States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hailey's big Party!

Today Hailey had her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Of course she had a Hannah Montana ice cream cake.

Here is Hailey with her cake as everyone is singing to her.

Hailey was scared of the animated stuff, but Toby wasn't he was fascinated with them. Every time Uncle Gabe tried to take him from them he cried.

Here is Chuck E doing his stuff, the kids loved him, well all but Hailey and she wanted no part of him.
Here is Toby enjoying his pizza.

Hailey and Uncle Gabe

Here I am with my boys and grand kids. It was a nice party and when it was finished it was time to head to my sister house to all my brother/sisters and my dad.
It's been a great time and i have stayed up past midnight every night so far and back up before 7 am! Hope your all having a great day.....

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Hailey!

Today is my grand daughter Hailey's 5th Birthday! Happy Birthday princess. It's hard to believe that she is the big 5 now! Wow, I'm getting old .. hehe Here is a picture of me and my precious grand children. Toby and Hailey. Grandma's precious jewels. I love you Hailey and Toby.

Here is Hailey with her Hannah Montana guitar. She is into Hannah Montana big time these days.

Here is uncle Gabe holding Toby, he wasn't sure about us when we first arrived, but it didn't take him long to warm up to us and know that hey these people spoil me rotten.

Hailey with her new ball, she is and has always been a big ball nut. She loves any kind of ball and when her mom and her bought a friend one for her birthday, Hailey didn't want to give the ball to her friend, so she got one for her birthday.

Toby isn't walking by himself yet, but he is walking hanging onto things. In this picture he took 2 steps by himself and realized what he was doing and sat back down and grandma captured the Kodak moment.

Here is my 2 grand dogs ... yes, my boys are dog lovers just like their mother. Bambi is the red and spot the new addition and Bambi's baby is the brindle. He is so rotten.

Hailey didn't want to share her new ball, so Toby went and found one of her old ones. He loves sticking his tongue out.

Uncle Gabe had to give the dogs some love too. Everyone has to have love or there is jealousy big time.

Of course then daddy had to give the doggies love too. My son Tyson is in the orange shirt, Gabe is in the red. That's my babies, although their grown men now .. Oh my

Hailey holding up how many fingers she is now. Isn't she getting so big, and there is Toby wanting grandma to come play.
The day has spent enjoying and spoiling my grand children ... hope your all having a great day ... until later ....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Gabe and I got up around 3.30 am and by 4.09 am we were on the road for our road trip. After hours of traveling, we suddenly ran into this! Wow, we've entered a winter wonderland!! Luckily for us the road were all cleared off. So traveling wasn't bad due to the roads.

The ice on the trees was a really beautiful site, although i have to admit, i don't miss this stuff at all! I was so glad the roads were all cleared off. We even seen some electric trucks that were heading to help get power going in the areas.

The poor trees in Arkansas were taking a big load and so many branches were breaking from the weight of the ice.
The power lines were all sagging and we even had to drive over several lines. Not realizing that there was no power yet in these places we got low on fuel and couldn't find a gas station open because they
had no power.
I began to get nervous as we only had 7 gallons of fuel and the word was the farther we went, the worst it got. We finally ran into a gas station that had just opened up and had generators running to run the pumps. We stopped and filled up, even though we had to pay $1.89! One good thing was we only had to wait a little bit in line, as the word wasn't out yet that the station was open. Farther on down the road we found another station open, their gas was much cheaper, only $1.59 but the lines were horrible! As you can see, everyone was trying to get fuel for vehicles and generators.

It was a beautiful site, but i was so thankful that i wasn't staying long enough to endure what torture winter storms brings. No, i do not miss living where winter can be brutal. I enjoyed passing through and seeing it, but was so glad to be out of it.
We finally arrived in Southern, Mo and they were just as iced down, i got all the paper work finished. Opps ... i forgot to tell you all that I bought into a camp ground membership? Yes, i decided to purchase a membership and plan to spend my summer there this summer. I have always loved southern mo and being so close Branson was the icing to it all! I can take day trips Branson and there is so much to do there.
I was online surfing and for memberships for sale and ran across this one and since it was at such a cheap price compared to buying directly, i called and it was still available and so i snatched it up. I'm excited about my summer plans. Not only will it be great for me, but when my grand children come to visit there will be so much for them do and see.
After finishing up the paper work we were back on the road and finally around 7.30 pm we arrived at my oldest son house. Grand kids time... Yessssss .. well that was day one ... see ya all later ...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On a Road Trip

I just wanted to let my viewers know that i am on road trip and will post when i return. Hope your all having a great week and i also wish you a great and happy weekend. See ya sometime next week.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

2 year Anniversary!!

Wow, it's hard to believe that 2 years ago today I moved into Ms.Southwind! It's amazing how time flies bye. Ms.Southwind has been a great home and i enjoy living inside of her, esp when her wheels are rolling to a new area to explore.

2 years ago this time, it was cold and today it was 68 degrees! Haven't really done much this weekend, went out to eat lunch today and as usual i ate tooo much!

Well I'm getting ready to call it a night, hope your all having a great weekend ... until next time

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's been colddddd here!

As i posted last week, not really much happening here. It turned off cold here this past week. The low have been in the high 20's -low 30's at night and during the day it's been in the middle - high 40's and low 50's! Today is suppose to be in the low 60's and I'm hoping it makes it.

I have been trying to walk more when the weather is nice. It's just little walks ever few hours but i can tell the difference. Although when the weather is cold, i just can't do my walks. I have basically been stuck indoors and hate that!

Tuesday i went grocery shopping and Wednesday i did laundry.

On to a newer note ... America has a new president and i am praying that he can do what he has promised and pull America back out. Although i have to admit i have serious doubts, but I'm remaining hopeful.

Well nothing new to report and hope your all having a great day ....... Until next time .....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Travis Tritt!

Well as i reported in my last blog post i got to see Travis Tritt live in concert!!! If you have never seen him perform, it's a must! He puts on one fantastic show!!!

One thing you will see in my photos i took, is all the many faces he makes while performing and it's really cute.

He is really a ham. He even poses when he sees someone with a camera.

His band took a 5 min break, while he sat in his chair and performed. His chair even has his name on it. Pretty cool huh?

Travis performed for over 2 hours and only took a few seconds to slip back stage and slip out of his long sleeve shirt. As the photos show now, a Travis Tritt in a sleeveless shirt .. hmmm nice huh ladies?

This photo here of him pressing in one side of his nose, was him imitating Willie and boy did he ever do a great job of it.

See this silly man from Louisiana? It was funny because we were in the 3 rd row and right behind the speakers. When they first started they bought blew us out of our seats. He decided his delicate ears needed a barrier. He was glad to pose for me. I really enjoyed visiting with he and his wife before the show.

I'm can't remember what this guy name is, but decided he deserved attention on my blog also. He is a guitar player and Travis stated he had been with him for 21 yrs! That is a true loyal friend and band member. Plus it didn't hurt that he is pretty hot looking ... hehe

It was bit hard to get clear photos as he was far in the back and when he did come out front, it was on the other side of the stage.

It was an awesome night and I'm thrilled that i got tickets to go see him.
Until next time ....