States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day!

Tuesday .. was spent packing and trying to figure out what i wanted to move back into Ms. Southwind .

Wednesday .. was a very busy day .. got up early and we went to get Ms. Southwind. Then we filled up Ms. Southwind to get her ready for her trip. Hubby left with Ms. Southwind and i headed back to the tire place to get the beast oil changed. Then it was off to radio shack to pick up some things and then to Wal-mart.

I got home around 2 pm and the converter box would not work, so it was back to radio shack! Once i got back home it was almost time for dinner .. after dinner was church services and then home to shower and head to bed. It’s been an exhausting day!

Thursday … April Fool's Day! No jokes being played today, to many things to get done .. I got up and moved some more stuff into Ms. Southwind and then it was time for devotionals. I got home got some lunch together and after lunch i packed the rest of our clothes were taking with us. Then it was back to Wal-mart, i forgot to get a cooler. Grrrr I got home and then we needed to go through hubby’s tools and decide what we needed to take and what we needed to leave.


We loaded the car on Ms. Southwind and as we got it on the dolly, we blew a break line .. grrrr hubby got it to stop leaking and hopefully we still get the car off the dolly and fix the line when we get back. After getting everything done it was dark and we both are exhausted.

Hope your all having a great week .. until next time

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