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States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Down in the back!

Ugh I'm not sure if it’s the rain, the cold or over doing it lately. I’m down in my back big time. I have spent my entire weekend in bed. To top it off it only got in the low 30’s for the high today and then it got colder then they forecasted for last night and no heat due to no electric. No, hubby still doesn’t have our furnace fixed … grrrrr

After putting in a miserable night of my back hurting and not being able to get out of bed because of the cold. Around 4.30 am, i bit the bullet and lit the oven to get some heat. Hubby doesn’t like for me to use the oven for heat but i cracked the bedroom vent so fresh air could come inside. Finally around 5 am hubby woke up and since he heard some one else had their generator running he decided to go ahead and start ours. Normally we try not to run our generator after 10.30 pm or before 8 am when others are parked near us unless we have to.

Hubby said we’d run the generator so i could use my heating pads we also took advantage of the electricity hooked up the electric heater, hubby got his coffee pot going and plugged in the electric water heater for baths later . The heat felt good on my back and within no time i was finally asleep. Hubby got online and read the news, he also watched some early morning TV. I got up around 8.30 am. My friend Dorothy called to see if i was going to church today and i told her no i wasn’t feeling well. I was back to bed by 9 am. Once it warmed up enough and i was back to sleep hubby shut down the generator.

It did warm up to the 40’s today. Around noon I got up and we headed to Wal-mart to get some supplies for the week. We were out of tp and that isn’t a good thing. Just going inside of Wal-mart wore me out and got the spasms started again so it was back to bed for me. I slept most of the afternoon sleeping with help of my pain med’s. I got up around 7 pm and am laying in bed posting these post to you. Although i’m going to take a hot shower and head back to bed.

Hope you had a better weekend then i did .. until next time ….

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Hailey!


My grand daughter turned 6 yrs old today! Wow, it’s hard to believe she is growing up so fast. 6 yrs ago we held her in our arms and were very proud first time grandparents.

Grandma and Papa are not there princess but we are thinking of you and miss you bunches .. love you Hailey Grace



I got these pictures last week in my email and thought today would be a great day share them. Doesn’t Grandma’s Tob Man look so adorable in the sweeter?




Daddy and Toby enjoying father and son time .. isn’t this adorable. Grandma loves these little precious jewels.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The rain has moved in

I spent Wednesday afternoon helping the volunteers finish up the inventory in the pantry. Yes, it’s done .. finally!

Thursday morning we ladies got together and met at Dorothy’s. Each week we take turns on getting together at each other’s place. Of course i will not be holding a gtg until the weather is predictable enough i can have mine outside. Although several ladies have graciously offered to let me use their homes for my day. Thursday night the rain moved in and it poured. We even had thunder and lightening.

Friday i had to get my laundry done. Although i have to confess i felt so yucky from the rain and cool weather that i wore my flannel jammies to do laundry. Yes, i did .. in fact i didn’t get dressed until late afternoon. I took a shower and got dressed for dinner. We went out to eat at Sam’s truck stop with some friends. The food was okay, but not worth the price. We both had the buffet and it was $33! Wow that price would of feed us all week long. At least the fellowship was good. I can say we won’t be going there again.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lady the Stray Dog

015I worked this morning at the pantry but since the sun was out and i didn’t get to enjoy it yesterday i decided to take the afternoon off.


Pat one of the other volunteers has kind of adopted a stray dog that has wondered in. We call her Lady. We all have been feeding her. Although my dogs chase her off every time they are outside. Pat decided Lady needed a bath and hooked up her outside shower. Andrew one of the other volunteers son held the leash and i took pictures. It was a great day for a bath, warm and sunny, although Lady did not like her bath at all!

After the bath we gave Lady some treats and she laid in the sun and dried while Pat and I sat in our lawn chairs and just relaxed and soaked up the sun.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Visiting Animals

007I got up and got things picked up here, took the dogs for a small walk and then i headed over to work in the pantry. We are doing inventory this week. After we finished working Nancy invited those of who wanted to go see the new baby pigs! Of course i jumped at the invitation as you all know I'm a big animal lover! I rode with Nancy and the other ladies rode with Anita in her car.


These little darlings are so adorable and of course mom had to have her picture taken as well. It’s been so long since I've seen baby pigs. Brings back some wonderful memories and some not so wonderful memories. LOL


Yes we had to drive through the horse lot to get to the piggy’s! We had one horse who followed us and wanted attention as well. Here is Nancy giving the horse a loving touch.




After seeing the animals we headed back and i went back to Ms. Southwind to get a hot shower and relax .. I'm exhausted .. night all …

Sunday, January 24, 2010

3rd Year as a Full-timer!

Today is our 3rd year as full time RVer's! Wow it's amazing how time has gone by. Happy Anniversary Mrs. Southwind .. I love just as much as i did the day we moved inside of you.

I got up this morning after a ruff night of sleeping. Got dressed and went to church. It was an awesome sermon on surrendering your all. One of the teen girls did a audio illustration and it was absolutely wonderful! The pastor said he had a complete different sermon picked out for today but the Holly spirit had been talking to him and after the illustration he knew he had to go with the Holly spirit. I was thrilled he did as this sermon touched me big time. i believe i may have been the reason why.

I have been struggling with some issues that i will not go into but after leaving services today i truly am at peace and believe that circumstances have occurred lately to help me to surrender all to God.

After church it was back to Beijing China Buffet for lunch and once again it was fantastic! Then a trip to Wal-mart to pick up supplies needed for the week ahead. I got home and didn’t have much time for a walk before it was time to go to church services for the kids.

Wow what a wonderful service it was. It brought back wonderful memories of when hubby and I worked with the youth in our church. I truly enjoyed interacting with the kids and the worship service was worth attending.

After services I spoke to a couple of the ladies whom i do volunteer services with and we planned to meet tomorrow at 10 am to work some more on the pantry and start the inventory. It needs to be done by the end of the week and then we will work on putting up the new donations that were received this week.

i spent the rest of the evening watching the football game … I’m a Farve fan so i want the Vikings to win .. sorry Saints.

It's been a wonderful day to celebrate 3 yrs.

Hope you all had a great weekend .. i did … until next time …

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flea Market

I got up this morning and made some phone calls then i got dressed and went to a local flea market! I love flea markets. My friend Pat and her husband Ale invited me along with them. There wasn’t too much there that i couldn’t live without. It’s amazing how you can go a few miles and the difference in the weather. When i left the sun was shining and it was warm by the time we arrived at the flea market the weather had turned. It was a bit on the chilly side and dreary with drizzles of rain off and on. I didn’t bring my umbrella or a jacket. But i lucked out and found a cute blue jean jacket that was like new for $3! I put it on and it was perfect fit and kept me dry and warm. (sorry forgot my camera again)

004 By the time we finished going through the market it was lunch time so we stopped and at a Texas Burger. I had never eaten at one and so that is where lunch was. After lunch we headed back and Pat needed to stop by the grocery store. So we did, she didn’t find what she wanted but we did find chips on sale, buy one get one free! Soda was on sale as well so i purchased both.

On the way back the Ale decided he needed to stop at Lowe’s so he dropped us off at Wal-mart. Then it was time to head back, they dropped me off and i was exhausted. It was a nice day and i enjoyed it but i’m wore out. Esp since i didn’t get any sleep last night. It was one of those nights that my mind just wouldn’t shut down and so sleep was unsuccessful. I went to bed around 1 am and was back awake by 4 am, around 6 am i finally got back to sleep to be awake again around 7.30 am .. ughhh

I’m taking a sleeping pill tonight and getting some sleep. Hope your all having a great one … until next time.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Beautiful Texas Weather!


It’s been a beautiful week here in Texas. Temps have been in the 70’s with sunshine. I have been enjoying sitting outside all week long. I’ve had the windows and door open and fresh air filling Ms. Southwind. I got my lawn chair out and have just been relaxing. The dogs have been loving it as well. Although next week temps are suppose to drop to the 60’s.


One of my flowers is blooming again, this time it has beautiful red flowers. It has more red buds that will be blooming soon as well as pink ones. Even living life on the road i take my flowers with me.

013 012

I don’t know why kind of plant this is, i got it given to me in Florida but I'm thinking it may going to have blooms as well. Something is going on as i have never seen these on it before .. anyone out there know?

014 015

I hope your all staying warm .. i know i am sure enjoying this nice warm weather!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti relief help

I got up early and went to do my laundry. While my laundry was going i decidded to go through some of my clothes for anything i didn’t need. Then around 10 am i headed over to help go through the food pantry to look for expired date foods to send to Haiti. The locals business are all joining together to help send food.

I normally don’t go until after lunch to help in the pantry and only work a few hours but today i worked more. Took an hour lunch break and worked until 3.30 pm. I was exhausted! Once i got back to Ms. Southwind i still had to put away my freshly clean laundry.

We’ve been having beautiful weather today it got in the low 70’s, it was great to open the windows and door and let the fresh in. After dinner i still kept my door open but shut the windows. It’s 7.30 pm and it’s still 65 degrees!

I’m exhausted and very wore out, heading to the shower and to bed .. It’s been a long day and weekend and i need to get some rest.

Night all …..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dogs Day outing

I got up this morning and got ready for church, after church i went out to eat and then the weekly trip to Wal-mart was needed to pick up things needed for the week ahead.

I got home and changed clothes, put things away and then i took Lexi for a long walk. When we got back because it’s such a beautiful day and nice and warm i loaded up the other dogs and we all went for a ride. We found a place that i could let them out and just run and play.

It was so much fun watching them run freely with no leash, no restraints. I brought Lexi’s ball along, i would throw the ball, she would chase it and bring it back and i’d throw it. Dolly had so much fun just running, i wish i would of thought to have grabbed my camera. I had so many missed Kodak moments.

It was a beautiful afternoon and we didn’t get home until almost dark. We spent several hours just letting the dogs be free.

Once i got home i showered and it an early to bed as the nice fresh out wore out this ole lady as much as it did the dogs.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I did .. it was a full one but a wonderful one … until next time …

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Come to Me – Women’s Conference

Saturday was a big day for me. It was another chilly & rainy day but to i am attending a Women’s Conference. It was titled “Come to me” and it was awesome! It lasted the entire day, it started at 9 am but because of the turn out it didn’t actually start until a half an hour late. Then one of the speakers was so into the message she was being led to give that we some how got over an hour late. They had cookies, tea and coffee for break and then they fed us lunch choice of chili or taco soup. I had the taco soup and it was excellent! After lunch we were to have 2 more speakers but because lunch was only getting over when it was suppose to be closing time. So only one lady finished and it ended up lasting until 4 pm but it was wonderful and well worth the suffering. I took my pain pills every 3 hrs so that i could literally make it through it. I also rode with another lady and hubby said he would come get me if he needed to. But I'm happy to say i made it through, of course i had to get up and down lots but i made it.

The subjects that were taught were: Journey to knowing God, Come unto me and bring your Marriage, Let him do what he came to do, The Reality of Redemption and Come to Me an Invitation from the King.

I got home around 4.30 pm took a long hot shower and was in bed very early as i was in severe pain.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Where have you been hiding?

I spent Wednesday trying to recoup from my long shopping day! I sure had fun but it’s not fun the next day. Anytime i do something like that it exhaust me and I’m in pain. It’s my body way of telling me I'm paying for overdoing the day before.

I forgot to tell you all yesterday that my dad came through surgery very well and is home resting. We will not know if he will need any further treatment until the results come back. My sister says dad is doing well. Please continue to pray for him and thanks for the prayers already.

Thursday ended up being another long day. I woke up to rain hitting the roof of Ms. Southwind. It started sometime during the night. It wasn’t hard rain, just steady off and on. Then I went to my friend Pat’s for morning prayer at 9 am. We prayed for Haiti and the devastation they are going through, we prayed for other things as well. After our prayer meeting we had a gtg type thing for the women volunteers and we each spoke and told a little bit about our selves and how we came to know God. We broke for lunch and after lunch we returned for the head volunteer leader to go over some new things for us. We broke around 3.30 pm. It was a long day but a good day and i learned even more about the women i have been working with.

Friday i didn’t really do much, I basically spent most of my day resting and recouping once again. It’s been raining most of the day but i did manage to take a small walk in between rain showers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A day of shopping

I can’t believe how long i slept! I went to bed a bit after 7 pm and didn’t wake up until 7.30 am! I knew i was exhausted but not that much. It sure felt good to get rested up. Once i got moving i got dressed and Anita came by to pick me up, i went out on a shopping day with the gals. It was great. I enjoyed the fellowship and just being out with the women.

We had lunch at china buffet and it was excellent as i had been craving one of my favorite foods. I ate too much but i enjoyed it and will have to cut down tomorrow to make up for it.

We got home a bit before 5 pm and i was tired but it was a great day. It was great to be out and have the sun shining! The temps have been wonderful the past few days.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Taking down Christmas Decorations

I spent the morning cleaning up Ms. Southwind, made some Jell-o and then i took a walk. I’m trying to get back into a exercise routine. Of course I'm limited with my disability so walking is basically all that i can do. i am limited so i have to walk and then rest and then walk some more.

After lunch i went over to the home to help some of the volunteers work on removing the Christmas decorations. I helped take the bulbs and lights off the tree which was a real chore with the lights as who ever put them on had them over each other and what a job. Once the lights were removed it was time for the tree to come down and what a mess that was. I think fake trees lose more needles then real trees. Once that mess was all cleaned up i was exhausted and left.

I went home and laid down to rest. I’ve been having problems with exhaustion lately. It doesn’t take much of anything to just completely wear me out. I really wanted to just enjoy the sun shine as it is very nice outside!

After dinner i thought i would lay down a bit as i couldn’t sleep earlier and i fell asleep a little after 7 pm!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cold go away!

I really haven’t done anything worth posting about. I’ve been stuck indoors as it’s just been too cold to do bee's 11Texas has been having an unusually cold spell. The news has reported that many are without water due to frozen and broken water lines that Texans don’t normally have to worry about.

Luckily for us we filled our fresh water tank before the freeze hit and i filled all our water containers. We’ve had plenty of water. It’s been a challenge at the home as can imagine because with no water that means no showers or water to do the dishes after serving the meal. Everyone is really being good about it and making the best they can out of a bad situation. Today things are suppose to warm up to the high 40’s and hopefully the water problems can be solved soon. apple bee's

Went to church today and afterwards was invited out to eat at Applebee’s. I have never eaten in an Applebee’s before. It was okay but little food for the price in my opinion. There was 8 of us and we had a good time. Afterwards i stopped by Wal-mart to pick up some groceries. When i got home i realized i bought 2 bags of grapefruit! Ughh i meant to get a bag of grapefruit and a bag of oranges. Although i have to admit Texas grapefruit are not bad.

I was exhausted by the time i got home and i spent my evening just relaxing. Hope you all had a great weekend and until next time …

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Windy Cold Day

I have spent the entire day inside of Ms. Southwind. The dogs haven’t even wanted outside. I open the door they run and do their thing and right back inside. The wind is blowing and it’s cold. This morning was very cold and after the lunch the sun finally came out and warmed up to a high 33 degrees! Tonight they are predicting the temp to dip to 19 and tomorrow a high of 28 with lows of 15! I thought i was escaping the fridge temps of the north by coming south. Although i talked to my sister today and she said that they had 4” of snow and were barely in the double digits so I'm not complaining.

I also got some not so good news today. My sister took my dad to the doctor and he has bladder cancer and is having surgery Jan 12th. So please remember my dad in your prayers.

The past few days i have been kind of in a daily routine. I get up and get things picked up and dishes done. Then I've been doing my morning bible study and quiet time. After lunch i go and volunteer at the home. I have been going in the afternoons and working a few hrs going through food donations they have received. I basically sit or stand and read expiration dates and then put the food items on a cart and stock them in their pantry. It’s not much but what little i do get done is a great help. With the economy and all we all need to help in what ever way we can. I have to admit I'm exhausted when i get home. Then it’s dinner time and after dinner i spend my time just relaxing and playing on the computer. One of my favorite past times.

I hope your all staying warm and until next time ….

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cotton Patch

COTP_logo I got up and got ready for church. I’ve been invited to attend Glad Tidings with my friend Burl. His wife Karen is home sick with a sinus flu. It was a nice church but i have to admit i liked West Side better last Sunday. After church Burl invited me to lunch at the Cotton Patch. I had never heard of it. Our friends Ron & Dorothy met us there. We had to wait 25 minutes to be seated at our table!

patty-melt I had the Patty Melt it was a burger with grilled onions and Swiss cheese on white bread I opted a bowl of broc & cheese soup instead of the fries and baked squash. The meal was very good and worth the wait.

After lunch Burl needed to stop Wal-mart for his wife and so i picked up celery that i had forgotten yesterday. We got back home around 3 pm.

I came home and changed out of my church clothes and then i spent a little bit of the early evening visiting with Dorothy, we went for a small walk. After that my evening has been spent relaxing and doing what i do best .. Yep watching football

Night everyone and until next time …

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grocery Day!

I got up late this morning. I still needed rest from New Years Eve. After spending my quite time it was time to get dressed and head to town to get some groceries.

First it was off to Wal-mart. Wow, it seems either prices have gown up since the last time i went shopping or things are higher in Texas! I stopped by the local grocery store and found a few things on sale. Then i stopped by family dollar and it sure isn’t the dollar tree that like so much.

After getting everything put away and resting i decided to give the dogs a bath. Of course they were not too happy about that but it’s a task they know they must endure to be inside. My evening was spent playing games on the computer and just relaxing.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year


I got up this morning and it’s hard to believe that we are now in the year of 2010! I have spent my morning thinking about the years past. I thought about the earlier years of my life and i honestly couldn’t remember how i spent my new year day as a child. I don’t have to many good members of life as a child due to environment in which i was brought up. In fact I've spent a lot of time trying to erase some of the memories i do have. Then i thought about the early years when my children were small. New Years was usually spent with a pizza junk food party with family and friends. Eating and playing games and enjoying the fellowship. New Years Day was spent relaxing, eating of course watching the rose bowl and then football. Then came one of the worst things that has happened to me in my life. My back injury. I spent years disabled and confined to bed. But this year It’s the beginning of a new year and I've decided instead of feeling sorry for poor me and thinking about the past of what life used to be like it’s time to start being thankful for what i have right now.

My new resolution is to prosper. To be thankful and praise God for what i have today. Not have a pity party of what life used to be like. Yes life was easier before injury and illness. Today i am thankful to see the new year. Yes i still struggle with my disability and illness but the minister really hit home last Sunday when he talked of prosperous.

I have thought this week about that sermon and how right he was. Prosperous doesn’t just mean how much money one can make, how much material things you own, it can mean many different things.

2010-a So I’ve decided for the year of 2010 I am going to try to prosper in my health, my relationship with God and what i can do for others. To prosper i don’t have to have money, i can prosper by giving what i have to give, such as witnessing to others, praying and doing what God has kept me on this earth to do. I can try to eat healthier, i can take better care of myself, i can make myself walk everyday even if it’s only a few feet or a mile. What ever my body can physically give. I am going to try to be more faithful in reading my bible and my relationship with God.

Instead of wishing for what others may have I'm going to be thankful for what today brings and what i do have. If I'm having a bad day, I'm going to try to remember to be thankful to God that i am still here for another day. It may not be the best of days, but oh well.

I’m sure this will be a struggle to do and I'm going to give it my best. Will this happen everyday, i doubt it, after all i am human and far from perfect.

I spent the rest of my afternoon doing laundry and cleaning up Ms. Southwind as i hadn’t really done to much cleaning lately with all my visiting and running around.

I would like to wish you all a prosperous New Year .. I look forward to sharing my journey through the year of 2010 with all of you … Until next time … God Bless us all