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States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Friday, March 30, 2007

2 Months as full-timers and got my tooth pulled today!

Friday, March 30, 2007

I got my aching tooth pulled today and i'm so glad that thing is gone! Although, because the tooth had broken into 6 pieces the dentist said that the tooth next to it, lost some bone when he had to cut the tooth out and i may lose it as well. I sure hope not, i don't like loosing my teeth!

The kids left for Florida today, but because I haven't been feeling well, we decided not to join them after all. I sure wish I was going with them. Oh well, hopefully next winter we can spend some time in Florida, enjoying the ocean while the rest of the world is freezing.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

2 Months as full-timers in our new home and we are enjoying it. Although we sure will be glad when spring arrives!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Feeling better

I'm feeling better today, and it's a nice warm breezy day outside. I didn't push my luck with my back. I took it easy and stayed indoors most of the day. I did take the dogs on a nice little walk. They were begging to go for a walk and with such a nice day outside, they wanted to be outside and not indoors. They were disappointed they were stuck indoors yesterday.

After sleeping all evening, i couldn't sleep last night! I laid in bed and sat up .. back forth and read until 6.30 am! Wow, good thing i'm not required to be at work or anyplace. I would never make it. I'm usually up and down all hours of the day and night as i don't sleep good because of my back injury. It has changed my lifestyle so much! It controls what i do most of the time. Anyone who suffers with a disability i'm sure understands. They know how it is to live their lives around the disability.

The camp host pulled in today and got set up. I haven't meet them yet but knew they were coming. The ranger told us last week they were pulling in today. I will have to meet them another day as i'm still on bed rest and taking it easy on the back.

The doctor nurse called me today and after talking to a specailist, decided that i should be back on my anti-Inflamatory medication until i can attain a specialist to treat me. So he called in a prescripition and hubby went and picked it up for me. I hate these things, as they honestly make me sicker then the actual inflammation. Of course they help with the pain, but sure do tear up my stomach!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Down in my back big time!

It's a whopping 79 degrees outside. 2 campers moved out today. It's a beautiful day outside but I'm stuck inside. I'm down in my back big time! I've spent most of the day in bed and what little bit I was up was only to go to an interview for a summer RV Park. If we canceled they couldn't guarantee they'd still have openings as they were booking up fast. So we went ahead and went hubby learned that he will be here all summer long, so we decided to join an RV Park. It should be great. They have free wifi as well! It also has indoor facilities like a heated pool, whirl pool/hot tub 2 gyms. I'm looking forward to the hot tub for my back! I can also do my water therapy there now instead of paying to go to a wellness center that is 40 miles away! They also have a outdoor pool and all kinds of stuff. It's a really nice park. I will take pictures and post for you all to see once we get there. The spots are small in the new park we checked out, but it's not like we require alot of space anyways. They said that if the spot we choose did not work out once we got the rig there, they would work something else out on one of the spots that they normally don't rent out. Only so many spots are rented out to those they call long term parking, that is what we will be. Then they have spots that are only rented on a first come, first serve basis that is tempary spots. There is a limit on how many days you can stay in those spots.

We also found out that we can volunteer and they will pay us so much per day back for our site. Wow, hubby thinks that will be great for me as it will give me something to help pass my time on the days i feel good. They said that they have many disabled people that volunteer and they give them responsbilities that they can work their own hours and what ever days they feel their up to it. I'm looking forward to spending our summer there. They say they have Rvers from all over that come in and spend a month or so and work and then leave.

After we did our interview i was hurting big time, so we decided it was best to swing on by the ER. I got a pain injection. I was actually surprised how fast they got me in and out. Apparently, they were having a slow day and so it worked out great for me.

Hubby went to work and i slept most of the evening. The pain shot really helped out. My pain pills just were not working. Every once in awhile i have to make visits to the ER for pain shots. The doctor told me I really should find a specialist in the area and get my back looked out. He said i had signs of Inflammation. I told him that i usually get spinal injections every 2-3 weeks that help with that but i hadn't been able to find a doctor in this area that specializes in back injurys. He said he would find me a doctor and have the nurse give me a call in a few days. Really nice guy.

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Tooth Ache!

It's 70 + degrees outside. 2 campers pulled out this morning. Bill and Karen whom are leaving for florida. Dave and Sarah who have to return to the work world.

We also had 1 more pull in today. I guess the nice weather is bringing everyone out. There is 4 of us in the campgrounds now.

I don't feel to well today, i have a tooth ache! The worst part is i can't get it taken care of for 2 weeks! Because of my heart condition i have to take anti biotic's prior to having any dental work done. So the doctor has ordered me the medication and i will take it and then get my tooth worked on. In the mean time, i'm suffering.

Well the dogs are wanting to go on another walk and then its our nap time.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The End to a Beautiful Weekned

It's been a great weekend. Lots of activity in the campground and I love the sound of the campground coming alive. Several campers left this morning. The single guy living in his as we are is still here, plus 2 others. The other 2 are leaving in the morning. Looks like unless some more come in it will be back to just us 2 again.

I went today and bought me a new small gas grill and we are going to cook out tonight! I'm so ready for a that. I love food that has been cooked on a grill.
We ended up having a very nice get together. We cooked shis-k-bob's and pork steak on the grill, then I made a cauliflower rice casserole, grilled tators in butter & parsley and made a mac salad. We all ended up having a nice little get together and enjoyed a great meal. Sorry, no pictures, no one wanted their pictured posted online. (have to respect my new friends)

Our friends Billy and Craig came in (the van dwellers) their spending the night. They couldn't attend the gtg as they were leaving early in the morning, Craig has to work. Also, during our gtg another camper rolled in and set up. They declined to join us.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sound of Activity in the Campground

2 more campers pulled in this morning. There is lots of sound of activitiy in the campground and tons of traffic! Seems the nice weather is also bringing out people who are just out looking and enjoying a scenic view. There is also lots of campfire smoke smell in the air as well.

Our neighbors who pulled in beside us yesterday have a dog who is not a happy camper. He barked all night long and is still doing so today. I love having my dogs with me, but i do not like listening to a yapping dog. I have yet to hear them correct their dog for barking. Hmmmmmmmm all I can say is, good thing the dog doesn't belong to me.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Beautiful Spring day!

woke up to a beautiful spring day! It got to the high 60's, and we have neighbors everywhere!

7 campers came in today! Wow, lots of neighbors everywhere. It's been a great day for visiting. Been getting to know the neighbors and enjoying watching the 2 little boys (Shaun & Conner)ride their bikes all over. It's great to hear the sound of people out and about on such a beautiful day!

It's suppose to rain later, but right now there are no signs of it. The news is predicting nice tempatures in the high 50's and 60's next week! Yessssssssssssss I'm so ready.

The dogs and i took several walks today and they are enjoying the great weather we are having.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Happy 68th Birthday Dad!

Today my daddy is 68 years old and still going strong. Happy 68th Birthday Dad! I love you and miss you bunches! I bought you a card yesterday, even though it's not in the mail yet, i will try to do that by the weekend. I guess better later then never huh? At least you know i'm thinking of you on your special day. So open your arms wide, here is your birthday hug and tons of kisses! Love you

It's a beautiful day outside today, the sun is shining. The birds are cherping and the squirells are out and about. I cleaned house today as i hadn't clean in a week! I also did up the dishes that hubby left me while i was sick with the flu. He feed himself, but of course he had to leave me some type of present and it was dishes! Actually, there wasn't many dishes. He was a good boy and used paper plates :)))

The dogs and I took a walk earlier, it was a small walk as i'm still on the weak side and didn't want to over do it. I tire out easily. Of course then we came back home and took a nice long nap. I needed it. They wanted to walk farther, but i just couldn't. so they settled for the walk they got.

We got another neighbor this afternoon. As i was cooking dinner another camper arrived. Although they seem to have disappeared! They setup and then left and haven't returned. It appears to be an older couple. Hubby says that the gal probably made the guy take her to wal-mart and he is in misery as he always is when i take him to wal-mart. LOL

I still haven't met they other neighbor, he doesn't seem to get out much. It appears to be a younger man by himself. Although, i haven't been out much since he arrived as i've been in bed sick. The campground worker said that he is living in his camper as we are.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Laundry & grocery Day!

I've been sick with the good old fashion flu!! Today is the first day that i have been able to keep anything down. I'm finally feeling better. I hate being sick!

Since we didn't have any clean clothes we had to pack up and go do the laundry today. Even though i was dreading it after being so sick. We also got grocery's while we were out and about. Our supplies were getting on the low side.
The last time we did laundry was almost 4 weeks ago. Wow, i didn't realize it had been that long. No wonder we were about out of clothes.

We came back home and it's a nice day outside, but i'm still week, so I'm going back to bed! No walk for the dogs today. It's still alittle on the cool side today anyway.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

A sunny day, Yet stuck in inside

One set of neighbors appear to packing up to head out. People are everywhere around here. The sun has apparently brought everyone out today except for me. My tummy is upset.

The lost house shoes found! Apparently, one of the dogs (hubby refuses to snitch) was enjoying one of them and so he picked them up. Of course when hubby puts something up, that is worse then the ghost taking it!

Today, hubby is eating left overs, i'm going back to bed .. i'm sick with the flu and it's not good!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Snow Flurries, A day to snuggle

We woke up to a dusting of snow this morning and it's still flurrying outside! I'm so ready for spring, although after seeing all those states being hit with Tornadoes, that i'm not ready for! (My thoughts and prayers are out to all of who where affected by such horrific storms) The weather forecast just said that warmer weather is moving back in after the weekend Yeppie!

I do believe we have a ghost in our camper! I can not find my house shoes anywhere!! Hmmmm i do believe the ghost that we always had when the kids were little may be back? As i'm sure most of you remember, when kids were little and asked if they had something or did it, most of the time they replied no and i would reply, I guess that ghost is at work once again .. LOL

The dogs don't seem to mind that wind is blowing, snow is flurrying and at times really coming down. 2 of them are nestled in front of the heater and the other one is nestled in bed. Look and see what a life they have!

I took a picture of what i have cooking in my crock pot this morning. Sweet Patotoes! I love them. I like mine with a tint taste of cinnimon and allspice, although hubby doesn't. So instead of adding it while it's cooking like i prefer to do. I wait and add it before i eat it. What we wives have to do for our hubby's .. hehe

I am also going to put some pork steak in the oven to bake later. I haven't decided what else to add with it. We shall see. hmmmm If anyone has any good receipes to share. Please do so, i love trying new things. Well i added a picture of what I came up with for dinner. It was so tasty. Cooking inside of Ms. Southwind is fun!

We got more neighbors yesterday! 2 other campers came in, one came early afternnon, they other late afternoon. I haven't met anyone yet, as they seem to be staying inside with the cold weather that has moved back in. The past few days it has been extremely windy and cool. Although we are lucky, as were we are parked the wind is blocked somewhat and so we haven't noticed any rocking like we did when we were parked in a parking lot. That was quite a ride!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Grandma's Princess

Well it's cold and windy here. The saying is if March comes in like a lion it shall go out as a lamb. Guess we'll see if that is true.

I have to share these pictures with you all. They were sent to me today. Isn't she just a sweet little Princess! Of course Grandma loves each and everyone of these faces. This is my grand daughter Hailey.