States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Eve!

I got up around 7 am and vacumed & cleaned up. I hadn't cleaned in over a week!

The dogs got up around 8.30 am or so. I took the dogs on a small walk to do their jobs. Visited for a long time with the neighbors. They are both headed to Texas today. Finally got finished visiting it was after 12.30 pm, so changed clothes and took off toward the beach.

Here is a picture of the Ship Island Excursion boat that takes you out to Ship Island. It is closed during the off season time. Too bad,
it would of been nice to have taken a boat ride!

Drove east today and toured the area. Stopped at the beaches along that way and checked them out.

Ran into a couple from St. Louis MO! How about that.

As you can see, many of the pier's were taken out by the storm. There hasn't been alot of building back since hurricane Katrina.
There is still lots of work to be done and debry that has to be cleaned up. It's amazing all that the storm took out. All along the beach front there are evidence of block foundation, but that is all that is left of what used to be here.

There are a few pier's here and there that have been built back. A few casino's, hotel's and lots of waffle houses have built back. There are a few homes but not many. Rumor has it that there will not be very many homes built back in the area as they can't get insurance now. It is still going to take awhile for this area to get completely back on it's feet. Although rumor has it that there will be jobs in the near future. Hmmmm interesting thought.

Here is a picture of a gun that apparently survived the storm. There were 2 of them. They were pretty neat to look at.

Here i am on the beach!

Then went to a pier, it was a long walk to the end of this and it took us a bit to get to the end.

There were several people on the pier and we and ran into a family that moved here from Louieville, KY. The parents came here to visit, fell in love with the area and bought a home and retired here. Soon the rest of the family followed them.

Here is a couple of pictures of the Gulf that i took while out on the pier. Isn't this a breath taking view?
It's been another great day and the last day of visiting Mississippi until I come back some other day.

Got back before dark and I took the dogs for a walk and then took a showers. It was a bit nippy as when the sun goes down it gets cool here. I don't think i will be seeing the new year come in tonight. I'm going to get up early and get things ready to roll. Heading to Alabama!
Until later ............

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stormy Night

I slept in this morning! I didn't get up until after 8 am! I went to bed around 8.30 pm too. All that walking wore me out! I think i finally caught up on my sleep i hadn't been getting.

It rained and thundered all night long. It's 10 am and had several rain storms this morning. Between Ms. Southwind and the neighbors we have a lake forming.
Took the dogs outside again and they just barely made it back inside before the down pour started. It's a chilly morning here today. It sure does rain alot in Mississippi. We've had rain almost everyday been. The news says it is suppose to clear up late this afternoon.

Sometime gotta go back to the laundry mat, i forgot the main reason i wanted to do laundry was to wash a load of my good clothes that i had tucked away in the storage bin outside. I don't think there will be any site seeing today as it is looking to be a good day to curl up on the couch and read a book, or better yet, i need to start the baby quilt i want to make before my grandson makes his arrival in the spring.

After lunch the sun came out and turned into a beautiful day! Visited with Ken before he headed out today and then visited with John (chloe's dad) then visited with our new neighbors some as well. One couple is from Ohio and the other from Wisconsin. Their both on their way to Texas. John from New Hampshire is on his way to Texas as well.

These pictures are of the area near the bridge they had to replace between Biloxi & Ocean Springs. It hasn't been open very long and their still doing construction. It's quite a bridge and will be 8 lanes when it's finished.

Later on this afternoon ended up back down at the beach and meet some more people from the area. Walked around a couple stores and did some looking around and checking out prices of stuff. Bought a pkg of hamburger for $1.59 per lb! It was good too, I made hamburgers for dinner tonight.
I spent the evening going through over a thousand emails. Now i'm gonna dig out my quilting stuff and get started on that baby quilt.

Hoping to go site seeing again tomorrow and then will probably head out on Tuesday.

Until later ....

Saturday, December 29, 2007

New parts for Ms.Southwind & A afternoon at the Beach!

We got up and did our morning routine and then we got dressed and picked up Ken (neighbor from MS) we went into Gulfport and went to the Napa store. He needed some type of air fitting for his motor home and we got a modulure, rotary cap and other stuff, $90.00 worth of parts.

Ken said he was having the same problems we described with his and he thought it was gas too, but he finally took it to a mechinic and it was these things. We got back and within an hour hubby had all the new parts on. He was disappointed as the old parts still look new and he isn't sure it fixed our problem. Time will only tell. We kept the old parts just in case.

Around noon we got things together and headed toward the beach. We arrived at the beach but we also ran into rain. We sat in the car and waited for the rain to stop. The rain finally stopped and we got to enjoy walking around the beach.

I'm not sure what type of birds these are. Does anyone know?

A gentleman walked over to tell us that we are not allowed to disturb the birds here. That the police watch for people who do.

Apparently these birds are migrants and come here for the winter. He said they were professional beggers as they would fly right up to you if you had food to feed them.

Here is a picture of the nice gentleman, i forgot what he said his name was. I'm horrible with names. He was telling what all used to be in the area and where. It was very interesting to talk to and we learned alot about the area. He said that he lost his home to Katrina and now he lives in his semi. He is an OTR trucker. He was home for the holiday and spending time at the beach.

As you can see in this picture, there is still damaged building from Katrina, yet new buildings are starting to go up.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the beach. This bird was in the water and kept walking back in forth in front of me. I just knew he was wanting me to take some pictures of him. So I did!

Mississippi, has white sand on their beaches. It's just as you can see there is lots of trash that washes ashore.

Headed back the way came and pulled into an area where there is a pier and people were fishing, stopped and walked down the pier and talked to some more very friendly people from the area. They invited me to come back anytime and the gentleman's names were Timmy & JR. It's amazing how friendly people here are. Even at the local wal-mart people were so friendly to us.

Ken Combs Pier is the last pier we stopped at and it was exciting. There was a crane that was catching fish and playing around on the rocks across from the Pier. I think he enjoyed posing for me. Of course i just had to oblige him and take some pictures!

It was starting to get dark and could see another rain coming so headed back to Gulfport and stopped and did a couple loads of laundry. It was dark when got back home and have neighbors all around! Stopped at Wendy's on way home and got a couple $1.00 sandwiches, fries & a drink.

Have really feel in love with the south. It's such a laid back & friendly place. It's amazing that it's the end of December and flowers are still in bloom! Back where I come from, everything this is dead from being frozen!

Paid up time was up so i had to pay again. Been paying for 2 days at a time so are staying tonight & Sunday night for sure. Maybe even longer. Not ready to leave here yet. It's really a great place here and I just love the beach and would be happy spending time here again.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Humid warm day

Got up around 7.30 am and played lazy. It's a humid warm day outside. I have been enjoying the outdoors. I'm in shorts & t-shirt! They have been posting storm watches and tornado warnings around the area but so far lucked out. Plans to go to the beach has been put on hold. Decided it was best to stick around here with all the storms going on around the Gulf.

So instead took the dogs for a walk and talked to the neighbor who had a couple of boys get into his truck yesterday morning early and his dog woke him up and he chased them off. The sheriff stopped by today and apparently not to far from here they stole a truck. Not sure if the sheriff was just kidding or serious but he told the neighbor and hubby next time to just shoot em and then he'd come toe tag em, they don't put up with thieving around here!! Hmmmm .....

The host says this is the first in about 8 years for anything like this to happen in this park. It is patrolled pretty good. It's 79!!! Had some weird neighbors today. Here is a picture of Jerry working. He works very hard & keeps the park beautiful! Jerry & his wife are from Nebraska. They spend their winters here volunteering. He said they are on their 5th year.

This elder couple pulled in and parked a few sites over from me and she sure was throwing some fits. It's a probably a good thing she wasn't speaking English as I'm not sure i want to know what she was saying. Got quite a eye full today from her as well. was sitting on the couch and looked out the window and all could see was bare butt! She had went to the bathroom on the blacktop instead of walking a few feet and going to the restroom. They setup and cooked out and then they left. She sure did make a lot of noise the entire time she was here. She screamed non stop. I didn't dare take their picture as I'm not sure how she would of reacted. It seemed it took very little to set her off, from what i observed.

Earlier it was very warm outside, but this evening has been wonderful. I have my windows and door open and it feels great to be able to open things up and let some fresh air in! There is a nice gently cool breeze coming in the windows. The dogs are enjoying laying on the steps and looking outside. I took them outside earlier and they enjoyed it so much, they refused to come back indoors. They just looked at me like i was crazy. This evening before dark, took the dogs on a nice long walk and stopped and visited with a few of our neighbors. Chloe (pug dog) & her dad are from New Hampshire and on his way to Texas. Here is a picture i took of Chloe & her dad (John) sitting outside.

Ken is from the local area in Mississippi. He is pretty interesting to chat with. There is another couple here is from Tennessee. Several others pulled out today. I have had a great time visiting and getting to know the others here.

Haven't decided for sure how long am staying. Just playing it day by day. Still want to do some more site seeing, so it's looking like will stay through the weekend.

Here are some pictures of campsite. Ms. Southwind is on very nice site. It's large and on an end next to the woods. It's so beautiful here!

Dinner tonight was mac & cheese.
I talked to my oldest son and grand daughter tonight. They said it's cold and muddy there. Sure makes me glad I'm in the south where it's nice and warm. It's a beautiful night tonight. Planning to head to the beach tomorrow and spend the day relaxing along the Gulf of Mexico.

Until tomorrow ..............

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Big Biloxi Campground

I got up around 7 am and did my morning routine. It's a bit on the foggy side here this morning, and it had warmed up during the night. A nice warm morning so I decided to take the dogs out to potty and on a small walk. The same tent camper returned again last night and also a pop up camper pulled in and had to set up during the rain. It rained last night, but it didn't last that long and nothing severe. I snapped a few pictures.

I left around 10 am head toward Biloxi, Ms, Wow, it was amazing all the destruction that is left untouched. Biloxi is starting to build back some. Several casino's and Motel's have built back. A few homes but it looks like mostly tourist attractions are the big thing building back. They have the bridges rebuilt and hoping to tour St. Louis Bay, MS tomorrow.

left in long sleeves and a jacket on and now am wishing had put on shirt sleeves! It's a beautiful sunny day. Checked out the National Seashore at Davis Bayou but decided it's not for me. Have decided to pay the extra $1.50 per day and stay at the National Forest. Much nicer campground and the sites are much larger. I also saw several Rotty's & Pitt bulls. My little ones would be a sample.

Viewed the Biloxi, Ocean Springs area and i found free wifi at the Holiday Inn in front of the Gulf of Mexico. I just downloaded my mail and didn't stay online very long. Plans are to return tomorrow and visit the beaches. Want to get back while it's still warm and get a shower. One down side to the National Forest Campground is they have hot showers, but the shower house is not heated! Although it is warm enough during the day that showering in an unheated shower house was not bad at all!

Here are some pictures that i took at the National Sea Shore. I got to see my first alligator! He was being guarded by 2 turtles. He didn't mind me taking his picture at all. Well, i'm assuming it's a he. Hmmmm

The little patio is built over the swamp area where the alligator calls home.

I could only get a picture of one of the turtles as the other one was hiding in the water beside a log and he wouldn't show up in my picture.

Here is also some pictures of the walk area trail near where the alligator is. This was the best part of Davis Bayou.

Got back around 5 pm and i fixed hamburgers and baked potatoes for dinner. Had a relaxing evening and enjoying this beautiful weather.