States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Saturday, November 24, 2007

10 months full-timing

Wow, 10 months ago today I started living full-time lifestyle inside of Ms Southwind. It's hard to believe that it has been that long. It doesn't seem that long ago since I moved into my comfy home. It's a Crisp Chilly day here today. Inside of Ms Southwind it's very warm and toasty. It's about 74 degrees inside thanks to Mr. Heater. He does a fantasic job.

It has been a week ago today that i got the phone call about Mama Viv. It amazes me how we can celebrate a wonderful event such as living inside of Ms Southwind, yet on the other hand we have sad memories of losing Mama Viv.

Nothing much has been happening other then i've been watching the tube. It's a lazy day for me. I did take the dogs for a walk and took a few pictures with my new camera.

Hope your having a great day .....

Warm Winter Day

It's a warm winter day here, the temps are in the 60's.

The dogs and I have been outside as much as we could today!

We took a walk in the woods.

We are parked in the woods and it is great! No one in site. We have the entire woods to ourselves! The dogs and I took advantage of no one being around. We took a walk in the woods and they didn't even have their leashes on. They loved being able to run free!! Before this lifestyle began, they were used to running free in the country.

The leaves have all fallen off the trees and as you can see the sign of winter is here.

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Good Black Friday

Last night I was thinking about how tomorrow used to be a a big shopping day and I wondered if i was going to even venture out into the croweds? I don't like to fight the crowds anymore. I needed to go the bank and thought i might swing by Wal-mart if it wasn't too crowded. I have been looking at a camera (Kodak ZD710) they have on sale that i would love to have a new one.

Here is a picture of the camera i'm dreaming about owning.

Esp, since my old one had bitten the dust (Kodak DX4530)... well ... thanks to me spilling tea on it. I hate to spend the money for a new camera. After all my other one ended up being an expensive one. It was around $350.00 bucks and I've had it not quite 4 years! That's a big expense! (Shhhh don't tell exactly how much it cost .. it's our little secret)

Here is the picture of my old camera that no longer works.

I was sure Wally World would be packed with the crowds and i wasn't gonna fight them for one. Most of the time the big sale items are gone fast in the area I used to live in. But, hey I'm in new territory ... right??

I got up today in no hurry to do much because i really figured Wally World would be packed and the one item i wanted would be gone. So I messed around and finally got dressed around 8 am and by 8.30 am i was out the door and headed to the bank. I finished getting some cash at the bank and then I thought well I do want to go to Wally World. After all the dogs need food and they just might have produce on sale. I headed across town toward Wally World and was shocked when i arrived. There were plenty of parking spaces. So I pulled in, still not thinking i would get my camera. I went inside and ran into Jefferey. He works at the campground and he proceeded to tell me about all the sale items he had gotten and how he couldn't believe there wasn't many people out today. Instantly my hopes were up, after all he got one of the HDTV that they had on sale and I surely thought those would be very hot items. I politely told him i was gonna head back to the camera's.

I got back to the camera department and a very unhappy couple was speaking to the lady in that department and they were not happy that they were out of the camcorder they wanted. So my hopes had really went down, thinking okay, there is no way they have the camera i want either. But.... persistent me .. I waited to the couple finished and then it was my turn to be waited on and I asked her about the camera's they had in the sale ad. She told me they were on the counter and after looking, it was the $79 camera, that wasn't the one i wanted. The one i wanted was the higher one. None were on the counter. I started to walk away and they lady yelled here is one. I turned around and went back to the counter and sure enough there was the one i wanted. She found it under the counter hiding by its self. She said most likely one of the employee's had hid it under there but it was first come first serve. I asked her to take it out of the box and i checked it out. Yep, it's what i have been wanting. I purchased the camera and headed over to the produce. Wow is it my lucky day or what?? Produce is really marked down today. Apparently they didn't sell produce like they thought they would. I got celery for 25 cents, radish's for 60 cents a bag, head lettuce for 50 cents, cauliflower for 98 cents a head. Plus they had Gala apples for 98 cents a bag and Texas oranges for 98 cents a bag. Did i ever hit the jack pot or what!! Plus i got the dogs food a buck cheaper then it usually is. hmmm i did good today.

I got home with my new camera, after putting away the grocery i just had to play with my new camera. After a while I decided to try something. I decided to take the batteries from the new camera and put them in my old camera. Behold .. IT WORKS!

Hmmm .. I had called Kodak and they told me to try new batteries and to use Lithium or NI-MH batteries. Well I had some new NI-MH rechargeable ones here that i tried and it still didn't work. So i called back and they said i would have to send it in for repair and it wasn't covered under warranty because i had spilt tea on it.

So then i got another hair brain ideal. I decided to call Wally World and see if they had the Kodak NI-HI batteries and they did. So back to town i went. I purchased the batteries and while i was at i purchased a new camera bag .. I got home tried the new batteries and behold the old camera works ... the batteries were only half charged so i put them in my charger and finished charging them up and the old camera is back to working. Apparently digital camera's don't like Alkaline batteries. Tip for the day is to either use Lithium or NI-MH batteries on your digital camera's.

Since I didn't get to take a picture of yesterday dinner for you all .. I took a picture of my left over's I ate tonight. I used both camera's so you can see the difference.

First photo's are taken from my old Kodak DX 4530 camera .......

Second set of photo's are taken with my new Kodak ZD710 camera ..... see the difference????

These campers are parked at the end of the campground and their stored here for the winter. Their owners leave them here all winter long and will return in the spring.

Today has been a good day for the team in Ms Southwind.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a very chilly day outside, tempature is around 35 .... brrr. It's nice and warm though inside of Ms. Southwind. When Ms. Southwind is plugged into shore power we keep her warm using a 1500 watt electric heater. No since in wasting our propane when electric is free with our campsite.

Wow, this is a special day inside Ms. Southwind, celebrating our first Thanksgiving living inside. Ms Southwind did a good job cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. I used all the wonderful tools I have inside of Ms. Southwind. Her oven, electric plate, & electric roaster cooked a wonderful meal using her propane & electricity she provides, esp being able to use shore power. This is the first Thanksgiving that has been spent without family or friends around. Hmmm

Thanksgiving meal included ........

11 lb turkey roasted (smallest i could find for a cheap price)
mashed potatoes
turkey gravy
Broc & Rice cassorole
Home made bread roles
Pumpin bars

Doesn't this all sound so tasty? Sorry no pictures still no digital
camera. Hmmm ... were hoping Santa will bring a new one soon.

Green Bay Packers won ... Way to go Green Bay!

Cowboys won ... Way to go Cowboys!

Happy Thanksgiving, hope your day was as great as Ms. Southwind's was. There are many blessings to be Thankful for. Sometimes life comes with ups and downs and sometimes I wonder why things in life have occurred. But, today Iam thankful for the many things that I'm blessed with. Esp, when there are people out there in the USA that do not have the luxary that we have inside of Ms. Southwind, did not get to enjoy the great meal we had today. So many things could be much worse. The dogs just loved their Thanksgiving meal and are full and now relaxing. (I don't think they can move)

I called my family today and talked to them. It was great to talk to my sister as long as i did. I didn't worry about how many minutes i was using or how much it was costing. I didn't get to return home for Mama Viv. I felt i could at least talk to my family on this holiday. My other sister Rosie was there and so it was nice to hear everyone talking.
I also called my nephew Matt and my dad was there. So i felt better getting to talk to my family. Cell phones are great!

God Bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Funeral

It's been a trying few days. With being sick and today is Mama Viv's funeral and i am very sad to not be able to attend it. I am feeling better but the thought of traveling isn't an option yet. I'm still week and need to rest lots.

On a better note, 5 weeks from today and Ms. Southwind will be pulling out from our current location. We will be heading toward Mississipi.

Tomorrow is Turkey day! What will you all be doing??

Monday, November 19, 2007

5 weeks 1 day til take off

It's a beautiful day outside and the bad thing is i spilt tea on my camera awhile back and now it won't work :(( Hope Santa will bring me a new one.

I'm also kinda down in the dumps as the decision not to return home for mama Viv funeral has been made. I have come down with the flu and traveling isn't a option for me right now. I guess with the full time lifestyle we all have to give up some things. I hope my family understands .. i know that my siblings will take care of dad and i am with them in thoughts. The last thing my dad needs after just winning his bout with lung cancer is this flu i have.

5 weeks tomorrow and I'm outta here and Mississippi here I come. Still not sure if will spend the entire winter there. One thing I have found living in my home on wheels is that at anytime you can pack up and head on to a new location.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The passing of a loved one!

Today started out to be a beautiful day, it was almost 70 degrees and then i got the dreaded call. Mama Viv died this morning of a heart attack. My sister Patty called me to tell me the bad news. Mama Viv was a dear woman, even though she is our step mom, she was like a real mother. We all love her very much, she was one to make you laugh when you needed it, she gave you hugs when you needed and did she ever give you her advice in what you should be doing. I'm worried how my dad will handle this lose. She was his rock.

I had just talk to her a week ago today and in fact it was about the same time i got the dreaded phone call. I am in the process of trying to decide what is the best way to return my sister tells me that several of us kids are outta town.

It's turned into a dark day, with the loss of Mama Viv. Mama Viv you will be greatly missed and our hearts are filled great sorrow. Even though we know that you are in the heavenly gates with our beloved Bobbi Jo, you are still gonna be missed here on earth.

On a better note, when i talked to Gabe he was happy, he killed a nice 12 point buck!
Then when i had to tell him about Grandma Viv.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Parked and 6 weeks to go!

Moved to the team's tempory place for 6 weeks and then will be heading out of here. I'm counting the days esp since were in a cool wave here. The temps have been in the 50's, although from what i hear, the place we are heading to isn't that much warmer right now.

hmmm the south is having a cool wave too!

I talked to Gabe, he went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor is impressed with how well his shoulder is healing. He even got the go ahead to remove the splint and plans to go deer hunting .. hmmm i'm sure the doctor didn't agree to that. But, that isn't gonna stop him.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Everyone is leaving

I have found that it's really enjoying doing RV Volunteer work. It feels like this is how God has intended for me to live my life at this point in time. Plus I get to meet and make new friends. I love meeting new people and making new friends.

It was a nice summer, I've mostly enjoyed the summer here and have made some new friends. The campground is lonely here now. Everyone has packed up left the campground for the winter. Today the last of the campers have packed up their belongings and moved on to a warmer climate. It's just Ms. Southwind, and the 4 dogs. We will be moving to a new location on Sunday as well. Although the temps won't be that great where we are moving too.

We have some things to do yet before we will move on to our winter location. The plans are to head to Mississippi along the Gulf of Mexico! I feel that is where God is leading me at this point. I'm looking forward to spending the winter down along the water. It will be nice.

The plans are to see if can be of some help volunteering. Plus it helps on the expenses as full hookups are free when you are doing work amping.