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States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A fun day at the ranch


The kids had a great time 4 wheeling with the ATV’s. Toby and Hailey just loved them. Here is a picture with Toby and his mom (Heather)


Here is Tyson and Hailey.

009 010



Here is Tyson and his family … his wife Heather, my 2 precious grand children Hailey and Toby.


Hailey and Toby also enjoyed the creek although as you can tell it was a bit cold when they first got in.


Here is Hailey riding with papa and yes she loved going through the water and she loved going fast!


Here is Toby riding with his parents. He loved going through the water as well.

021 022


Hailey was having fun with bubbles and Toby was having a blast playing in the dirt.


We’ve had a great week having our kids here. Until next time ….

Friday, June 12, 2009

A fun day of family

Our son Tyson and his family came to visit and as always it was great to see the grand kids!

049 045


Tyson, Hailey and Toby are washing up the crawdads they found. Hailey had as much fun catching these things with her fishing pole as she did catching fish. Of course Toby enjoyed watching them craw and he esp loved playing in the water. Hailey finally got brave enough to hold one. It’s amazing how when she was smaller she would of never touched a crawdad bug or anything else that moved and now she loves them all!


Of course Toby he just had to get as much papa time in as big sister Hailey did. Papa was one busy papa as Toby thought he needed to be in Papa arms and doing stuff with papa and Hailey 039

wanted her papa time as well. Toby could be throwing a fit and all it took to calm him down and put a smile on his face was for papa to pick him up. Naww he isn’t spoiled at all…. hehe


As you can see Hailey was right in there helping daddy and papa. In this first picture she was instructing her daddy not to lose her fish. She is becoming a fisherman ..


Hailey just had to touch her fish and put him in the net herself, of

course daddy had to help her put her fish on the stringer.


027024021 022 023 013 017

As you can see in these pictures all the fisherman had a great time.

009Toby just couldn’t take all the excitement. He finally gave it up and papa succeeded in getting him to sleep. This is not a fun experience as he fights sleep big time.


Here is Toby trying to imitate papa, anything papa did, Toby thought he needed to do and as you can see they were having a great time.

003 004 005 006Tyson was doing the dreaded job of a fisherman. Yep, cleaning the fish. It’s amazing how time goes by. It doesn’t seem that long ago when their dad was teaching them how to do this and now Tyson is a dad and teaching his daughter the same things.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


026 Gabe came to visit this week and it was a contest to see between his dad and him who catch the most and biggest fish. Since he got to see pictures of his dad big lunker his mouth is watering. You see back when Gabe was a bit younger his dad caught a 5 lb brown trout and the next day his brother caught a 3 lb rainbow and Gabe was a bit disappointed. The next day was Gabe 14th birthday and he came home that day so excited as he caught a 4 lb rainbow. Since dad wanted his brown mounted as a trophy, Gabe wanted his rainbow mounted as a trophy as well. So it was decided between the 3 of them that dad and Gabe fish would be the 2 chosen to be mounted. Since dad has since caught a even bigger rainbow the hunt is on. As you can see in this expression Gabe hasn’t caught a bigger fish yet. But, i’m happy with that size fish cuz that is some meat to put on the frying pan!038

Yes as you can see from this picture, dad caught the biggest fish of the day!

As you can see the next day the same contest was on again! The guys have been spending most of their day fishing!


025 023 024

Gabe still isn’t having much luck catching the big ones.

012 014


Dad on the other hand has 2 nice one on his stringer! We are all having a great time and it’s great to be able to spend time relaxing and enjoying family life. Although today was our last day together for couple weeks as Gabe is heading out late this afternoon. It’s been a great week!

Until next time ….

Friday, June 5, 2009

Releasing the fish

006 Life is really hard as you can see in this picture how hard it is living a life of fisherman. Casting a fishing pole and reeling in those fish just wears a person out! What a life! It’s really beautiful here as you can see in these pictures. The stream is nice and cool and so relaxing.

008 007


Every other Friday is fish release day. I tagged along and took pictures. As you can see lots of the fisherman enjoy coming to get their first glimpse at the fish they will be chasing with a rod & reel.

019 022