did this painting for him. He said that one of his buddies got his down from the same buddy and it is of a Indian sitting on a Alcomino horse, has the mane and everything. I'd of love to seen that one!

The couple who had the accident in the park was packed up and we helped them get out of their site and on the road. They were worried about having another accident. Happily i can report they escaped leaving the park with no more accidents and they said they did end up having a good weekend despite the minnor glitch. That is what matters.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Biker Weekend Cont ...

I have been being really lazy lately. I am blaming it on my allergies. I have been sleeping in. After i finally drug myself outta bed. I got dressed and did the dishes. Then ran over to K-mart to look for Gabe some new work shoes. K-mart had one pair of his size and it wasn't what he wanted. So we headed to Wal-mart and behold, he found a pair of shoes. He purchased a pair of hiking boots. He wanted something that wasn't so heavy as his steel toe work boots. His tennis shoes didn't give him enough suppor. Hopefuly the hiking boots will do the trick.

We came back to the RV and put stuff away and I got online to see where the rain was at. You can see it coming. Decided if I was going to go look around I better go now. So I headed off in the car. Browsed through the displays and lots of people were doing what we were ... looking ... but no one seemed to be buying.

I did manage to snap a few pictures of some of the bikers around here. This place is crawling with bikers and is it ever noisy!

We went through the OCC display but didn't see anyone off the show that we recognized. Gabe saw Pauly on his bike last night and the neighbor saw Paul Sr, last night. Dang, I was hoping to get a picture with someone famous. I did take a picture of one their bikes they had on the display. After I got home I looked it up online and found the same bike. WOW!!

Here is my 3 favorite bikes they had on display. My favorite one is the left. It's awesome and kinda of old schooled. I loved watching Indian Larry build his bikes on biker build off. He had a talent for making his bikes stand out from the others. I sure do miss him. His death was a great loss. OCC's green bike above is my second favorite. This other red bike was my 3rd favorite. All were designed by different builders. I was disappointed not to see any air brushed designed bikes.

As you can see in these pictures how hazey it was getting to be. I could see the rain heading my way so headed back home and timed it just right. Not long after arriving it started pouring and I sat and watch the bikers hurry to get out of the rain. We needed the rain, but once it started it didn't want to stop. It was at least just a nice rain and didn't continue to down pour. I decided to take another ride and on our trip we saw several bike's turned over. Luckily I never saw any bad injuries. I came back to the park and i ran over to McDonald's and got a couple burgers for dinner. Spent the rest of the evening just watching the tube and playing Yahtzee on the computer. Then it was lights out.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Biker Weekend!

Today started out as a slow one. I didn't do much as my allergies are bothering me. I've decided today is going to be a crock pot meal. I threw some chops in the crock pot, and later added some chopped onion and pork gravy mix for gravy. I will make some mashed tators later and call it dinner.

I visited with my neighbor Steve for some time. After dinner i decided i wanted to take a ride and see all the bikes. It's biker week here and man are there ever tons of bikers here. I asked Jo the neighbor lady if she wanted to ride with me. So Jo and I headed to check out the town. After driving in traffic over an hour of nothing but bikers i stopped to get some gasoline. It was $3.58 a gal, cheapest i've seen in awhile. We were driving along the beach when Gabe called and asked where we were. I told him and he said we needed to head home as Jo's camper had been hit by another truck/camper pulling into the park. So we got back to the campground and the police were already here. Jo got all her paper work several men in the park told her they would help her fix it in the morning in case it rains. Then we helped the couple who hit her get parked in their spot. The campground is filling up. I think there is 2 spots left in the entire park! After helping get the couple set up as it's their first time out in their new setup. The other new neighbors on the other side of us needed to know where their cable hook up was. So i went and showed them. Their cord wasn't long enough so i dug and found one they could borrow. After helping get their cable hooked up, we visited for some time and then they headed out on their bike.

It's been a busy night and it's 11 pm and the town is still hoping with activity. i'm getting ready to head to bed. What a day!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sping has sprung

I haven't posted lately as i've been under the weather and not really doing much.

Tuesday ... Last night i helped a neighbor with his computer and getting internet. We finally had to come inside the camper to get it finished as the connection was lost outside and i could still get it from inside my home. Well i was ashamed of my carpet as i had been letting it go. Since Gabe and his gf moved in. They have spilt tea and other things. There is more traffic and several spots that need to be cleaned up the correct way. Not their way of just wiping with a towel. I had purchased everything i needed last week when i went grocery shopping, just hadn't gotten around to it.

So i decided after finishing my daily routine that today's chore is .... scrubbing the carpet in the RV. It took me most of the day. I didn't finish it until around 6 pm! I had to work on a area and then rest. Although i was thrilled to see it done and it looks much better! After i finished the carpet i started our dinner. As i was making spag & salad for dinner, Jo, the neighbor came by to visit me and i was so glad i had cleaned my carpet. She commented on how nice my camper looked and how guilty she felt her's wasn't as clean. I had to confess that mine was so clean because i had just cleaned the carpets today. We had a nice visit.

Wednesday ... I'm not feeling the best today. The only thing i did today was dishes, then I spent the day lazying around. Yes it's a lazy day for me. My back hurt all night long and still hurts today. I just watched the TV all day long. Sorry nothing exciting to post about.

Thursday ... I slept in today! I didn't get up until after 9 AM! My back is giving me fits still. Plus Spring has arrived as my allergies are going wild! I'm taking my presciption allergy med's but my throat and ears are still itching very much. I coughed all through the night trying to clear my throat. I'm tired and just not feeling the best.