States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Friday, February 27, 2009

Meeting Bernie & Mar!

The day weather has been great with temps in the high 60’s – low 70’s.  The evening it’s gets a bit cool and the shorts and t-shirts have to be changed for pants and a jacket.  I have been taking lots of walks.  Today i walked a total of 3 miles!  Of course that was a little here and a little there.  The dogs are enjoying these beautiful days as much as i am.  Although i do need to start working on a tan.



Tonight i got to meet the team of La Casita Bella ! (click this link to visit their blog)

I have followed Bernie & Mar’s blog since their journey began.  They are in the area and  I had emailed Mar to tell her I'd love to meet them when they got to Biloxi.  I received an e-mail from Mar telling me they were at the Ocean in front of a Casino.  I had a feeling i knew right where they were.  I tried calling but no answer so i decided i would go look for them.  Bernie called me a bit later and I told her i was Hard Rock, turns out they were on their way to a store that was not even a mile from where Ms. Southwind is parked.  So we headed to the shopping mall they were going to and ended up being right behind them.

We chatted and it was great to meet them.  I’m sure they think I'm such a ding bat and of course i am … hehe

Unfortunately they had to go inside the store and we didn’t have more time.  Hopefully we can meet again another day.

Meeting them just made my day and it was such a pleasure so if you ever get a chance to meet them, make sure you do, they are both great!

Hope your all having a great evening and until next time ……


Mar and Bernie said...

Thank you, Pennie, we really enjoyed meeting you both!

Mar and Bernie

Christina said...

I did the same as you. I had been following their blog and when they came into my state I wrote them and told them I just HAD to meet them. I was fortunate enough to have them visit for a couple days, since Bernie didn't have a job lined up. I was so excited to meet these ladies. It was such a blessing I will remember for forever.
God Bless,