States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tomorrow we are heading out!

Today i cleaned the camper up and did all our laundry. This way when we return to get the fifth wheel it will be all cleaned up!


Yesterday i went and bought a GPS .. yes we finally decided to get one esp since we will be traveling in separate vehicles this trip. We purchases the tomtom 330. I will let you know how it works out.

We had one last pot luck together with the volunteers as when we return to get the fifth wheel several will be gone. We had a last supper type meal with communion, then we praised and sang songs. It was an awesome night .. the Lord’s presences was with us all. It’s been a wonderful way to spend good friday before Easter. Please remember what the true meaning of this holiday is and all that our Savior has given to all of us. I will post pictures later.

Now it’s time to pack those last minute things so we can be ready to roll early in the morning.

I am not sure when i will be posting again but we are planning to head out very early in the morning.

Hope you all have a great Easter!

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