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States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rain again

well i didn't get up until around 8.30 am today. I woke up during the night from the tunder and lightening and couldn't get back to sleep for hours. It didn't help that my back was killing me.

I tried to walk a few rounds today in between the rain. So today has been spent being lazy and just surfing the net and watching the tube.

Here's what i had to eat today....

breakfast ....
Grapefruit with splenda

lunch ....
lettuce, 2 TBSP shredded cheese, 4 raddish, 3 4" stalk celery, 1 TBSP bacon bits, 5 croutons and 2 TBSP fat free dressing.

mid afternoon snack .... 6 Carmel corn rice mini cakes & orange

Dinner ....
1 cup of spaghetti with sauce and meat
2 - 2" slices of garlic bread

snack ... 1 c of sugar free jell-0 with 2 TBSP cool whip, orange and 10 grapes

Total calories eaten 1029.

well until next time ....

Monday, March 30, 2009

groceries for the week

Today was partly cloudy to the sun poking out here and there. At least no rain. I didn't do much walking today. I am a bit under the weather today. Although since I didn’t get to go grocery shopping on Saturday with my busy weekend I went today instead. Well that is once i got myself to moving.

This week groceries purchased were … Save A-Lot …..

Banana’s … 51 celery …99 choc pudding … 99 6-jell-0…1.98 2- corn …98 raisin bran cereal …1.99 frosty flakes cereal …1.99 grapes … 4.25 2 – lettuce … 2.38 onion mix … 69 black pepper … 1.39 6 - pot pies …3.00 rocky road ice cream … 2.29 salad dressing … 1.79 vanilla pudding … 99 cool whip … 89 wylers lemon aide … 99 wylers fruit mix … 99 Total $33.23

Wal-mart ….

flavored water … 1.74 cottage cheese… 1.97 apple tea … 1.76 laundry soap … 2.98 cheese slices … 2.48 raddish … 1.48 shrimp stir fry … 3.98 instant potatoes … 3.98 Total …. $21.25 Grand Total …. $54.48

I've received several emails asking what i eat and how much. I am basicallly counting calories. I try to measure and weigh what i eat. Of course when eating out i can not do this, but i have a pretty good idea what a serving looks like after doing it. I try to stay within a 1500 calorie diet and preferrably i like to stay between 1000-1200 during the week and eat closer to the 1500 when i go out to eat on weekends.

Here is what i had to eat today ....

Breakfast ..... grapefruit with splenda

snack .... an orange

Lunch ... grapefruit with splenda

Dinner .... 1 cup of home made chili, with 1/2 c of corn chips & 1/3 shredded cheese

snack ... 1c sugar free jell-o, orange and 20 grapes

Total calories eaten today .... 980

Hope you all have a wonderful day ... until next time ....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where does a weekend go?

I got home around 4 am Sunday morning, one advantage to staying out till the early hours in the morning is that both nights i have missed the severe storms, tornado warning and tons of heavy rain.

By 7.15 am the dogs woke me up to go potty. Ughhh i didn’t want to get up but of course i did as i didn’t want to clean up a mess either. After getting the dogs taken care, i was already up so i got dressed and ready for another lunch date. I was out the door by 8.15 am!

90 was really filling up with people getting to the beach early and getting setup for a fun filled day on relaxing on the beach and watching the racing boats. The race is called Smokin the Sound. My friend got free tickets. We had a nice early lunch and i was starving as i hadn’t eaten since lunch the previous day. (Oh my I dread getting on the scales the next few days) After lunch we arrived early to get our seats. We spent the afternoon enjoying the great weather and watching the boats whiz by.

I’m not sure who won, it was just a great day at the beach and i enjoyed seeing the different boats. Unforuntally no pictures as i had forgotten to re charge my batteries. Rats, i hate not getting pictures.

I finally got home around 6 pm and took the dogs on a walk and the rest of the evening has been spent relaxing. I’m exhausted and it’s amazing how fast a weekend seems to go by. It’s like i went to sleep and woke up and the new week begins. It’s exhausting and now i will need to rest all week to catch up.

Night all i’m heading to bed very early tonight

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go away!

Thursday and Friday have both been very dreary days! It has rained and rained. Severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, strong winds and heavy down pours.

I was awaken several times during the night Thursday, well actually very early early Friday morning. First it was the dogs were scared, then the weather alert, then to the dread feel of water! I got up and found the leak over my bed. Some how the wind blew water in from somewhere and the light over my bed is dripping! I got a gal bag and taped it over the light and thought i’d had solved that problem. Well when i got up i noticed the bedroom floor was damp, behold the vent in the bedroom is leaking and it even has a vent cover … grrr so i get a bowl and place it on the floor, well guess what yep another leak in the kitchen! The air conditioner is leaking as well, the kitchen floor is soaked! So i put a bowl under that leak and get the fan out and try to start to dry out the very soaked kitchen carpet. Finally i get back to bed and then the thunder comes again and the dogs wake me up, i get back to sleep after the storm passes to be waken again by dripping water. The bag was so full that the water was dripping. Grrrrr … i say forget it and get up. So i was up most of the night and very early.

Friday my day starts with getting myself motivated to get dressed for my lunch date. Needless to say it’s still pouring with rain and rained most of the day and night. I had a nice lunch date. I return home and to let the dogs out and then head back out the door for my night on the town. Ughhh i finally get home around 3.30 am! Of course, once i’m home i can’t go straight to bed so around 4.30 am i finally get to bed to be waken up at 7.15 am by the dogs…. grrrr Of course once i’m up, there is no going back to sleep for me unless i’m sick. I have no clue why i’m not like most people who can be waken and fall right back sleep but i can’t. So once again it’s another night of no sleep and up early. I had another lunch date to day with a friend who’s husband is working 7 days/13 days straight with 1 day off before the next shift begins.

We spent the day walking through stores and most it was spent walking through the large flea market. I got home around 5 pm and i had to hurry and let the dogs out, get dressed for my evening night out. No time to rest.

Hope your all having a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I’ve lost 32 lbs!

I haven’t posted about my new year goal but I've decided since I've been doing so good i would share it with you all. On Jan 12, 2009, i started a diet. Yes, i know what those of you who know me so well are thinking. Pennie a diet? No way she can’t give up that 12 pack of soda and 2 gallons of sweet sweet tea she drinks every single day. But guess what? I have given up all regular soda (drink very few diet soda) and have not drank a glass of sweet tea since. Yes, shocking but very true. Know I'm drinking the peach & apple sugar free tea from Wal-mart and the sugar free fruit drinks you add to a bottle of water, and yes I'm even able to drink plain old water! I have lost a total of 32 lbs! My goal is to lose another 38! I’ve been measure & weighing most of my food, and i haven’t really changed the way i cook, i pretty much eat what i want just am really careful how much of a portion. Yes, even with going out to eat every weekend at all you can eat buffet i have done well. I just limit myself on what and how much i eat. If I'm craving a dessert, i eat it, sometimes it may only be a few bites or the entire piece. Last week i was craving bread rolls and guess what i ate 2 of them with the honey butter.

Another thing i have been doing is eating 3 meals a day most days, breakfast usually consist of oat or raison bran cereal with 1/4 skim milk, with water added to make 3/4. Lunch is usually a nice salad with celery, shredded cheese, bacon bits or low fat turkey ham, tomatoes, peppers & radish’s, what ever i want to have it on … if I'm not in the salad mood i may have a bowl of home made soup or a sandwich with low fat turkey ham on whole wheat bread that is only 45 calories a slice. Supper is usually a nice size meal for example last night i had 1/2 cottage cheese and shrimp stir fry. The night before it was chicken & noodles, the night before was broiled chicken thigh with 1/2 rice o roni and a cup of green beans. For a evening snack i usually keep sugar free jell-O made up in 1 c servings which is 17 calories and i put 2 tablespoons of cool whip, i may also have a oat & caramel bar (140 calories), rice krispie treat (90 calories) granola bar (100 calories) or an apple salad, apple, orange or some type of fruit. Sometimes if I'm hungry during the day time i may snack on some type of fruit as well. In the past 2 1/2 months i have stayed within a 1200 a day calorie diet plan and not one time have i gone to bed hungry or feeling that I'm starving. My doctor once told me when i reported on a 2 week diet he requested that i was drinking my calories and if i cut them to half I'd be surprised how much weight i could lose, because it wasn’t my eating habit that put those hips & butt on me. Wow, he was right!

I will keep you all updated on how I'm doing … until next time, ya all have a great one ……….

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring has arrived!

002 We’ve been having wonderful weather here, the temps have been in the high 70’s although at times a bit humid. The south definitely has humidity! I’ve been taking the dogs on several walks a004 day as well as myself. Several of the snow bird ladies and i have been walking together. Here are some pictures that i have taken around the park. This rose bush could be so beautiful if it was taken care of properly.


This is some type of red tip tree, i have no clue what the proper name is. It’s not like the red bud trees we have back home, as they have actual buds on them. Although it’s a pretty addition to the park, in need of TLC but most things are in the park.


I’m not sure what this bush is, but it sort of reminds me of the dog wood bloom back home. Of course the dog wood blooms have only 4 leaves and is in the shape of the cross. But in it’s own way this bush has the similar attraction to me.

I took an up close 010picture of it too, so that you could see how pretty it really is. It’s starting to die out now, but earlier in the week it was so beautiful.

Well i hope you’ve been having a wonderful week and until next time ….

Monday, March 23, 2009

My weekly grocery shopping

I’ve been posting my weekly grocery shopping as i have been trying to stay some what on a budget. It’s been a bit of a challenge with dieting. Oops i hadn’t posted about that yet had I. Hmmm i will post more about that later.

This saturday was the normal saturday thing for me, out to lunch and then later in the afternoon it was off to do the weekly shopping. First it was the

Dollar Tree…

3 pkgs toilet paper … 3.00 greeting card …50 2 fabric softeners … 2.00 cooking spray … 1.00 Lite Ranch dressing … 1.00 Total …. $8.03

Save A-Lot

Bananas … 62 cents can of beets … 59 cents bran flakes …1.49 cabbage …1.40 celery …1.19 4 cream of mushroom soup …2.36 croutons …99 cents eggs …1.78 frosty flakes …1.99 apples …1.00 grapes …3.19 green beans …49 cents bacon bits …1.29 ketchup … 93 cents lettuce … 1.19 mac & cheese … 50 cents milk … 2.69 2 ice cream … 4.58 mushrooms … 99 frozen peas … 99 cents potatoes …2.99 shell mac … 99 cents salad dressing … 1.79 whipped topping …89 2 wyler lemon aide mix … 1.98 Total …. $41.61


folgers coffee … 6.40 hanging basket … 8.00 convertor box 49.87 plant spike …1.97 oat & carmal fiber bars …2.54 folgers instant coffee … 7.32 apple tea … 1.76 5 flavored water … 2.90 flower pot … 8.00 2 Lays potatoe chips …5.00 Fat free dressing …1.58 turkey roast …3.00 Total 97.45

Grand Total … $147.09

I know i went over budget this week, but without the convertor box purchase i'd of been just within. I have set a $100 weekly budget and done really good most of the weeks. Although i have to say I'm glad that i got the convertor box even though i've never received my coupon because when i went back later this week with a friend in the park to get her one, they were completely out and the attendant said the ware house was even out! yes, it's an expense i hated to have to purchase when in May i was to receive my coupon but in a few months i will be without cable and without one i want be able to get the local news/weather.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Interesting Day?

My day started out kinda slow. I didn’t sleep good. My back is aching from the rain. It rained most of the night. I was sitting and doing my morning bible study when i heard a very loud knock on my door (more like a pounding) I went to the door and it was Brenda. She said that the ambulance was at the Howells. That 2 fire trucks had been there also but had left. 3 police cars were there. I told her let me get some clothes on and she said no come on in your pj’s. I’m in mine. So i slipped on my flip flops and we headed out the door. Mrs. Howell passed away this morning. Several of the neighbors were standing out and so we visited with them and when Mr. Howell came out we walked over and talked to him. He asked us to wait with until the coroner arrived to take her body. Of course we agreed. After everyone left and it was just him Brenda and I talked to him and he was very upset that he had to make the dreaded calls to their children, sisters and family. We offered to help but he said no he needed to do it. We basically just listened as he once again told us their love story.

Finally we all retired back to our own homes with a heavy heart. Mrs. Lois was the sweetest lady, they have been camp host here 10 yrs now! In the beginning they left and went other places but as they got older Mrs. Lois wanted to stay put here and this is where she wanted to die. She fell about 2 weeks ago inside her home and since then she has gone down hill. God has now called her home and she is no longer suffering. Of course we here at the park will feel the lose and Mr.. Howell will need our support as he gets through this sad time in his life. He is at least content that his wife is not suffering and is in a much better place now.

Around 10 am i heard another knock on my door, luckily i was dressed this time and not parading through out the park in my pj’s … hehe

Guess who was standing at my door holding 2 fish? Yessss … Steve! These fish had not even been cleaned, he had purchased them fresh from one of the local fishing boats that sells their fresh catch every day. He was bringing a peace offering as he has decided not to move back to the park. hmmmmm


NO … I did not clean those fish! I did offer the use of my knife and fish cleaning pliers though … hehe

I did cook them though. I also made some slaw & mac salad to go with them. Luckily i had some cabbage (that needed used) in the frig. The fish were spectacled salt water trout and they were good. They seemed to be a bit more oily then brown and rainbow trout that i love. I’m a big fish eater. In fact i can’t wait until it gets warmer in Missouri as that is where I'm headed for the summer. I plan to spend alot of timing trout fishing.

After lunch Steve got his camper shell loaded back up and left. I remembered that there was a local parade here today but i missed it with the surprise dinner i cooked. So i decided i better get my laundry done before the rain moves back in. I got my laundry done and then headed to Wal-mart as the dogs are out of dog food. Ooops … here is what i purchased at Wal-mart …..

2 – ham salad … 1.96 3 – tuna salad … 2.94 and dog food … 10.00 A total of 15.94

The grand Total of groceries this week was …. $35.65 and the Grand Total with vet bill and flea med’s was … $185.63 ughhhhh

It was a good thing i got back to Ms. Southwind when i did as the rain came in buckets! I’m still not feeling good today, my back is aching and I'm a bit on the dizzy side from the pain meds. The rest of the evening was spent laying on the couch. I decided around 7.30 pm I'd had enough and it was off to bed. I’m not sure if it was too much having fun this weekend or the rain that is causing the back to hurt. I’m sure it’s a bit of both, but hey i had a fun and i hope that your weekend was a good one too.

Until next time …..

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another lunch date, Grocery day & Dancing!

I got up and got Ms. Southwind straightened up. Then i took the dogs on our morning walk, came home and showered as I had another lunch date today. Lunch wasn’t that great today, normally the buffet is good, but today it wasn’t.

After lunch was over we were suppose to go to the St. Patty’s Day parade but while we were inside having our late afternoon lunch it started pouring. We decided not to go to the parade as i don’t enjoy sitting in the rain. So we parted and i went back to Ms. Southwind.

I decided i should go ahead and get my grocery shopping done since i was in the area. So i headed over to Save – A-Lot. Here is what i have purchased for the week … of course i didn’t have my list, kit was still on the frig so i had to try to remember what i needed. Oh well …….

Bananas …. 48 corn chips … 1.19 frosty flakes … 1.99 Grapes … 3.26 Ketchup … 87 2 - Lemon Lime soda … 1.38 Lettuce … 1.19 mountain dew soda … 69 Ice cream … 2.29 oatmeal …1.59 strawberries …2.00 bread … 1.29 whip cream … 89 A Total of $19.71

After coming back to Ms. Southwind and putting away the groceries it was time to rest. Well i thought so anyway. Around 5 pm my neighbor Brenda & hubby stopped by and said come on lets go out. Of course i can’t refuse getting to go … hehe We didn’t get home until almost midnight! We had a great time and the music was great. I hadn’t been dancing in several years!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Lunch date & Late night trip to the ER!

My friday the 13th started out to be a good one ....

I got up this morning and got my dishes done, straightened up Ms. Southwind. Then i took the dogs on their morning walk. Showered and got ready to run over to Pet Smart to get some flea med’s as I'm out and and found one on Lucy. While i was out Steve called and said he was headed over to get me? He is going to see about moving back to the campground and he wants to take me out to lunch! While Steve got his truck top unloaded on his new to be spot, i put on a bit of a face. We left for our lunch date. It was very good! Yes i ate too much! But it was soooo good. During our lunch date we were talking and he said that around 9 pm or so on Wednesday night one of his sons finally called him to wish him a Happy Birthday. The son had forgotten until the next day…. hmmmmm

I got home later in the afternoon and i noticed Lucy was rubbing her eyes and they were red. So i gave her Benadryl. Lucy suffers with allergies just like me. My allergies have been bothering me the past few days as well. I love it when Spring arrives as the flowers start blooming, the trees are getting their buds. But … my allergies don’t!

Then my Friday the 13th got bad ........

Around 8 pm i decided it was a beautiful night for a walk and the park was pretty quiet as most of the workers here had gone home for the weekend. It was a beautiful night for my evening walk but when i returned Lucy was not better but worse! Lucy was now licking and that means it’s affecting her throat, not good! I decided to read on the flea medication for reactions and what to do. I had a strong feeling it was the flea med that was causing the severe reaction. So i gave her a long bath and more Benadryl but an half hour later still not good, small bumps were appearing on her body. So i got online and looked up the nearest emergency vet, called them and they said to bring her right in. So off we went to the vet about 8 miles away. We got there and they saw her and sure enough she was having a allergic reaction to the new flea med’s. So she was given a shot and we waited, after an hour, still she was reacting so another shot was injected. Finally around 11.30 pm the second shot had kicked in and she was doing better. No more licking, no more rubbing of the eyes and the bumps were gone.

After paying the bill of $128.59 we headed home. Before we even got home she was out on my lap sleeping away. Lucy’s traumatic day of itching, scratching had exhausted her. None of the other dogs were reacting but i decided to be on the safe side i gave them all a dose of Benadryl before heading to bed!

The vet informed that it really isn’t good to buy over the counter flea med’s for dogs. All they are is a large dipping dose and don’t last very long and are not good for the dogs. I was out of frontline plus that i have always used in the past. So in the end it cost me more to take a cheap route instead of just paying out the money and get their regular flea meds. Sometimes trying to be cheap just doesn’t pay off! Lesson learned and now i still have to fork out the $100 bucks and get the good med’s … Ughhhhhh

Until next time …..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cleaning Ms. Southwind!

I woke up early to a beautiful day, got up and got the dishes done. Yes, i know I'm lazy and hate doing the dishes after fixing dinner. I wonder how many you actually prefer to do the dishes the next morning but do it after dinner because it’s what our mom taught us? My mom was a clean freak … everything had to be kept picked up, straightened up and the dishes had to be done after each meal. I have a sister that is just like her. Fortunately for me I'm not that way. I used to be before my injury. Now i have learned to relax and let the work wait. It’s not like it goes anywhere, it’s always there the next day .. hehe

After I had Ms. Southwind all cleaned up i took the dogs on our morning walk. The weather was so beautiful that we took several walks. Later i decided i had been putting off cleaning on the outside of Ms. Southwind long enough. I did buy the cleaning supplies last weekend. Ms. Southwind has mildew on the outside of her. I thinks it’s because we’ve been in the very humid south too long! Here in this park, washing vehicles is prohibited with a hose or bucket. I bought some cheap Clorox clean up spray and am going to use that. I used the spray and then wiped it up with a old rag, then i took another rag and a bowl and washed it off with that. It’s not perfect but it works until i move. I could only get where i could reach as i don’t climb on ladders. My balance is not what it used to be and climbing is not good with my injury. Later i plan to get out the brush and get the higher stuff i can’t reach at a later time. I only did one side of the camper. The door side that i see all the time. I plan to do this in sections as it is alot of work and the back just doesn’t take work very good.

After all that cleaning i then fixed dinner and it the rest of the evening was spent relaxing on the couch!

Hope you all had a great day

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve!

001-aToday my ex neighbor turned 79 years young!  This weekend while having lunch i told him if he hadn’t moved I'd of made him a cake for his birthday.  Of course he got excited and replied, i will come over and i will even come for dinner … hehe  So i asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner.  He wanted meatballs, spaghetti & Garlic bread.  So that’s what i made him and i made him a cherry cheese cake as i had made one before and knew he liked it.

002-a We had a great dinner, sang Happy Birthday to him and i snapped some pictures of him.  After dinner we took a walk around the park and then he returned home.  I have spent the evening being lazy and watching the TV. 

I will miss Steve when we leave here, we have become really good friends.  He was a bit disappointed when he first arrived tonight as none of his 6 kids called to even say Happy Birthday.  I think our dinner made up for it and he seemed really happy when he left. 

Well night all … have a good one and until next time ……

Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful weather

Saturday was a busy day. I got up and took the dogs on a walk before my busy day got started. Once i got the dogs walked, i took a shower and got ready for my lunch date. My ex neighbor Steve is taking us out for lunch. We meet him around noon. Spent the entire afternoon along the beach! (sorry forgot my camera) I was amazed how many people there was out on the beach! I have never seen so many on the beach here. In Florida yes, but not here. The weather has been just beautiful, great weather for being outside and enjoy the sun. Later in the afternoon we said good bye and headed to get the grocery shopping done. The first stop was Dollar Tree ….

Fabric softener … 1.00 rubbing alcohol … 1.00 2 awesome cleaner … 2.00 rug/carpet cleaner …. 1.00 eye liner …1.00 powder … 1.00 Total of $7.49

Then it was on over to Save – A-lot …

spag … 99 Bananas … 30 choc pudding … 99 Gala Apples … 1.00 Grapes … 4.17 Italian Garlic Bread … 1.69 Lettuce … 1.19 Milk … 2.69 Jell-o … 1.98 mushrooms … 99 4 pot pies … 2.36 pork & beans … 55 ice cream … 2.29 sloppy joe mix … 79 strawberries … 1.99 Velveeta cheese … 4.99 2 cool whip … 1.78 3 wylers drink mix … 2.97 Total …. $36.07 A Grand Total …. $43.56

Sunday … Of course we all lost an hour of sleep since the time sprang forward! Although i have to admit, i love it when time springs forward. It' makes the day go faster and the day has more day light. Later in the afternoon laundry was done and the grocery shopping was finished. I like to get my meat at the local grocery outlet. I usually buy what’s on sale. Today i got ……

Chicken Gizzards … 1.99 Polish Sausage … 1.25 Leg Quarters … 2.37 Family pack ground chuck … 11.84 cherry Rolaids … 1.79 A Total …. $20.59 A Grand Total of the week’s grocery’s ….. $64.15

I try to re stock anything that i use during the week. With the economy the way it is, i think it’s a good idea to keep my pantry completely stocked. My freezer/pantry is completely stocked full. I have enough food to survive several months if need be. I have also been trying to eat healthier therefore i have noticed a bit of rise in our food bill. Although prices have continued to rise over the past few months. My goal is to stay under $100 a week for grocery, personal & house hold items.

It’s been a great weekend, the weather has been so beautiful, and I'm exhausted so I'm off to bed .. hope ya all have a great one … until next time …

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chris Cagle Concert!

Friday, March 6

001 The weather has been great the past few days.  I’ve been taking the dogs on several walks a day, sitting outside relaxing and reading a good romance book.  My door & windows have been open to let the sunshine in. 

005 Last night I had free Chris Cagle tickets!  He was so awesome.  A wonderful performer and an amazing singer.  He had the house rockin!  I was sitting next to a lady who grew up with his mother.  It was pretty neat and she had security give him a note during the concert and so yes i had the spot light on me … hehe  The picture of him pointing I took while he was pointing out the ladies.  It was pretty awesome.



060After his 2 min break he came back in and did something i had never seen during a concert!  He started signing autographs for those who wanted them.  It was amazing what he was signing … money, shoes, hats, beer bottles, yes even the shirts men & women both took off!   I took pictures of the TV screen of him signing.  


Something else he did that showed just how great of a person he is was … a lady in the audience held a sign saying that her husband was Iraq bound.  He had the guy come up to the front roll, signed his guitar pick, CC 09-17 and told the man when he came back from Iraq.  No matter where his band was playing for him to bring that pick and he would get in free to any concert he was playing and to tell them that Chris said that he was to get special back stage passes.


065There was also a girl in the audience and it was her sweet 16 birthday, this girl for her last 3 birthday gifts has asked for nothing but tickets to Chris concerts and so she has celebrated her last 3 birthday’s at his concerts.  He  gave her a special gift this year.  She got a new T-shirt and for her next 2 birthday’s she gets free expenses paid to come to his concerts on her next 2 birthday’s.  How awesome.    He also had messed up on signing a picture earlier for a handicapped young man and so to make up for it he gave the man a autographed T-shirt. 

071 This picture is of the Chris (hiding) and his band saying good night.  It was an amazing concert and it lasted over 2 hours!  If you ever get a chance to go see Chris, it’s definitely worth it.   I had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nothing really happening

Not much has really been happening here.  It’s been a bit on the chilly side, although Monday and Tuesday once the sun came out it warmed up enough late in the afternoon I took the doggies on a nice walk.  The cold weather is not good on my back and the mornings have been very slow moving for me, getting the back to moving. 

Today was a beautiful day, the temps were in the 60’s and the sun was out.  I was even able to put the t-shirt and shorts back on … Yes, my kind of clothing!  I took the dogs on a nice walk and spent the afternoon outside just relaxing and reading … hehe

My neighbor has a new game called Wii and on Monday her and i played it as it was too cold walk.  We did the bowling game and it was so much fun.  Of course i stunk, but it was fun.  Tuesday i was so sore i could barely move …. ooops

Well not really much else to blog about so i hope your all having a great week … until next time ….

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March comes in like a Lion!

Wow the first day of March and it sure did come in like a lion.  The saying has been if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb.  I sure hope so.  The temps dropped from 75 degrees to 34 degrees!  I thought the south was suppose to be warm?  Dang, it hasn’t been today.  I think the temps did get to the low 50’s but with the wind, it didn’t feel warm at all.  In fact i had the heater running all day long! 

I got up this morning and took care of my babies, then i got dressed and put on my face … hehe  Yes, I'm quite scary without it, esp in the mornings … LOL   Then it was time to take of the bird and dog I'm sitting for.  I felt sorry for the bird and doggie, it was a bit on the chilly side in their home.  Their mama didn’t leave the heat set to come on for them and i never thought about it last night when i checked.  It was still warm inside and i assumed the heat was on for them.   Oooops … i tried turning on the furnace but it wouldn’t come on, so i turned it back off.  I finally dug enough i found the electric heater i knew their mama used sometimes.  So i set it up on top of the stove and got it going for them. 

Then it was time to head out the door,  Yes, another lunch date today.   My friend whom moved invited me for lunch and of course I accepted.  It was a wonderful lunch and we had a wonderful afternoon visiting. 

I didn’t get home from my date until after 5 pm!  Wow, my babies meet me at the door and didn’t even wait for the leash or me to tell them to come outside.  That is not a normal thing for them when it’s cold outside.  I guess they really had to go … Of course it wasn’t long before they were barking to come back inside … hehe 

I also had to go take care of the bird and dog.   They were happy to see me and peppy was ready to go out.  The bird was ready to be covered and retire to bed.  I kicked their heater up a bit as it’s suppose to be chilly again tonight.  Made sure both had plenty of food and water.

Tonight has been a night of relaxation after an exhausting weekend.  I have to admit, it hurt the pocket book for the memory foam purchase, but well worth it on the behind and back.  My dinette seat and couch are so comfy now!

Well until next time ……..