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States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Thursday, April 30, 2009

saying goodbye to the last of my walking buddy’s

There hasn’t really been much to blog about this week. It’s been a very long week for me and i thought it would never get over. Saturday morning the last of my walking buddy’s left me. Angela and her fiancĂ© Ryan loaded up early Saturday morning and i was over there by 6.45 am to say good bye, even though i hadn’t been to bed yet. Yes i know, i made a entire night of it out after the concert and didn’t get home until 6.30 am! I hated saying good bye but Ryan’s job ended and he had to be at work on Monday in North Carolina!

I went out for lunch on Saturday but it just didn’t taste as good as normal, hmmm maybe because I'm tired .. hehe I didn’t sleep all day Saturday and didn’t get to bed until around 2 am Sunday morning. Once i did i couldn’t sleep. I was back up by 7 am. Sunday i went out for lunch and ran around most of the day and didn’t get home until around 7 pm!

I’ve been sick with my allergies and haven’t felt like doing anything! I haven’t been sleeping at night due to drainage and non stop coughing! My ears, throat, nose and eyes itch none stop. I’ve had a headache almost daily. I have had to eat sugar free butterscotch candy all the time. 3 pieces = 30 calories …ehee but i can’t stand couch drops and have to suck on something for my throat.

I have tried to walk, but it’s been so hot & humid here. I got sun burnt on Tuesday and i never burn like this. I usually burn a bit but by the next morning it’s a tan, not this time. I don’t think i will peel (hope not) but I'm still a bit on the red side.

I didn’t even go shopping until until Wednesday night so grocery’s were slim this week, only a trip to Save A-lot …..

Banana … 35 2 – ice cream … 4.78 celery … 99 Vienna wieners … 89 raisin bran cereal … 1.99 5 – pizza mix … 2.45 bacon bits … 1.29 lime soda … 79 4 pak lighter … 1.00 mac & cheese … 50 3 - potted meat … 99 3 – mushrooms … 1.77 spag sauce … 99 2 – salad mix … 1.98 whipped topping … 89

Total ….$25.82

I have stayed the same as far as my weight this week. I didn’t gain, but i didn’t lose! I thought after all i had eaten last weekend that i would gained a lb. I guess being sick, no sleep and missing my friends has taken its toll on me. I have one more week of being home alone, but at least this coming week, will be spent getting things packed up and ready to go. I have a list of things to do this week. 2 more weeks from Friday (May 15) and Ms. Southwind is rolling. YES, I can’t wait!

One thing on my list is to finish washing Ms. Southwind! She still has some mildew on the back side and back end of her that i haven’t washed yet. But, that is on the list this week.

Here is what i had to eat during the week … I'm just going to post Dinner as i eat cereal for breakfast, salad for lunch and jell-o w/whip topping for snack …


Pork chops with mac & cheese

Calories … 1005

Calories burned … 453


home made pizza with sausage, hamburger, onions and mushrooms, cheese

Calories … 1307 as you can see, i splurged with the candy

Calories burned … 494


pork steak and home made pasta salad with ranch dressing, mayo, peas, bacon bits, onions, celery & mac

Calories … 1237 same for here, eating the candy for throat, is not good

Calories burned … 644


hamburger and french fries

Calories … 1082

Calories burned … 693

Hope you all have a great weekend and until next time

Friday, April 24, 2009

Montgomery Gentry Concert!

010Friday i got up early and got a little bit of walking done and then i went out to lunch. Later that evening i went to my last concert i will get to attend while being in Mississippi. I didn’t really know who Montgomery Gentry really was but knew they were country so i was excited about seeing them. Wow, was i ever surprised to learn that i really like most of the songs they have out! I’m horrible with putting artist with the songs i like. heck most the songs i like i don’t know the names on recognize them when i hear them … hehe





I got a kick out of this guy, he was constantly sticking his tongue out as he played. Hmmm i wonder if he even realizes it?


Montgomery liked to make lots of silly faces, he is funny.


Gentry mostly stood in from of his mic but he did make a few jokes and even showed us his hilly billy dance. Hmmmm


Gentry and one of his band members playing together.

I really enjoyed their concert, they sang most of their top hits. It wasn’t one of the best concerts I've been too. Chris Cagle still rates #1 with me. But i enjoyed their concert and I'd recommend going to see them if you ever get a chance.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My week

I got up early Monday and got on the scale and was shocked i hadn’t gained any weight since i last weighed on Friday. I hadn’t lost but hadn’t gained. Usually on weekends i don’t lose weight or Monday’s either … hehe guess you know why? Yes, too much eating out!

Monday was spent walking and walking and more walking. I did do a bit of cleaning inside of Ms. Southwind in between my walks. Not only that but i have to get all the walking in that i can with my friend Linda who is my great walking buddy. She is leaving me on Wednesday. Yes, i know .. can you believe she has the gall to pack up and leave me .. no just teasing, actually she has some medical issues to take care of and I'd appreciate it if you’d all keep her in your prayers.

I kind of stopped posting what I've been eating and I'm sorry and will try to do better at it as i know several readers are following my weight loss.

Lunch … lettuce salad with celery, radish, cheese, bacon bits and dressing and 6 Bagel

Breakfast … 1 C. bran flakes & 1/4 C milk with 1/2 C water added to make 3/4 C Calories …. 174

Chips … yes i got some of my addicting Bagel Chips last week from Sam’s, they are sooo good with my salads … Calories … 274

Dinner … 3 oz pork steak 1/2C mac & cheese and 1C cole slaw Calories …. 724

Snack … Sugar Free Jell-0 whipped Topping Calories …. 77

Total calories for entire day … 1249

Calories burned…. 613

Just a note when i post Calories walked off, this is how many calories my meter says I've walked off in a full day’s time. I wear my meter everywhere i go.

Tuesday I got up and got my cleaning done and did my morning weigh in and guess what? I lost a 1lb! Total I've lost in 3 months is 38 lbs! Then the day was spent doing more walking and Linda and I walked past dark since we both had things to do in the afternoon, so Linda walked with me since this was our last night together. I’m really dreading saying good bye to her.

Breakfast … bran flakes and milk … 174

Lunch … lettuce salad with celery, radish and dressing Calories … 89

Strawberries with Splenda Calories 73

Dinner …. 3 oz Pork Steak 1C Cole Slaw Calories … 535

Snack … Rice Krispie treat … 90 and Granola bar … 100 …190

Total Calories for the day 1

Calories burned … 563

Wednesday … i got up early and walked and said my good bye to Linda and waved as they drove out of the campground. Then it was back to walking. It got too hot to walk after lunch so i spent my afternoon visiting with Angela as she might be pulling out on Friday or Saturday. The last of my walking buddies is leaving me.

Breakfast … Raison Bran & milk … 220

Lunch … lettuce salad with celery, radish, cheese, bacon bits and dressing and 6 Bagel Chips Calories … 274

Dinner … Beef roast & potatoes and carrots … 436

Snack … sugar free jell-o w/whip topping … 77

Total Calories … 1007

Calories burned … 560

004 Thursday … i got up early to walk since it was going to be another hot one! I got on the scale and lost another 1lb! My total is 39 lbs! Wow, all that walking and moving paid off this week.

In the afternoon i decided since it was too hot to walk that i needed to keep busy so i defrosted the frig freezer and my freezer outside. Now both are nice and clean.


Breakfast … skipped today

Lunch …. lettuce salad w/radish, celery, cheese and cherry tomatoes … 153

Dinner …. Beef stew – home made from left over from night before and 2 grilled cheese sandwiches …. I use Sara lee wheat bread that is 45 calories per slice and cheese slices that are 60 calories per slice. Also another tip to making grilled cheese with less calories is to use the butter flavored pam spray, it works great and has 0 calories! Total calories per dinner … 631

Snack ….. sugar free jell-o w/whip topping ..

Total Calories …859

Calories burned … 459

I tried walking past dark tonight but the skeeters were biting too much to my liking, so not as many calories eaten for snack as not as many calories burned in the day.


Here is what my dinner looked like … it was nice and tasty and very filling.

Diet Tips …. I thought i would share some of my diet tips with you all.

007When i first started my diet i completely did away with all caffeine! Yes, can you believe a gal who used to drink a gal of sweettttttt tea and anywhere from 12-24 pepsi a day just cold turkey her caffeine? I did cheat and bought me some diet pills that i took 1-2 a day to help with the withdraws, i only took these pills the first week and slowly kept cutting them down.

My friend Linda told me about the pam butter spray for grilled cheese and i just love it, Thanks Linda! I also use it to fry things that i want a butter taste to for example pancakes, grilled ham & cheese and etc. I also use regular pam to brown any meat with instead of oil. Usually after i get my meat browned to my liking i will add water in my elec skillet and stew it, fewer calories and much more tender meat.

I use some diet foods, for example i’m drinking diet soda every so often when i want a soda, what i did to get myself where i could drink the diet as you that know me personally know that i could never drink the stuff i hated it! I mixed my diet and a bit of regular until i got to where i could drink just the diet stuff. When i go out to eat i order a diet coke and glass of water. I still tend to drink more of the water then the diet soda (it is still taking me a bit of getting used to the diet .. not sure i will ever get to where i can drink the stuff all the time .. guess that is good though) I buy flavored water that has a bit of fiz but no calories from Wal-mart (Thanks again to Linda) I also buy the sugar free drink mix you add to a bottle of water (they also now have these in the 2qt mixes that i’ve been buying as their cheaper)

I have bought splenda, sweet & low and a cheaper brand of sweetner. I love the splenda on fruit to add a sweet taste to it, but other then that i’m not a fan of splenda in drinks. I use sweetner on my cereal in the mornings and that is about all i use the sweetners for. Drinks & fruits. I believe to much of this stuff is just as bad as all the calories from sugar.

I tend to like to stick with fiber cereals for breakfast as i’ve never been much of a breakfast person anyway .. usually for me it’s breakfast around 10 am .. hehe

I usually like to eat a nice salad for lunch during the week when i’m home and then i have a nice size dinner. I still cook and eat the things i did before starting my diet i just weigh and measure everything now! Portion control is the real deal with dieting. I have found that actually the first bite is the best bite of them all.

I found by eating something i want i have been able to do much better at losing weight. Yes, i limit how much and what i eat but like on weekends when i go out to eat if i want to try something, i usually just try a bite or 2 of it and that is enough to satisfy me. It doesn’t matter if it’s desserts, meats or a very fattening side dish.

I also allow myself more calories on the weekend then i do during the week since i enjoy going out to eat. Normally on weekends i will have anywhere from 1100 – 1300 calories where doing the week i try to stay under 1100.

I keep a journal every day of how much and what i’ve eaten and the program tells me how many calories i’ve had for the day and it gives me a graph of how much i’ve had in my basic food groups. It also tracks my weight and my loss and how many calories i burn in a day time. This website has really been a great help me to me and i just use the free version. yes, i’m still that big cheapie .. hehe Here is the website if your interested in trying it out.

Of course as anything in life you can not eat just junk food and expect to lose weight, you have to eat healthy. I do find myself reading labels now before i buy anything. I have found that i’m actually enjoying dieting and i never feel as if i’m starving. If i do i munch on veggies or fruit, they are great snacks. I also try to buy snacks that are 100 or less calories. Here are some things i keep in my cabnit for that time i need a little extra. Little Debbie Rice Krispie treats 90 calories .. granola bars … 100 calories Kellogs wheat crackers … 17 crackers/90 calories strawberrry/blueberry mini wheats 12 squares .. 90 calories

here is a apple salad that i love for a snack ….. apple, celery, grapes, mini marshmellows and enough yogurt to mix together and it only has 130 per 1/2C calories in it. what i do when i make something i’m not sure of the calories on … is measure out the servings for each item and then measure the finished food and divide the servings. You now have your calories per serving.

well until next time …. you all have a great weekend!

Monday, April 20, 2009

What a week end I had!

As i left off in my last blog entry i was struggling to lose the 2 lbs that i had gained over Easter and I'm happy to report on Friday i lost the 2 lbs!

My weekend was spent doing my basic weekly running around, going out to lunch, laundry and grocery shopping. I went a bit over budget this week, but it was on necessary items.

Saturday morning was spent helping do maintenance stuff. First on the list was the generator, it hadn’t been started since Sept when it was used for evacuation of Gustav. Oppps I had forgotten that Gabe had tried to start it before he left and it didn’t start so i told him to let it go. Of course I'm no mechanic and didn’t realize the battery was now ran to low to turn the generator. Of course it wouldn’t start and the battery was drained. So it was decided it was time to buy that battery charger that has been on the need to get list.

So a trip to Wal-mart was taken and this is what was purchased …….

3 fishing lure … 3.68 2 flav water … 1.16 conditioner … 1.69 salad dressing … 1.58 solarcaine … 5.78 Dog Food … 10.00 Dog Treats … 3.84 battery charger … 28.94 2 chips … 5.00 2 Lettuce … 2.00 mount tape … 2.57 strawberries … 1.50 rice … 1.58 radish … 1.48 shredded cheese … 6.38 fried chicken … 5.34

Total … $88.29

wow what a bite out of the wallet! Yes the lures were needed for next month when too much fishing will be done.

After coming back from Wal-mart all it took to get the generator started was hooking up the charger and turning it on and behold … it started instantly! Whewwww

Then it was time to start Ms. Southwind … oops i had neglected my job the past few months and hadn’t started her once a month as i normally do. Ms. Southwind wouldn’t start … uh oh … Yes you guessed it i ran the battery down so the new charger was used to re charge the battery. Not only did Ms. Southwind have a dead battery but remember the trip from Florida to here with the gas line so it was decided to get it fixed now before it’s time to roll out next month. So a trip to Auto zone was made and here is what was purchased …..

Auto Zone

fuel filter … 2.38 gas line …. 3.99

Total …….. $6.82

After recharging the battery and the gas line and fuel filter were installed, Ms. Southwind started right up and ran like a charm. Now to not to forget to start her each week.

Later it was time to do the weekly grocery shopping and here is where and what i purchased this week

Dollar Tree …….

night light bulbs … 1.00 triple antibiotic ointment …. 1.00 2 deodorant … 2.00 trash bags … 1.00 paper towels …. 1.00

Total ….. $ 6.42

Save A-lot ……

Bananas ….50 2 beans & franks … 1.38 bran flakes … 1.49 celery … 99 stuffing mix … 89 2 vienna wieners ….89 9 jell-o …2.64 2 cheese curls … 2.38 cream mushroom soup …59 2 frosting …2.38 frosted flakes …1.99 grapes …2.38 imitation bacon bits …1.29 mac & cheese …35 butter sticks …69 3 potted meat …99 2 ice cream …4.78 2 pot pies …1.00 crackers …99 soft butter …1.79 2 peas …98 candy …99 pudding … 99 2 whipped topping …1.78

Total ….. 37.82

Dollar General ….

misc … 2.25 2 pudding … 2.00 Mucinex DM …. 10.00

Total …… 15.25

Food Giant ……..

pork steak …. 7.03 Beef shoulder roast …. 8.89

Total ….. $17.03

Grand Total …. $171.63 …. ehhhhhhh

After all that grocery shopping it was time to do the laundry for the week … Man i am ever glad that work is all done! I didn’t even go out for my Saturday lunch date today as too many things to get done.

Sunday i went out for lunch to a new buffet and oh my was it ever good and was i ever bad! After losing my 2 lbs from the previous week, i rewarded myself by splurging at the new buffet .. uh oh …. I tried several of the desserts they had. It is one of the best buffet i have ever had, the food was excellent and the desserts were superb! Good thing i only took a few bites of each dessert and didn’t eat all of them all! Nice part of having a someone out to eat with you who doesn’t mind eating what you don’t … hehe

It was an exhausting weekend and I'm dreading the scale come Monday but the desserts were excellent and i truly savored them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

struggling to lose that 2 lbs!

This entire week has been spent struggling to lose that 2 lbs i gained last week ... grrrrrr

Monday i got the laundry put away that i did Sunday night and unpacked my bag from the trip back to Illinois. Then i had to clean Ms. Southwind as she was dirty and need some TLC. I also walked several times. Plus i had to restore my laptop as it was sick and needed a fresh start.

Tuesday i spent my entire morning taking short walks and then resting and then more walks. Then yesterday afternoon i gave the dogs hair cuts and a bath. That's a job, but i did get in several walks. I'm determined to get rid of that 2 lbs and start losing again.

Today i spent my entire day taking walks! I walked off a total of 671 calories! I'm exhausted tonight, my back and legs are killing me and i may have over done it, but I'm determined to get the weight back off. so far this morning i still hadn't lost a ounce! That is exactly how it was when i first started trying to lose weight, it took me 3 straight weeks of dieting and walking to lose a pound. I have the hardest time losing weight but I'm still determined.

I'm hoping in the morning when i get on the scales it will show a lose. Well hope your all having a great night and I'm gonna head to bed. I'm exhausted!

Night and until next time ......

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter


Today is gonna be a day of rest! I’m still exhausted easter47from trip. It’s hard on a body to drive so many hours in such a short time. Having to return back home a day early made it a bit ruff. Although I enjoyed seeing my kids/grand kids. It was a wonderful time for me. So i plan to take a few walks and lazy around on the couch!

A Second Chance

cross02God always wants the best for us, But in Eden we sinned; we really blew it.

We disobeyed God’s direct decree;
We separated from Him, and we knew it.

You’d think we’d learn to behave ourselves,
But through all time, we just kept doing it;
Piling wrong on top of wrong,
Our punishment—we kept accruing it.

Jesus came and changed all that;
He paid the price for all our sins;
When we repent and believe in Him,
We change, and a better life begins.

Easter stands for a second chance
For us to choose to put things right;
If we repent, and really believe,
Our record is polished clean and bright.

When Jesus rose from the dead back then,
He guaranteed our eternal life,
Reunited with God in heaven,
Free from tears and fears and strife.

Easter ensures paradise
For all of us, for you and me;
We’re reconciled to our Lord and King
For now and all eternity.

By Joanna Fuchs

I hope everyone one of you are having a easter48

and your weekend has been a great one … Until next time …. God Bless you all

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ms. Southwind getting a repair

We got up around 8 am and got ourselves moving. I had to do some calling around to find a new blower motor for Ms. Southwind roof air conditioner. On Wednesday i woke up to a funny sound and the smell of something getting hot. The blower motor went out on the roof air conditioner. Luckily most of the day wasn’t extremely hot. Although by late afternoon and with all the moving around i did packing and getting things ready it got a bit on the warm side inside Ms. Southwind.

Several places i called didn’t have the motor in stock and said it would be Wednesday or later before it would come in. Well since it is suppose to start raining and rain everyday through out the entire week and next weekend i really wanted to get the motor installed today while the sun was shining.

I finally found a place that had one in stock although it was 30 bucks higher. It was worth the extra to get the ac fixed and going. So we headed over and picked up the motor and it was the correct one!


Lenny had the motor installed and air was working within in a few hours. Here is what the old motor looked like. Ms. Southwind is so happy to have her roof air working again. Everything was getting a bit damp from the humidity and not having the air to take it out.

After getting showers we decided to go out for lunch, i wasn’t in the mood cook, even though after seeing the scale this morning! I gained 2 lbs last week! With not being able to walk and then the road trip where fried chicken, McDonalds & Lil Cesar pizza was eaten. Plus, i drank several regular Pepsi's! Instead of buying 2 soda’s we elected to go with one regular and share it. Oh it was so good to drink real Pepsi! It’s still very hard for me to drink diet soda. I still can not drink a entire diet soda, after a few drinks it gets a bad taste for me. I’ve been ordering diet soda with water when i go out to eat and i barely drink 1/4 of it and usually end up drinking all of my water. Ughhhh .. i started out good, but then they had nice hot funnel cakes and i couldn’t resist one, well the first was so good that i couldn’t resist a second one! Dang i have really went on a binge! Although once i got home and added up my calories i really didn’t do bad. I ended up having a total of 1159 calories today and since i ate them all at my late afternoon lunch i didn’t eat the rest of the day. In fact i came home and walked 266 calories off!

I’m hoping to get my walking in this between the rain they are predicting for this coming week. At least the temps are to be in the 70’s. I can handle that and man am i ever so glad to be back in warm weather. Although I'm bit sad as I'm ready to roll out of Mississippi and back closer to my kids/grandkids. But i know for sure that isn’t gonna happen until it warms up there. This week confirmed my body just can’t take the cooler weather. So heading north will not happen until the weather warms up. It’s looking like it will may be June instead of May before heading out.

After going out to eat the weekly grocery shoppin needed to be done so since Save A-lot was along the way home we stopped and got groceries.

Save A-lot ………….. Bananas … 54 3 - beans & franks … 2.07 cheese curls … 1.19 granola bars … 1.99 10 lbs bacon … 14.90 Grapes … 2.68 Apples … 1.00 Lettuce … 1.19 stick butter … 69 3 - potted meat … 99 milk … 2.79 oatmeal snack cakes … 1.49 whipped topping … 89 Total …$34.68

Until next time …….

Happy 1st birthday Toby!

006On Tuesday (April 7) my grandson turned 1 year old! Grandma missed the big day, but i got to see him on Thursday.


It’s amazing how much he has grown and how good he is walking! My lil man goes all over. I have to share these pictures, he is such a lil ham and loved Grandma taking his picture!

002 003 004 005

We wasn’t suppose to head out until Thursday night but ended up heading out Wednesday night instead. So I spent the entire day Wednesday packing and getting things ready to roll. I was planning to clean the car out & make my list Wednesday night and do it all Thursday since it rained all weekend and Monday & Tuesday between the rain it was just too cold. Well it didn’t work out that way so Wednesday was an exhausting day and then a 13 hour day of non stop travel! Although around 3 am we stopped at a rest area in Missouri and took a 3 hour nap, i couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer!

It was an adventures venture in 2 out of the 4 states we were pulled over! Both officers were really nice. Just at the edge of Mississippi we got pulled over and asked if we were drinking. I think the officer was nice because of so many killer attack dogs … LOL He approached my side of the car and we had the back windows cracked for air for the dogs and he went to shine his light in and instantly all 5 dogs were at the window growling/barking and ready to attack. The officer jumped back and said wow killer attack dogs and decided that he would walk on over to the driver side … LOL the dogs settled down then.

Apparently when we went off the side of the road to let a car go by whom cut us off, the officer only saw us. He did mention that Lenny’s license were almost expired and we told him that was one reason for our trip back to Illinois.

Then in Missouri Lenny decided to let me drive a bit so he could get some needed sleep as he hadn’t had any rest, after all we packed up and headed out the door when he came in from work. I wasn’t behind the wheel 10 minutes when i got pulled over. Apparently one light over my license plate was burned out and the other very dim. While looking it over he seen the sticker was expired. I got out my registration and sure enough there was the sticker! LOL the officer was very nice and just gave me a warning and said to find a gas station ahead and put it on. The dogs barked at the second officer but nothing like the first as he didn’t shine his light right in their window on them, just behind me as they were barking at him. He laughed that we had so many children with us and how protective they appeared to be.

007-aWe stopped for a bite of lunch, Lenny was craving Woody’s chicken as he hadn’t had it for a long time, we had to wait for them to open and we purchased a big 16 piece bucket and took the rest home to the kids. We arrived at our son’s house around noon.


Toby got to meet his Grandpa for the very first time! Of course Hailey was thrilled to see us and esp. her Papa! She is a papa girl big time! Toby went right to me as he remembered 011me from my visit in Jan, i wasn’t sure he would but the minute he saw me his arms went out to take him. I introduced him to his Papa and he wasn’t sure at first, but once he saw big sister going crazy for the 012strange man he decided he wanted some of that attention to and from that moment. Toby was taken with his Papa!


Hailey got a bit jealous as she wasn’t sure she liked sharing Papa with Toby, she would get a bit discouraged. So Lenny and I took turns playing with each one so that the other could 015-aget their desired love and attention. Toby even got a bit jealous of Hailey, he liked the attention that his Papa gave him. The strange man ended up being a pretty great guy!

022-aIt’s amazing to see how much spike has grown and how he is just like his mother (Bambi) boxers are such a good dog with kids. These 2 dogs adore both these children and esp. Toby the food dropper! It’s so funny to watch these dogs follow Toby around, waiting for him to drop the next snack! Of course Toby knows that these dogs are just waiting and as you can see here he was hiding his cookie and enjoying a bit of tease.

021-aAs you can see in this picture Spike didn’t know exactly what Toby had this time, but he was waiting and watching to grab what ever it was … LOL

020-aToby is just as fascinated by my cane as his big sister Hailey was. Toby was really checking out the thing, although he wasn’t sure why he couldn’t put it in his mouth. Yes, he at that stage still where everything goes into the mouth!

016-aOf course Spike had to be center of attention to, he is just like his mother Bambi, gotta have grandma/papa attention and his picture taken

Even though it was a bit cool, i took the kids on a walk. Hailey wanted to show me her new bike and i pushed Toby in his stroller. Of course Papa was taking a nap while i took the kids on walk.

Sorry no more pictures as my camera battery went dead and i forgot to grab the extra battery i had in the charger … grrrr One thing i hate about car road trips is that when you forget something too bad, at least when road trips with Ms. Southwind everything you need is always with you! Oh how i love Ms. Southwind!

Our son Gabe showed up around 4 pm with his new girlfriend and it was great spending time with the kids. Finally around 8 pm it started raining and the weather was predicting some heavy rain storms, so we decided we better hit the road again. So we said our good byes and headed back on the road again.

Traffic was horrible on Interstate 270 and even worse on I-44! We saw several wrecks and the rain was getting worse! About 3 1/2 hrs on the road, the rain wasn’t letting up and after passing by a really bad wreck that we were only minutes from being involved in we decided to get off at the next exit for fuel. While inside getting fuel the lady working told us to be careful that Tornado warnings & severe hail and wind was headed our way. Well we have stayed in this town many times years pass. St. James MO was one of favorite vacation spots and very bad area for severe storms so we headed across the street and got a motel room for the night. I was so glad we did as i was exhausted from lack of sleeping and playing all day with my precious grand babies!

A nice hot shower was taken after getting the dogs settled in and caring our bags in. It didn’t take me long and it was lights out! I was amazed how well i slept. I didn’t wake up until 6.30 am! I got up and looked out and yep my back had confirmed it, raining and cold outside. So i went back to bed and slept until 9 am!

We finally got packed back up and on the road by 10.30 am (check out was 11) back on the road we went. I wanted to check out the place i plan to spend the summer at. Although it was raining off and off and a bit on the cool side … a high of 47 degrees, we stopped and looked around. The place was pretty full with holiday campers. We spent only a few hours there and then it was time to get back on the road.

We still had a another 11 hours ahead of us. We finally arrived back at Ms. Southwind around 12.30 am. Although it was a ruff night for sleeping as it was very humid and warm and no air conditioner! I think i finally got to sleep around 2 am!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rain, Rain & Cold Go away!

It’s been a week of nothing but rain and cold! I have not done anything this week! Lay around and hurt! It has either rained and rained or it’s too cold to go outside. As you may know from reading my blog, rain and cold are not good on my back, they make me in such horrible pain and when you get both together it’s even worse!!!

Not only have i been stuck in bed/couch but the wifi here hasn’t worked very good this week. So it’s been a week of reading and watching the tube (mostly reading in bed)

I got a couple emails from my readers wondering about me and it made me feel good to know that i have friends out there. I appreciate you all so much and I'm thrilled you can enjoy my writings and following my adventures in life. Although it seems here lately i haven’t had much adventure.

Hope your all having a great week!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Grocery Shopping with a Sting!

This week groceries went over budget a bit ….

Save A-Lot ….. Bananas … 53 Ice cream … 2.29 2 – chicken & rice … 1.38 4 - Vienna wieners … 1.78 2 – corn Grapes … 3.64 2 - green beans … 94 bacon bits … 1.29 Lime soda … 79 mac & cheese … 35 6 - Potted meat … 1.98 onions … 1.25 mushrooms … 99 2 - pot pies … 1.00 crackers … 99 stewed tomatoes … 59 whipped topping … 99 Total …. $23.18

Dollar Tree …………. 4 – toilet paper … 4.00 pine sol … 1.00 Easter candy 12.50 Total …. $17.50

Dollar General ………… Kleenex … 1.00 Dish soap …. 2.00 2 – cough drops … 2.00 dog bone … 1.00 Total … $6.42

Wal-mart …………… Lima Beans … 1.48 15 bean soup … 2.22 chicken bouillon … 2.98 beef bouillon … 2.12 Cilantro … 1.14 strawberries … 1.50 Oregano … 2.46 Italian seasoning … 1.00 3 - flavored water … 1.74 Rolaids … 1.57 radish … 1.48 2 - pudding … 2.00 Lettuce … 1.00 Dog food … 10.00 shredded cheese … 6.38 Chips … 2.50 Total ……. $46.17

Food Giant ……….. 2 - chicken gizzards …. 3.92 Ham … 7.76 ice cream … 1.00 2 - sugar … 2.00 bread … 1.68 3 soda … 12.00 Total … $27.32

Grand Total …………. $120.59

They had 24 packs of soda on sale and i bought 1 diet Pepsi, mountain dew and a Pepsi. I like to have drinks other then water to offer my guest, plus the extra soda i am taking to my kids when i go visit next weekend! I also had to get Easter candy for my grand kids. My grand daughter doesn’t like Grandma to visit empty handed … hehe

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New shoes & April Fools Day!

Happy April Fools day! I didn't play any April fools today, i just haven't been in a April Fools mood this year.

029I got up around 8 am today and once again early am it rained again. I'm so sick of rain, i have lake front property which isn't fun. I did manage to take a few walks here and there. But I'm not getting my daily exercise in that i want to with my dieting.

Earlier today my neighbor lady and i went to shoe carnival and i did purchase a couple pair of sandals. I got 2 pairs of sketchers. I took a walk in one pair and they seem to be comfy and hopefully i can walk in both pairs. I'm getting a tan line from wearing socks and shoes and doesn't look to good when i wear sandals out.

Today has been a dreary day, with no sun shining. It's been cloudy all day and a bit on the cool side. I'm so ready for the sun to come back out.

Several of my snow bird friends pulled out today so i have several of my walking partners. I will miss them.

Breakfast … 1c oat bran & 1/4 c skim milk with 1/2 c water to make 3/4 c milk

Lunch …. lettuce, 4 radish, 3 stalks celery, croutons, bacon bits and fat free dressing

Dinner …. 3 oz breaded chicken fillet, 1/2 mac & cheese and 1c green beans