States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ms Southwind caught on fire!


We got up and was on the road around 7.30 am. Our trip was going good and we were making good time. We made it through Texas and most of Arkansas and then our night mare began.

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About 20 mins after our last gas fill up hubby radio me that i needed to get pulled over that Ms. Southwind had back fired and died. We were going up a pretty good steep and he was worried he couldn’t make it up it and there was no place to get off the side of the road. God let him make the steep but he couldn’t get off the road and it was a 4 lane highway and cars were going 70 mph and the bad part was until they were right on top of us they didn’t see us and all they could do was honk at us. I got inside and did what ever hubby told me to do to help him find out what the problem was. I also was on the phone to our tow service to get us a tow truck as soon as possible as we were in a very dangerous situation with the traffic and all. Hubby was worried that we were going to cause a wreck by being stranded there. Finally he figured out that if he kept something open he could get it running enough to get it pulled across the road in a empty parking lot. I got in the passenger seat and he got Ms. Southwind going. As we got in the middle of the road Ms. Southwind back fired and gasoline shot in the air and all of sudden flames started shooting. Hubby had to continue to drive and keep his hand in there to get us safely off the road. Once he got safely off the road he jumped up and grabbed the fire estingier and told me to get the dogs and get out. 3 of the dogs came outside with me and i told the tow service to get us a fire truck and threw my phone down. 2 dogs were inside and hubby came out to get air and said it was blazing. I told him Dixie and Lucy were inside. He took off his shirt and went back inside and tried to fight the fire with it. I grabbed Dixie but Lucy wouldn’t come out. So we started getting water from a water hole and throwing it on the fire. Hubby finally got the flames down enough he could get Lucy under the passenger seat and handed her to me and then he finished putting out the fire.


I called the tow company back but they wanted us to call our insurance to see where they wanted Ms. Southwind taken too. I called our insurance and they got the tow truck and took care of everything for us. I can not tell you how thankful i was to Geico for the quality service they gave us in a horrible situation.

We ended up getting a motel room in Bald Knob AR for the night. It felt so good to get a hot shower and get off the smoke filled clothes. I had several phone calls to make and it was a late night. We are thankful no one was hurt and we didn’t cause a major wreck.


Paula and Mel said...

I am so happy you are both safe and unhurt. That had to be awful scary. My heart goes out to you. Glad you made it home safe. Too bad about Ms Southwind. God was looking out for you.
Enjoy your family time now.

Heidi said...

OMG....Pennie, glad that you all are OK!!! What a scare that must have been.