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Tribute to Ms Southwind

Tribute to Ms Southwind

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baking on a gas grill!

Let me start out with what happened yesterday. I had cooked ham & beans in the slow cooker for dinner. I had mixed my cornbread mix together and went to throw it in the oven. Well behold the oven pilot light wouldn't light, the burner wouldn't light. Ughhhhhh ... After checking out the propane i found out it was empty! Yes, empty!! I'm thinking okay how am i going to finish making dinner. Our tank is attached to the motor home and can't be removed, we never got around to paying $80 bucks for the add a flow like we had talked about, so using the gas grill bottle is out.

I then thought about frying it in my elec deep fryer or using the other slow cooker i have. Then i thought hey, what about baking it in my gas grill? I dug out a small square cake pan and it fit in the small gas grill we have. So i lit the grill, took my oven therm out of my oven and hung it in the grill. On high the grill went beyond the oven temp, so i took the term out and turned the grill on low and then put the term back in. After reaching the right temp i wanted i put the pan inside the grill. I had to use some rocks to level the pan with.

I sat in the lawn chair and kept rotating the pan so it cooked evenly and the bottom didn't burn. After about 20 mins i had my cornbread done and it turned out great. (sorry never thought to take any pictures)

So today i wanted to bake cake and really didn't want to spend $20 bucks on one from Wal-mart. So i decided what the heck, let's try one using the gas grill again. One problem, my 13 x 9 cake pan won't fit in the grill. Hmmm, i dig through my pans and find 2 round cake pans that use on a very rare occassion. (glad i decided to keep them with me) I decided a double layer cake would work fine. I could put one pan on the bottom and the other on the top and just rotate them.

I mixed up my cake, put them in the pan and pulled up the lawn chair and begin baking my cake. I used the oven therm again to make sure the temp stayed around the desired temp. Once the bottom pan got almost done i switched places with the top pan and behold my cake was done. I never thought to take a picture of it in progress but here is the final results.

I also made a good meal using only electricity here at the campground. I used my elec fryer, hot player, microwave and gas grill.

here is the meal of the day ...

Country fried steak (fryer)
Milk gravy (hot plate)
mashed tators (hot plate)
corn (micro)
stuffing (micro)
and choc cake (gas grill)

Turned out to be a great meal. So if you ever need a oven and don't have one, just use your bbq grill, works great!

Even living in a RV, it's amazing the things we can do when we put our mind to it. Life is great living in my home on wheels!


Anonymous said...

I will also try it at home!
I Buy Barbeques

Ms Southwind said...

let me know how it works for you. I just love having my gas grill as a back up oven.

Gabe said...

Great Story! A friend gave me this link by way of facebook comment on my own blog post ...

Ms Southwind said...

Hey Gabe welcome to my blog, glad you dropped by. It's amazing what one can do with a gas grill. My husband said it was one of the best cakes i'd baked him. Thumbs up for me .. hehe