States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Big Biloxi Campground

I got up around 7 am and did my morning routine. It's a bit on the foggy side here this morning, and it had warmed up during the night. A nice warm morning so I decided to take the dogs out to potty and on a small walk. The same tent camper returned again last night and also a pop up camper pulled in and had to set up during the rain. It rained last night, but it didn't last that long and nothing severe. I snapped a few pictures.

I left around 10 am head toward Biloxi, Ms, Wow, it was amazing all the destruction that is left untouched. Biloxi is starting to build back some. Several casino's and Motel's have built back. A few homes but it looks like mostly tourist attractions are the big thing building back. They have the bridges rebuilt and hoping to tour St. Louis Bay, MS tomorrow.

left in long sleeves and a jacket on and now am wishing had put on shirt sleeves! It's a beautiful sunny day. Checked out the National Seashore at Davis Bayou but decided it's not for me. Have decided to pay the extra $1.50 per day and stay at the National Forest. Much nicer campground and the sites are much larger. I also saw several Rotty's & Pitt bulls. My little ones would be a sample.

Viewed the Biloxi, Ocean Springs area and i found free wifi at the Holiday Inn in front of the Gulf of Mexico. I just downloaded my mail and didn't stay online very long. Plans are to return tomorrow and visit the beaches. Want to get back while it's still warm and get a shower. One down side to the National Forest Campground is they have hot showers, but the shower house is not heated! Although it is warm enough during the day that showering in an unheated shower house was not bad at all!

Here are some pictures that i took at the National Sea Shore. I got to see my first alligator! He was being guarded by 2 turtles. He didn't mind me taking his picture at all. Well, i'm assuming it's a he. Hmmmm

The little patio is built over the swamp area where the alligator calls home.

I could only get a picture of one of the turtles as the other one was hiding in the water beside a log and he wouldn't show up in my picture.

Here is also some pictures of the walk area trail near where the alligator is. This was the best part of Davis Bayou.

Got back around 5 pm and i fixed hamburgers and baked potatoes for dinner. Had a relaxing evening and enjoying this beautiful weather.

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