States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas & New Year's

Gulfport, MS

Wow, I've been MIA! First let me say i hope that you all had wonderful Christmas. As i last reported i have been down in my back and i spent the entire week of Christmas fighting back pain, muscle spasms and drugging myself. At first i thought maybe my feather bed was so wore out that it was what causing me to be in so much pain.

Tuesday I finally dragged myself out of Ms. Sound and went and bought a ham. That night i went to a gtg held by the park owner. It was a nice gtg and i spent it visiting and munching on some great snack foods. There was about 20 people there as most everyone else had left to be with their families. Then it was back to Ms. Southwind to rest the back.

Christmas eve morning i woke up and couldn't even stand up! My pain was so severe. Usually lying down helps my back pain, but it seems this round it makes it worse. Finally around 11 am i managed to stand on my feet So i decided to bite the bullet and went to Wal-mart, YES on Christmas eve I fought the crowd and traffic to buy myself a Christmas present. I purchased a 4" memory foam mattress topper. Brought it home and put it on my bed. Here is what it looks like and the specs.

Features & Specifications
Sleep better starting tonight.With a unique open-cell structure that reduces pressure points by automatically responding to your body heat, Canopy's high-quality Memory Foam mattress topper provides lasting comfort for a better night's sleep. Made of premium-quality, 3-lb density Memory Foam, this topper will dramatically improve your old mattress or make a new mattress even more comfortable.
Enhance your sleep.
Touch-tested Memory Foam is heat and weight-sensitive to conform to your shape and movement.
Composed of two layers: 2.5" base foam supports the body, while the 1.5" layer of high-density visco-elastic Memory Foam minimizes pressure points on sensitive areas of the body.
Channel-ventilated to allow for continuous air circulation.
Includes hypoallergenic, zippered, 250- thread-count 100% cotton cover.
Twin: 35" x 72" x 4" (89 x 182 x 10 cm)

I came home and put it on my bed and took me a nice long nap. I was excited as my back still ached, but wasn't nothing like it was that morning.

Today would have been my mom's birthday. Happy birthday mom and miss you

Welll .... after my first night of sleep, no luck, my back was just as bad as it was from the feather bed. Drats! The weather had been very dreary, foggy and humid, I'm assuming it the weather that and all the moisture in the air that has me down so bad.

Christmas Day ... I was finally able to pull myself out of bed and i literly mean that, as getting out of bed is a huge task with this back. I got the ham put in my roaster and managed to get my cherry cheese cake made. Christmas dinner was very small compared to my traditional ones. here is what my dinner consisted of ..... Ham, instant potatoes, corn and cherry cheese cake.

Well i decided since laying around hasn't been helping my back and i was sick of letting this back pain keep me down i decided to just take more drugs and do what i wanted. Yes, i spent my entire Christmas to New Years week running around and at the Casino! My neighbor here loves to play slots and so my week was spent watching my neighbor. It wasn't the best Christmas but i was so sick of laying on the couch & in bed. I just kept taking more and more drugs to tolerate the back pain. The past week my head has been so clouded that at times i would head to the bathroom and forget where it was. That's horrible to be that doped up.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This weekend i took a couple pictures of the campers that have really went all all for the holiday. What is so great is these campers are near me and i can see the lights at night.

This weekend has been spent just taking it easy and trying to rest my aching back. Finally around Friday afternoon i got to where i could walk, but my back is still really tender. The weather was beautiful Friday and Saturday was warm but damp and veryyy foggy. Sunday when i woke up it was windy and very nippy. Today it's just plain colddddddddddddd ... It's only 45 degrees right now and that is the high for today, when i got up around 8 am this morning it was only 32 degrees!

I looked online today and seen that it was only 18 degrees where my oldest son lives ... brrrrrrr I have to say i will take 45 any day over 18! Tomorrow is suppose to be in the low 60's and Christmas is suppose to be in the low 70's! Yessss I'm looking forward to that. No way do i ever want to go back to living in the cold climate.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that your holiday is a great one. I'm still not sure weather or not I'm cooking, i have one more day to decide. I guess it will all depend on if it does warm up and my back feels better. That is a bad thing with living with a disability, plans are not written in stone and often the body rules what my day will consist of.

Until next time ........... Merry Christmas and many wonderful blessings from me to you and your family.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nothing happening

Wow, i can't believe it's been 2 weeks since i last posted. I guess that is because not much has been going on. The weather goes from cold to warm & raining. Plus the internet has not been good, it comes and goes and most times goes.

Nothing big is planned for the holiday. In fact a trip to see my grand kids is not going to happen. My health just can't take the severe cold weather and it just doesn't make since that i left there to go where it's warmer to return to such cold weather and make myslef miserable. Since my accident i always get down in the dumps during the holiday season and this year is no different. In fact i seem to dread the holidays, my depression gets worse and my stress level goes through the roof. My oldest son will be spending Christmas with his family and my youngest son is going with a friend to spend christmas with his family. I haven't decided if i'm cooking as i did for Thanksgiving. I guess i won't decide until it actually gets here. It's been mentioned to have a pot luck, but i'm not sure that i'm in the pot luck mood.

With the crazy weather like it is, i'm wondering where a person does go to get away from the cold weather? I thought the south was warmer, but we've had some cold days here. I've been down in my back off and on and after having to sit in a doctor office for 6 hours yesterday i am really down big time. I got home last night and the spasms started, nothing would take it away, so i ended up in the ER. I am still having them this morning, not as severe but to the point that i can barely stand. I am still on a heating pad. It seems the heating pad is once again my best friend.

well until next time ... hope you all are well .....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lazy week

It's been a lazy week for me & I've been having internet problems.... grrrr Monday was spent catching up on my rest as i was exhausted from the holiday weekend. It's amazing how easily i wear out and takes me days to re coop. Tuesday was spent doing laundry ... clothes are still in the basket. Wednesday i went out for lunch with a friend. Thursday and today were spent lazying around. It's a bit nippy here today, yesterday morning it rained and later in the afternoon the cool front moved in.

Hope you had a great week and I'm not sure what the weekend is gonna consist of but i hope your weekend is a great one ... until next time

Monday, December 1, 2008

My weekend ..

Friday morning i got up early and cleaned up Ms. Southwind kitchen.

Around 10 am there was knock and i was invited to go spend the weekend at the casino, of course i jumped at the chance. I am not a big gambler but i do enjoy going and watching. So yes i went on another road trip!

I have some great news though, normally i don't gamble when take these trips, i enjoy the hotel and all its luxury they offer. My friend convinced me to take $20 and try the quarter slot machine and so i did. My $20 was being eaten by the machine and i was almost ready to cash out when my friend told me to give it another pull and behold a double 7 appeared, a 3X appeared and another double 7. wow i just my $20 back plus another $120 bucks! I was so excited. Later the next day we went to another casino and i decided to try another machine and give back some of the money i had won earlier. Well to my shock i hit 2 of the 3 x and a trip 7 for a total winning of $360 bucks that put my winning up to $480 bucks!

Sunday morning was our last morning and we went downstairs to the casino for our last visit and i was sitting and watching some people play the wheel of fortune. One lady empty her purse and left her machine another lady that was playing one of the others got up and took her machine, i continued to watch for a bit longer and something told me to get up play the machine the lady moved from. I stuck a $20 in and spun the wheel and on the 3rd spin i got the spin wheel. I spun the wheel and to my shock it landed on 500! Wow, i just won another $125 bucks. My total winnings for the weekend was $605 bucks! I was one very happy girl.

So this is how my Thanksgiving holiday weekend was spent. Today has been a day of being lazy, resting up and catching up on my blog and all the blogs i follow.

Until next time .....

I'm exhausted!