States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Illegal Fishing!


We received a call this morning about some new fishing tips. So we headed down to the gate where the fish pond is and what a shock we received. Illegal fishing!! No permits, no fishing poles!


At first several were just standing back and watching how it was done and then Vicky couldn’t take it any longer and she just had to take her try at fishing with a net. Oh Vicky, they have corrupted such a sweet girl!


Hubby was just walking around and being such a good boy and obeying the fishing rules. He did get near the pond and was looking for fish.


Then Kevin caught his first fish, then Vicky caught her first fish photos below

010 011

Then Vicky went for her second fish and Kevin caught his second fish

012 014


Then Dave caught his first fish and look what happened!


Yep hubby couldn’t take it any longer and has a fishing net in his hand … uh oh were in trouble now ….


Here Lenny is on his hands and knees getting ready to follow in the corruptness!


Here Lenny is reaching ….


Oh no … Hubby caught his first fish with the net and of course the race was on with all the guys.

Actually they were all catching the fish and moving them to the big water tank as the pond is being re-done and this is the fish new home for a few days. We did all have a blast watching everyone trying to catch the fish in a very slick, slimy fish pond that was lined with rotting black plastic. They finally succeed in catching all the fish and draining the water out.


While I was taking pictures and observing, the job i do best a butterfly graced me by landing on my hand and letting me take a picture. It’s been another beautiful and fun day with new friends.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Who said volunteer work wasn’t hard work?

001 On the way to go see if my hubby was actually volunteering his time or goofing off i spotted these deer and had to stop to snap a shot at them. They could care less that i was even there. I love watching wildlife.


When i arrived after my delay i did find my hubby working away. He is spraying some kind of sealer on the school house deck to keep it protected for the approaching winter season.


Lenny was so involved in his work he didn’t even notice me at first and then of course i had to open my big mouth … oops i meant mouth … LOL Of course hearing my voice he looked up and i was ready with the camera.

004 005

It didn’t take him long to go back to work even though i was there. I never thought but i should of got a picture of Leroy who was there helping him. Sorry Leroy maybe next time.

The school house looks so nice since it was painted. The weather has been great most of the summer.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friends & family


My friend Jeanette has finally returned! She left for a few days and it ended up being over a month! She has brought her daughter (1st photo right) her sister Annette (1st photo left) and her cousin and her cousin daughter (2nd photo) .. Jeanette is in the middle in the 2nd photo.


We all went for a ride on the smoother trails of course because can not take the ruff trails. It was very dusty but we had a great time.

Jeanette & Kevin lived by us for over 10 yrs when we lived in our stick home. We became good friends and they are like family to us. It’s been wonderful to see them again as it had been several years. Now if i can keep Jeanette from running off on me!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Enjoying wildlife


We spent the afternoon enjoying nature and the beauty of watching the animals. I love to watch the ducks. They even have a crossing sign for them and their house is built in the middle of their pond. It didn’t use to be but something kept getting the ducks and for a while the white duck was so lonesome. So friends were brought in and it was recommended to move their home to the middle of the pond and hopefully they are all safe here. So far so good.

003 013

007 006


There was a rabbit enjoying the duck pasture. I enjoyed just sitting and watching them both. I’m such a softy for animals and nature.


They moved the baby colt and mamma to the bigger pasture and as you can see the colt is growing and doing great. Although it seems to be a bit camera shy because every time i tried to take a picture i kept getting the behind … LOL Trust me i took many photo’s to get the few i’m sharing with you.

011 012

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Day of Cave exploring


Gabe and Kelsey came to visit and we spent the day Cave exploring, yes i braved the Caves again after my last attempt. Although this time i was a bit smarter and wore tennis shoes!

Here is a picture of Lenny and the kids …

003 002

008 007

Kelsey and Gabe climbed this rope to get to the Bat cave! Of course we stayed behind and let them explore. It turned out it was good we did because the cave was barely knee high and they were crawling on their hands and knees and of course that made them cut their tour short but they did take a picture of the entrance for me.

I can safely say that we all survived our day of cave exploring and it was a great way to spend a beautiful day and of course the kids ended it by going fishing!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabe & A sore toe

Today is my baby boy Gabe's birthday, he is 22! Happy birthday Gabe, I love you!

Although it’s a dreary rainy day today, it’s very needed as it’s been very dry and dusty here. The temps are wonderful and I’ve spent most of day sitting under the awning reading and watching the peaceful rain. We did have a bit of a thunder storm last night but no high winds or anything. I enjoy a rain when it’s a nice rain such as today.

Thursday July 9th we went on a trail ride with some new friends and look at some of the beauty were enjoying? Isn’t life so ruff living full-time exploring our great country’s beauty?

005 003 004

This is what is called Lonnie’s Lookout and below you can see wilder campground.


Here are Hubby and I in the cave, there are several caves on the ranch and this one is called Cold Cave. See how dirty we are? We haven’t had any rain and trails, roads are very dusty right now. It was a warm day but felt so wonderful inside of the cave. It was nice and cool.



At first i thought it was a wonderful idea to go inside the cave and look around. WRONG!! We didn’t realize the cave was very slippery and muddy. I fell down inside the cave and couldn’t get back out. It took hubby and Bill to get me out and in the process i must of hit a sharp rock or something because i tore the skin off my big toe and now i have a very sore toe! I didn’t take a picture of it when it first happened, but it is looking much better and it’s healing. Here is what my sore toe looks like now. Needless to say walking is very hard as the sore toe is in on my good foot.

Hope your all having a great summer and until next time ….

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A surprise birthday for me


Today is my birthday and it was great day of fun and enjoying good friends. Hubby went and picked me some beautiful wild roses.

What i didn’t know was when our friends Lynn & Doris, Skip & Marvena was that they were up to something when they invited out to dinner for pizza with them. They invited us out to eat pizza with them. We rode to town with Skip & Marvena and arrived at the pizza place. The place was filled with about 25 other friends from the ranch. Of course i never thought anything of it as this pizza place is a favorite place for lots of members of the ranch. We all ordered our pizza and were eating and then to my shock the waiter came carrying out a cake and everyone started singing to me.

My husband said in all the years he hadn’t seen my face that red very many times. Yes, they got me good and no i didn’t think to bring my camera along. Sorry guys no pictures. It was a wonderful birthday and i had a blast and the chocolate cake was really good (normally i’m not a chocolate person but it was very good). After dinner we went back to the ranch and sat around and visited.

Hope your all having a great one. We are really enjoying our time on the ranch. Until next time

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July!


4th of July has been a busy weekend for us. Gabe and Kelsey are here visiting with us. We have volunteered to help with all the activities going on at the ranch. My day started around 8.30 am at the 003registration table. On the holiday’s one of the most popular activities is the poker run. Hundreds of bikes sign up to get their poker card, then at noon they start lining up for take off at 1 pm. I remembered my camera and snapped a couple photos. Here are the bikes waiting in line.

007 Here are some pictures of the bikes heading out.


009When the riders return they are usually muddy or in this case dusty as we haven’t had much rain lately. When they return i become a bag lady … LOL Yes, they bring their cards in that have been punched at different stops in the run and then they go down a long line and draw out 5 cards (out of 5 different bags) and try to get the best poker hand to win the prizes.


After the poker run the ranch had a watermelon feast and it was so good. It was hot day and nothing better then a nice cold slice of watermelon. Here is Kelsey and eating away.

As you can see they had a big tank of watermelon and it was a huge hit!


011 After the watermelon feast there was a small parade. The ranch fire truck started the parade off, following the king and queen of the parade. There were several atv bikes and side by sides. The ranch even put a few of their horses in the parade. It was a great parade and lots of people showed up to watch it. The park is full and the over flow area of the park is even being used. No member is turned away and if need be members are willing to double up on campsites so all can enjoy all the great fun!

013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024

After the parade, we all went fishing a bit then it was time to get ready for the fire works. Sorry no pictures as i forgot to charge my extra battery and when i went to take pictures of the fire works, my camera died. They were great fire works and we had a wonderful time and the hillside was full of members watching the wonderful display.

It’s been a very busy day and exhausting but it’s been a great day filled with lots of fun and laughter and celebration.

Until next time …. have a great one ….