States we've Traveled

States we've Traveled

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Peanut Factory!

I got up and took the day off today. The dogs were not happy with me, their out of food! I got dressed and called Barbara and asked her if she wanted to ride to town with me and get some grocery. We got on the road and it started raining. It's a warm and rainy day today. We didn't get back until after lunch and then we had to get ready to go to the peanut factory.

About 12 of us went and toured the local peanut factory. We took the passenger van from TC.

This picture is of the building where the grain elevator is at.

These 2 pictures of are of the convery's that shell and sort the peanuts.

This picture is of the peanuts before they are cleaned and processed. The building was filled almost to the ceiling.

This picture is of the peanuts that are ready to be shipped out.

It was neat and their setup is alot like a grain elevator back home. This factory sells most of their peanuts to the fisher candy bar company. It was amazing how many peanuts we saw!

Peanuts grow on top of the ground and are simular to potatoes. They said last year their crop wasn't as good. It was interesting to learn how peanuts are shelled and then cleaned and shipped to candy makers.

Here we are standing outside after we were finished with our tour.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Hailey

Today my grand daughter is 4 years old! Happy Birthday Princess. It's amazing how time has flew by, it seems like it wasn't that long ago we were at the hospital, snowing and very cold waiting on her arrival. It was funny how it had spit snow all day until she was born and then as soon as she came out, the snow stopped. Even though grandma is not there I am thinking of you. I love and miss you bunches!

Back into the routine here as volunteer. I'm still tutoring in school. The weather has been great this week and it's wonderful to open the doors and let the fresh air in.

Monday, January 28, 2008

back to volunteering

We got back around 7 pm It was dark, we had hoped to get back before then but it didn't work out that way. We were greeted when we arrived. We unhooked the car and then Burl showed us our new spot. Hubby just hooked up the electric and got the water heater going. Burl & Harold volunteered to help. But we were pretty level and so it didn't take much outside work. I got things setup inside just enough where we could relax and move around inside. Were both exhausted and spent the evening lazying around and watching the Hallmark movie The Russell Girl. It was a tear jerker for me and i really enjoyed watching it. Once it was over i went to bed! I was exhausted from the week.

Our total expenses for our week vacation with our kids was ....
Fuel for the kids to get here and back ... $500.00
Motor Home Fuel ... $ 33.00
Camp Ground Fees, for both campers ... $237.00
Sourviners for the kids ... $ 52.00
Food for the week ... $284.00
Eating out ... $ 22.00
Total ... $1128.00
It was well worth the cost as it was one of our best vacations yet!

Hubby left for work this morning and i took the day off to get things straightened up and to try and get some of the sand out of the RV. We loved the beach but the sand is horrible! I vacumed, did dishes and when hubby came in for lunch he carried my laundry over and i got it going. I had 4 loads!

I was so exhausted from the week and getting things cleaned up that i was in bed by 8 pm!

Night everyone ....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our last day together!

Today is our last day together. The kids have to head home and returning as a Volunteer. It's been an amazing week! I think we are all wore out and starting to get a bit on the crabby side, but it's memories we will never forget. I am feeling mixed emotions. I'm ready to go back to Volunteering as it's an a wonderful blessing and experience. But, I'm also torn with the kids leaving and not knowing how long it will be before i will see them again. Of course i've shed some tears.

The kids were packing up the popup and i snapped these pictures of Hailey, she sure did enjoy her tempary home.

After getting everything ready to go, the kids ran into town and i finished getting almost everything inside of Ms. Southwind ready to go. Then I took a drive. I wanted to get some snap shots of the park.

We were in Pine Grove Campground at Andrews State Park.

This is truly an amazing park, there are some very beautiful scenery here!

Here is a picture of the Grand Lagoon and it ran behind our camp spot.

Here is Hailey enjoying her last day at her campsite. Gabe coming back from his morning walk.
The kids got back alittle of 12 pm and pop the camper down, I finished getting things done outside and the kids warmed up left overs for lunch and then we all headed to the beach by 1 pm, which is check out time for the campsites. Gabe stopped and dumped the tanks, i drove the car on to the beach and then we loaded it on the dolly after we parked in the parking lot of the beach.

Here Hailey holding out a fish for the birds. Although she had to be careful because they flew down and would take them right out of her hand. In this picture Lenny is feeding the birds bread.

As you can see in this picture, they were all over Hailey.

It's a beautiful day, the best day we've had yet and Yes, Hailey just had to get into the water!!

Here is a Gabe hand feeding his new friend.

This is our family.

Here is Hailey showing off for her parents. And then .......

We have Tyson with a towel over his head as he is trying to shield his fair skin from the son. I know, people were problaly wonder where in the sticks did this family come out of ... LOL Hey, what can i say, they act just like their father!

Ummm ... Yes this is my grand daughter withour her pants on the beach. What can i say, she is like her uncle Gabe in more ways then i care to count. Yes, they both take their jay birding after their Lenny! Oh well, at least she can say some day Grandma has proof i swam in the Ocean in my underware!! LOL

As you can see in these pictures, she sure was enjoying the sunshine and esp the Ocean!

This couple was sitting on the beach enjoying a quite day until the red neck family arrived and then they packed up and left. Hmmmm do you think the red neck family chased them off????

As you can see it appeared to be a good day to get into the water.

Here is Gabe with his dad, getting his last bit dad time. Lenny says Gabe is a mama boy, as i have shown you, he is actually a daddy's boy!

After getting his dad time in, Gabe decided to put on the swimming trunks and enjoy the water since this is his last day at the Ocean.

There were lots of boats and esp sail boats out in the water today. Everyone taking advantage of this gorgeous day!

Uncle Gabe finds some dead jelly fish and has to touch them, of course you can guess who had to follow in his footsteps ...... Yep, Hailey had to touch one also. LOL

We walked down the other side of the rock pier today and wow, we found even a bigger sand wall.
The guys found some flowers on their walk and here is hubby holding my rose that he and Gabe picked up for me. Wasn't that so sweet. Now you see why these guys have stole my heart??

Here is Gabe in the water, looking for shells and what ever else he can find. He was having a blast in the water. The kid in him came out big time today.
Unforuntally around 4 pm, we all decided it was time to start getting things together and leave the beach. The kids have a long drive home.
I snapped a couple of pictures of the area before you get to the beach.

I also took a picture of Ms. Southwind waiting patiently for us to return.

We returned to Ms.Southwind, the kids changed their clothes and Hailey just had to ride to the entrance inside of Ms. Southwind.

After lots of hugs and of course tears on my part. Ms. Southwind lead the exit out of the park and hit the road. The kids will follow me about 20 miles and then turn off on their way home. It was around 5 pm when I finally got on the road. It was so hard to say goodbye to the kids. Here is a picture of the entrance and exit of the park. I'd recommend staying here to anyone. We had a great time!
It was a awesome week and it felt good to all be together again as a family.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Celebrating Hailey's 4th Birthday!

Today we are celebrating Hailey's 4th birthday. Even though it isn't today but Wednesday Jan 30th. We got around and then went into Wal-mart and she picked out a couple birthday presents, cake and ice cream.

She picked out a mermaid cake and Dora sherbert ice cream. Here she is with her cake and then eating it. Yes, she enjoyed her birthday cake and ice cream!

I think Hailey missed her mouth and got her nose .. hehe Of course that makes for a great picture for grandma to scrapbook!

Here she is playing with her birthday present since it was raining outside. She picked out a doodle pad and telephone. She loves to draw and i think she is going to be an artist like her dad and Papa's side of the family. Nope that isn't something she gets from me, i can't even draw a straight line.

Later on, as you can see Papa was getting some ruff loving. What abuse Papa has to take to get some loving. Papa was tickling her and kissing her face and as you can see Hailey was squeezing his ears. LOL

In this picture she was calling for Grandma to help her. She loves it when one is tickling her and the other comes and tries to help.

Of course, the one who saves her gets lots of kisses and hugs!
We had a great day and she enjoyed her birthday party.